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04.13.13 This Timeline Thing I Stole From Pbass0

This Timeline Thing I Stole From Pbass0

Title basically says it all, this is my progression in musical taste. Just keep in mind, this is NOT rra list of all my favorite albums over the years, but rather, just some important ones that rrdefined certain eras of my life or were particularly influential on me and my musical path. rrBefore you flame, let me just state that MOST of these albums are not ones to which I still rrlisten and enjoy, but I simply made this for fun and for the purpose of sharing and discussing rrwith my friends. Anyways...
The Eminem Show

Around early 4th grade (2004) This is where I started with music. I would listen to the radio a bit with my parents and had a few favorites as a tyke (notably my first album, Eifel 65?s Europop), but I started actively listening to music with Eminem, and this set me on my musical path, much as I may not like to admit it today. My cousin Steve one day started to talk to me about Eminem, and because I both looked up to said cousin as a role model at the time and because I remembered enjoying seeing a guy perform to Lose Yourself at the school's talent show, my parents eventually caved into my wishes against their will and got me this album. To my dismay, it did not have Lose Yourself, but I found myself eventually revisiting it and enjoying it. Many a time when I was around 9 or so, I would entertain myself for the night by standing on my bed and mouthing along...ohhhhhh man. But this got me into listening to music. In order to further emulate Steve and hear more like this, I eventually forced my parents to start tuning in to 96.5 FM, a hit radio station (I'm sorry, mom and dad), and thus my course had begun. Other favorites around this time: whatever was on the radio
2Green Day
American Idiot

Mid-late 4th grade (2004-2005) For a while I persisted in listening to KissFM for stuff like Eminem, Ludacris, Terror Squad (No, not the Artillery album. That comes later.) and the like, but eventually, I found that I was really digging this one "rock" song that got consistent play. That song was Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Eventually the catchy hooks and backing vocals of Holiday had seduced me to the point that I had expressed my enjoyment to my mom, who, eager to not have to listen to pop, bought me the album. Though I wasn't allowed to listen to a few of the songs back when I was 10 years old (to this day I've still never heard Letterbomb, among others), I quickly got addicted to the album, and had it on constant play to the point that I started mouthing along to this even more than I did Eminem. Eventually, my parents, as if out of wanting to stop having to hear Ciara, ended up getting me just about all of Green Day's discography, and steered me on my course. Other favorites around this time: same as last
3Simple Plan
Still Not Getting Any...

4th-5th grade (2005) Again with imitating my cousin. One day he was playing it on his stereo while we played Timesplitters in his basement, and I loved it. We would jam out to Me Against the World, thinking it was the coolest and edgiest song ever written, and I eventually would look forward to hearing Welcome to My Life on the radio rather than whatever Ryan Cabrera stuff was playing, as it quickly became my favorite soundtrack to playing Megaman in my room. Perhaps at this point it is time to mention that, back before iPods, I would burn tons of mix CDs and just listen (or mouth along on my bed) to those on my stereo. They started out with mostly Eminem and Outkast and the like, but by the time that I had gotten this album, there had started to be more Guns'n'Roses, Black Sabbath, and Nirvana... Other favorites around this time: Green Day, The Bravery, The Killers, Bowling for Soup
4System of a Down

Late 5th-Early 6th grade (2006) At around this point, I decided to switch from 96.5 to 92.3 and 100.7, some (at the time) more alternative and rock-based stations. I still got to hear my Green Day and Simple Plan, but now I didn't have to put up with the pop and rap, away from which I had grown. During my free time around this period, I would spend countless hours playing Runescape on my cousin's computer and listening to the radio, and I remember getting somewhat interested in their song BYOB. I wasn't quite sure if I liked it, but I was into it; whenever I heard it, I got a mental picture of these guys as a bunch of bloodsucking hooligans in KISS makeup spitting fire at a crowd, which I thought was kind of weird and taboo, but sort of cool. Eventually, I had showed enough interest in the songs from Hypnotize that my parents bought me the album (much to my mom's eventual regret). However, I had gotten into some heavier music, and had a new favorite band for a good long time. Other favorites around this time: Papa Roach, 10 Years, Slipknot, Trapt, Three Days Grace, anything on rock radio
5Billy Talent
Billy Talent II

