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04.12.13 My Favourite Albums

My Favourite Albums

I made that Nu - metal - list when I was drunk, so let's get rid of it and replace it with this.
Dude Ranch

Favourite Songs: Dammit, Pathetic, Boring
24System Of A Down
System Of A Down

Favourite Songs: Sugar, War?, Ddevil
23Limp Bizkit
Significant Other

Favourite Songs: Re - Arranged, Nookie, Break Stuff
22Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine

Favourite Songs: Know Your Enemy, Killing In The Name, Freedom
The Slim Shady LP

Favourite Songs: My Name Is, As The World Turns, My Fault
20Sum 41
Does This Look Infected

Favourite Songs: The Hell Song, Over My Head, Hooch

Favourite Songs: Nosebleed, Bored, Root
1840 Below Summer
Invitation To The Dance

Favourite Songs: Rope, Rejection, Step Into The Sideshow
17The Offspring

Favourite Songs: Bad Habit, Smash, Gotta Get Away
16Rise Against
Siren Song Of The Counter Culture

Favourite Songs: State Of The, Swing Life Away, Tip The Scales
Fake History

Favourite Songs: Muther, Renegade 86, The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion
14Emil Bulls
Angel Delivery Service

Favourite Songs: Smells Like Rock'n'Roll, Wheels Of Steel, Angel Delivery
Follow The Leader

Favourite Songs: Got The Life, Freak On A Leash, Cameltosis
12 Limp Bizkit
Three Dollar Bill, Y'all $

Favourite Songs: Clunk, Pollution, Faith

Favourite Songs:
New Skin (A crazy, fast guitar riff and great DJ work, reaching its climax at the bridge when a pitched sample and scratching
lead to an almost liberating scream)
Deep Inside (jazz verses and cool, fast rapped chorus)
Nebula (great drums here, and also another cool fast bridge)
Start Something

Favourite Songs:
Last Train Home (you won't be able to get that chorus out of your head for like 2 months)
Start Something (just pure heaviness in the first 2 minutes, then the song surprisingly ends and leads into a great piano part)
We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan (another song that is very heavy, but not as fast as Start Something, great song though)
9The Hives
Barely Legal

Favourite Songs:
Here We Go Again
A.K.A. I.D.I.O.T.
Black Jack
8Sum 41

Favourite Songs:
Noots (more a personal choice, me and a friend listened to this like 200 times on a class trip)
No Reason (great opening track, reminds me of Papa Roach's "Infest")
88 (technically the best song Sum 41 put out so far, incredible instrumental work)
7Marilyn Manson
Mechanical Animals

Favourite Songs:
Coma White (my favourite Manson track, great chorus and great music video)
The Last Day On Earth (almost as beautiful as Coma White and an unique athmosphere)
The Dope Show (a very crazy song with distorted guitars and Mansons sick voice)
The Fake Sound Of Progress

Favourite Songs:
Kobrakai (shitty lyrics, but some brutal guitar parts with genius jazz breaks)
Still Laughing (almost a jam session, the bridge is the best part of the whole album in my opinion)
For Sure (a wonderful clean guitar riff in the verses and, in this case, Ian Watkins (fu**ing pedophile) great voice)
White Pony

Favourite Songs:
Change (one of the most athmospheric songs, along with passenger. The greatest moment is the chorus)
Passenger (just a wonderful track, featuring two of the best metal - singers of all time)
Elite (in - your - face - song, screamed, distorted vocals and a simple, but great song structure)
4Rise Against
Revolutions Per Minute

Favourite Songs:
Black Masks And Gasoline (the intro really got me here, "simply because you can breathe, doesn't mean you're alive")
Voices Off Camera (another song with a great intro, the guitar work is amazing here)
Heaven Knows (a song you will instantly fall in love with when you hear the second part)
3Papa Roach

Favourite Songs:
Thrown Away (really generic nu metal song, but also great to jump and freak out to)
Tightrope (a song you won't expect on this album, clean reggae guitar and excellent lyrics)
Snakes (also a typical nu metal track, great drums and some interesting breaks)
2 Hellacopters
Air Raid Serenades

Favourite Songs:
By The Grace Of God (song that got me into some hardrock stuff, great guitar and singing)
(Gotta Get Some Action) NOW! (so fuc+ing raw)
Soulseller (love that intro)
Around The Fur

Favourite songs:
My Own Summer (great guitar riff and hell of a chorus)
Be Quiet And Drive (just a masterpiece, beautiful and heavy at the same time)
Head Up (distorted vocals, rapping, screaming, heavy guitar riff, just a great tune to freak out to)
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