Mid-late 6th grade (2006-2007) After being a SoaD fanboy for a long while, I had dabbled in other music, but mostly just came back to my favorite band. That is, until I heard Devil in a Midnight Mass playing while tuned in to a Canadian radio station around 6th grade when I was about 12 years old. It really blew me away, even if I thought it their band name was kind of cocky (until I found out about its origin, that is). I downloaded a few of their other songs because that was what I did back then, and eventually saw a poster for this album outside a record store. Upon checking, sure enough, it was there, and I picked it up immediately. From here, I would start to relate to the lyrics, and after getting the first album, I was (rather unjustifiably, as my life, honestly, was fine) on my way to my awkward middle school emo phase. Yeah, I know, I know. However, despite how embarrassing that was in retrospect, it introduced me to the world of subcultures, and my life would never be the same... Other favorites around this time: Breaking Benjamin, Thrice, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance. However, I rarely listened to much other than BT.
6Fall Out Boy
Infinity on High

Late 6th grade, but particularly the ensuing summer (2007) Dammit. There were two reasons why I had reservations about writing this one: first, the embarrassment, and second, the sheer amount of nostalgia. I ended up with this album because I was still in my ?emo? phase (or at least past nominally considering myself so, although still kind of playing the part), and I had wanted to look into some well-known bands that were considered emo. The following summer (between 6th and 7th grades, so that of 2007) was one of the greatest periods of my life; after a week of being harassed over how I looked and behaved while at a sleep-away camp, I eventually came back home, and went to a different camp at which I actually had a few friends. At first I got harassed some more by people with whom I was unacquainted, but I eventually fit in, and had perhaps the best time of my life so far. Ultimately, though we did listen to plenty of Billy Talent and Plain White T?s back then (we were all 12, alright?), this was the soundtrack to that summer for me and my friends. I haven?t listened to it since grade school, but I?m sure that if I did put it back on for another spin, the memories of pubescent humor, camping hijinks, and beating N64 games with a few dedicated friends would flow like a dam bursting... Other favorites: Plain White T?s (kinda; I listened to them a lot with friends), Billy Talent

Early-mid 7th grade (2007-2008) (and then a resurgence around 8th-10th grade) Really any one of their albums would fit here, but this was my first of theirs. Back in my emo phase, I had been much inspired by the first two Lars the Emo Kid videos (yes, I was ?trying? to be emo, yes, it?s pathetic, yes, I know already). At any rate, I had really liked the song at the end of the first, and as was stated in the second, it was called ?Deadbolt? by Thrice. I downloaded the song around then and listened to it occasionally. Eventually, however, around the beginning of my 7th grade year, I had decided to look into them further, and I really liked what I heard. Eventually, I got their discography, and fell in love with them. To an angsty barely- teenager, their lyrics, songcraft and riff-writing, as well as vocals, served as a perfect outlet. Though not self-pitying music or lyricism in itself, it served as a haven for me, a kid who was at the time obsessed with (admittedly unwarranted) self-pity. I would return to them later, but they ultimately define most of my time spent in 7th grade. Other favorites around this time: rock radio still, Breaking Benjamin, Serj Tankian, Marilyn Manson, Killswitch Engage, The Killers
8Coheed and Cambria
No World for Tomorrow

Late 7th grade (2008) Honorable mention for defining 7th grade for me goes to these guys and this album. This was ultimately the latter half of the year for my friends and me. Now, this brings up an element about which I am thoroughly ashamed, but was important nonetheless: Rock Band. Yes, I know. Yes, that I am. Yes, I would deserve that. Yes, I am indeed a poseur. But this was one of the first times that I found out about a new band that had a song on such a game, and after I heard my friends playing Welcome Home, I had to get it. But at least I found out about this album from hearing The Running Free on the radio. That?s a slight bit better than a video game, right? No? Other favorites around this time: The Offspring, Thrice, random bands from Rock Band that my friends and I particularly dug (some of them being Anarchy Club, The Acro-Brats, a few others), same as last
9Sex Pistols
Never Mind the Bollocks

Very late 7th grade, 8th grade (2008-2009) This came from a natural progressions toward seeking a genuine and visionary subculture that I found myself deeply relating to see, I...ok, ok, I got into it because I saw the Sex Pistols skit on The Simpsons and remembered my dad talking about them, all right? Anyways though, he had a copy of this album from back in his heyday, and let me borrow it. This then launched me into an excursion into Punk and got me really into the genre/movement for a few years. Granted, I never considered myself a punk (I was rich, not extreme, and very religious), but I loved the music of The Clash, Ramones, The Jam, Buzzcocks, The Adverts, Generation X, Alternative TV, and just about anything that came out of England around 1977. Punk was, despite my sort of distancing myself, my artistic movement of choice for a while, starting around the tail end of 7th grade through around the early part of 10th. Other favorites around this time: Riverboat Gamblers, The Clash, Ramones, Generation X, Wire, anything on the ?Destroy!? compilation from Mojo magazine
10,000 Days

Kind of mixed; started around summer 2008, got really into them around late 8th grade and the following summer (2009) It?s tough to decide upon this or Lateralus, but I believe that I found myself coming back to this one more frequently, and I [read: my dad] had it for longer. Anyways, I had a passing interest in the band for a long time, since 6th grade when I downloaded ?Sober,? then later in the summer before eighth grade when I put my dad?s copy of this album onto my iPod, then a little bit into eighth grade when I got Lateralus, and a lot more eventually into said last year of junior high. However, my completely over-the-top Tool obsession phase did not come until I saw them live around the summer of 2009 (that puts me right about to enter my Freshman year), when I saw them perform at Lollapalooza. Man...I?m not as into them as I once was, but I would still be very ready and eager to see them again; it was easily one of the greatest shows I?ve ever seen, and I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who can to see them, as their show is nothing short of mind-blowing. Anyways, around then is when I became the typical ?annoying Tool fanboy? (as they say, ?Tool: finally a band named after its fanbase?), unhealthily obsessed to the point that I became, well, again, annoying. However, they were vital in getting me into heavier music, as well as proggier, which would help a little later on. Other favorites around this time: still listened to punk, Dream Theater (although only about 2-3 songs), Coheed and Cambria, Thrice and Billy Talent (after a little phase of not listening to either very much)
11Dead Kennedys
Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

Late 9th grade (2010) Despite my getting into Tool and (some) DT, my focus was still (as I claimed) punk. Now, I had just kind of taken an assumed distaste for hardcore punk because my dad had expressed one (and just about all I knew about punk I had learned from him). However, thanks to some other sources, I finally decided to give Holiday in Cambodia a shot; it blew me away. I went from there to more of their songs and experimented a bit with Black Flag, Descendents, Circle Jerks, and Minor Threat. I found myself actually starting to get into it, and I started picking up some of these bands? albums. My hardcore punk phase was relatively short-lived (the very end of Freshman year to the late middle of my sophomore year), but it was a thing. Ayup. Other favorites around this time: the aforementioned hardcore bands, Tool, Thrice, Mot?rhead
12The Cribs
Ignore the Ignorant

Summer 2010, 10th grade (2010) This was one of my favorite albums of the period that I shall now describe. Basically, as with most upper-class rich kids who ?respect punk from afar, but aren?t really punk themselves,? I had started down the inevitable path to hipsterdom. I?d describe all of my hipster-ish tendencies of the time, but that would be too tedious and painful on my part, so I?ll just leave it at saying that I started acting in a rather hipsterly fashion in several respects (and that I?m very glad I?m out of that now). Anyways, though I only acquired so much of the music, indie rock started to take up most of my ideology, musical vision, and concert attendance. I?ve seen more indie bands than I can name (or remember, for that matter), but this album more or less sums up my tastes and the direction I was taking around then. Other favorites around this time: most of the kinds of stuff you?d find in Spin magazine or Pitchfork, the hardcore punk bands I listened to, Tool
Axe to Fall

Mid-10th grade (2011) *sigh,* Again with Rock Band. My cousin had originally introduced me to them, as we had similar tastes around then. However, I was not too huge on them when first he played them for me, so I remained indifferent to them until I saw this as DLC. I figured I might as well look into it just for him, and because it seemed like it would be challenging and fun to play. Despite that I had a negative view of most of what I had considered ?metal? back then (skewed as my view may have been), I found myself really enjoying this. I eventually got this album as well as Jane Doe, and had enjoyed each, but particularly this one. Now, I?m more or less chalking this up to the fact that while they don?t really sound like The Cribs or Radiohead on the surface, Converge has, recently at least, became rather hipster-friendly, seeming to get as much if not more attention from sources like Pitchfork and Spin magazine (when it was still around, at any rate) than the underground, as they seemed to start to fit indie aesthetically and even to a degree, musically and compositionally. Point is, though they were heavy and noisy, they were able to appeal to my tastes at the time. Other favorites around this period: Fugazi, basically the same stuff as the last few entries
14Between the Buried and Me

Mid-late 10th grade (2011) Another Rock Band one, I?m afraid. When I had first played the song Prequel to the Sequel on there, I didn?t quite know what to think. However, I came back to it and found that I had actually enjoyed it. I downloaded the song and eventually got the album, and after listening to it, had myself a new favorite band. Because of the bands such as Converge and Tool that I had started listening to earlier, I had prepared myself for the proggy and heavy nature of these guys, and they blew my mind for a while. Now, some of my friends may crucify me for saying this, but I?m really not too big on them anymore. However, they were a vital and important stepping stone in the progression of my tastes. Other favorites around this time: Converge, Fugazi, Dead Kennedys, Thrice, A Wilhelm Scream
Master of Puppets

Mid-late 10th grade (2011) Two factors regarding this one: first was one of my new best friends who listened to literally nothing but Metallica and Slayer, second was that I was attempting to find some more difficult material to play on guitar (nothing but Tool songs for 2 years just wasn?t doing it for me anymore). Thus, I learned their song Battery, which I found out about from...Rock Band...anyways, I had downloaded the song and would listen to it frequently in order to get a feel for it, as it was probably the most difficult song that I had attempted to learn up to that point. Now, I had considered myself mostly indifferent to metal up to this point (I had downloaded the song before getting into BtBaM), save for a few groups such as Converge, Mastodon, Tool, Soad (none of whom I honestly consider ?metal? at this point, but I?ll try not to open that can of worms now). However, I found myself really enjoying this song, and eventually, partially for my own gain and because I had gotten into some other heavy music and partially to appease the aforementioned friend, I found this album and a corresponding shirt in a record store, and promptly got them both. I found myself listening to this one very often afterwards, which brings us forward... Other favorites around this time: Same as the last
Reign in Blood

Late 10th grade (2011) At this point, I was considering myself not necessarily devoted to metal (I was still rather hipsterish), but rather into it. One day, I decided I might as well just grab this album, partly out of interest and partly out of appeasement for this friend again. Now, I had held out on these guys for a while because I was rather religious around then (yeah, yeah...), but eventually I got over myself and finally picked this one up. It was quite a revelation; hearing Angel of Death for the first time was an experience. The heavy, galloping riffs, the intense drumming, the barked vocals, and never the least, the solos. I remember the first time that I heard Hanneman let loose shredding, I just wondered, ?How the f*ck does he do that!?? Granted, I later learned that shredding isn?t too terribly difficult. However, it definitely marked a turning point in my career as a music fan, and gave me and said friend some material on which to jam. Other favorites around this time: Testament, Sufjan Stevens, Opeth, Same as the last two It?s probably worth pointing out that at about this point, I started buying albums like crazy, meaning that I had a ton of albums coming in and that I couldn?t create quite as many meaningful relationships with them. However, I?ve enough for a few more write-ups.
Rust in Peace

Late 10th, early-mid 11th grade (2011-2012) Here?s where the entries get much shorter. I?m just putting this here because earlier in life, I had absolutely despised this band, and ridiculed them mercilessly. However, at this point I had made a turn in taste and was now enjoying plenty of bands that at one point I would have (and have) hated. Ultimately though, I think part of it may have been just because I heard the wrong song first; had it been Holy Wars rather than Sweating Bullets, maybe things would have been different... Other favorites around this time: Same as last, Anthrax
18Children of Bodom
Hate Crew Deathroll

Early 11th grade (2011) I never actually had this album, but the few songs to which I listened on youtube for a period helped to steer me on my course. At around this point, I was having a few self-esteem issues, and, having gotten into metal, was looking for some relatable material within the genre. Eventually, I remembered having read the lyrics to this song and another one or two of theirs, and I looked them back up and, despite how much I had ridiculed the band back in my Indie phase, found myself enjoying them. I?m not the biggest fan of them now, but they had further helped me to acclimate to aggressive vocals, and ultimately steered me on my way (and then let?s face it, no matter how much we deny it based on their recent output, every metalhead likes their early material, no matter how willing he/she is to admit it). Other favorites around this time: Slayer, Metallica, Converge, Opeth, Death
The Sound of Perseverance

Early-mid 11th grade (2011-2012) This was brought upon by the same story as the last, and came about around the same time. However, I ended up actually getting this album, and really enjoying it, despite how much I had decried THEM as well during my Indie phase (before any of my current friends rip my throat out, basically all I knew of them were that they were death metal, and for me back then, death metal meant bad). The techy guitar riffs, the personal themes, and the soulful lead work all really appealed to me at the time, and it was my favorite album for a good long while. Ultimately, I often listened to a few tunes off of Symbolic, Leprosy, and Spiritual Healing around this period as well, but this one got the most attention for most of my time as an obsessive Death fanboy. And thus, I had been decidedly bridged into a genre that a year or two earlier I never would have thought I?d ever enjoy: death metal (yes, I had BtBaM, but considered them to be the ?one? ?death metal? band I could get into). Other favorites around this time: The last bunch, Megadeth, Pantera, Exodus, Overkill, Anthrax
20 The Chieftains
The Best of the Chieftains

Mid 11th grade (2011-2012) Around here, I had a little stint with Irish cultural obsession, and was listening to a decent amount of Celtic folk. Though I?ve been regrettably lazy about getting folk albums since, it?s still a great album, and I needed something for this that wasn?t rock/metal... Other favorites around this time: Random Irish songs on youtube, Megadeth, Slayer, Dark Angel, Razor
Among the Living

Mid 11th grade (2012) More or less the same reason as Megadeth, but this time, it wasn?t just me, but my group of friends (that even were already into metal) that once mocked them; after seeing them live and getting this album, we all were singing a different song. Other favorites around this time: Random obscure thrash metal on youtube, Kreator, Forbidden, Obituary, lots of thrash metal in general
Battle Hymns

Mid 11th grade (2012) Because MANOWAR, you stupid poseur. Other favorites around this time: same as last
Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I

Around summer 2012 It took awhile for me to get really into it, but it?s probably my all-time favorite album now. Diverse lyrical themes, but often focused on the fantastic, superbly crafted solos, absolutely godly vocals, perfect songs, an actually decent metal ballad, and last but most certainly not least, ?Halloween,? my all-time favorite song. I?m not entirely sure what else to say, other than that if you don?t have this album already, waste no more time! Other favorites around this time: It?s becoming kind of a blur; increasingly obscure metal, mostly thrash, but metal in general
Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

Early 12th grade (2012) This was the record that reminded me that I still need to keep getting punk and hardcore stuff. Seriously, this album fucking slays; the earnest, urgent, and pissed- off vocals, the beautifully ugly dissonant chord changes, the visionary drumming; it?s quite easy to see how they became so influential on thrash and black metal. If you consider yourself a metalhead and you haven?t at least listened to Discharge, you are confirmed for poseur. End of. Other favorites around this time: same as last, Bathory, Toxik, Manowar, Voivod, Possessed...
Violent Restitution

Early-mid 12th grade (2012-2013) Not really life-defining, but very influential. The music is plain awesome, from the primitive, determined riffing to the gravelly, ultra-pissed vokills (even if the lyrics are a bit lackluster). Both of which are pools from which my current riffcraft and vocal style drink very much. Other favorites around this time: somewhat lesser-known thrash, NWOBHM classics, other stuff
26 Beethoven
Great Composers: Beethoven

Mid 12th grade (2013) My first classical album. After taking classical guitar for a while and starting to understand the influence of classical on metal (and seeing this in the $1 section), I decided it was high time to start picking up some of the good stuff. The bombastic nature, the scales, the melodies, even, to a degree, the composition and arrangement of classical is hugely important to metal and is a large part of what separates it from rock, so needless to say, though I?m a bit of a newbie, I?m definitely pursuing this field. As of now, my classical collection is meager, but growing! Other favorites around this time: Lots
Violent by Nature

Late 12th grade (yesterday) The last album I got. It?s quite good, from what I?ve heard so far (still have to finish listening to it!)... Other favorites around this time: Do I have to say it? And that brings us to the present day. It?s the end of this excursion (finally), but I?m reluctant to call it a conclusion; I?m only going to keep expanding from here. Thank you all a ton for reading all of this!
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