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favs of 2012. another great year of music, got into a lot of different stuff

As I slowly listen to more electronic stuff, of course I'm pointed towards Burial. And thankfully, I really enjoyed this. Favorite song: Loner
In Dreams And Time

Maybe the reason I liked this album is because the title reminds me of Doctor Who. In any case, the album had a fantastic atmosphere and though I haven't listened to it anywhere as much as I have the previous albums, it was still a really good listen. Favorite song: On the Wind
23Mumford and Sons

Speaking of Mumford and Sons... let's just I loved Sigh No More a lot. A really catchy album that introduced me to folk music in general. Babel just felt like SNM part 2 and the more I listen to it the less I like it, I'd say. It's got moments of brilliance--heck, the entirety of Below My Feet is an excellent song. But there's not enough to separate this from the debut to stand out. Hopefully we'll see the gang experiment a lot more on the next album-- the same could even be said for The Tallest Man on Earth, really. Favorite song: Below My Feet
22Dry the River
Shallow Bed

While a few Sputnik-ers have dismissed this album as simple Mumford-ing, it's really a lot different. There's not a whole lot I can do to compare this to Mumford-- it's really it's own thing. A folk album at the heart, but full of lush melodies and some really great lyrics. Definitely more like Of Monsters and Men or From Indian Lakes than Mumford and Sons. Favorite song: Lion's Den
21If These Trees Could Talk
Red Forest

Another great post-rock release from 2012. This album has many triumphant moments, and I really think IFTCT can craft an amazing album in the future based on this. Favorite song: Red Forest
Koi No Yokan

Oddly enough, this album was the first Deftones album that really really got my attention. The melodies and the heaviness--plus the feeling throughout each song- -really caught my attention. A well-made album for sure. Favorite song: Rosemary
Some Nights

While Aim & Ignite is definitely better than this, I have to say that this album still contains some moments of glory. Okay, I'll stop with the lame indie pop music now. Favorite song: Carry On
18Of Monsters and Men
My Head is an Animal

Once again, catchy indie-pop gets me every time. This kind is more akin to Arcade Fire and Mumford, and as such, I find myself listening to it quite often. Definitely can't wait to see where these guys go from here. Favorite song: Slow and Steady
17Imagine Dragons
Night Visions

The only real thing to say here is that I'm a sucker for catchy indie-pop. Plus, the vocalist /has it./ Favorite song: Underdog
All We Love We Leave Behind

Everyone's favorite DFJKSLDJFSLKDJFLK band has returned with another excellent release. I must say that I enjoyed this one almost more than Axe to Fall, my personal favorite Converge release. Time will tell which one will become my favorite, I suppose. Favorite song: Trespasses
15 The Tallest Man on Earth
There's No Leaving Now

Another excellent release from the man that brought the outstanding "The Wild Hunt." While not quite as mesmerizing, There's No Leaving Now is still really great. Favorite song: There's No Leaving Now
14From Indian Lakes
Able Bodies

Another great album. Just as good as the debut, maybe even better. I really love the vocalist, and the whole album is just really catchy. Can't wait to hear more from these guys. Favorite song: Paintings
13The Siren Tower
A History of Houses

Credits go to the guys over in the Twelve Foot Ninja thread for leading me to this one. This album is really good-- the melodies are great, the lyrics are interesting, and it's a lot of fun to listen to. The vocalist has an obvious British accent, which overwhelms at times, but overall it's still an excellent album. Favorite song: The Road
Time I

Well, the anticipation for this album was obviously over the roof, and upon hearing it, most people came away with a resounding "WELP." I have to say I was expecting a bit more, but for what it is, it's still really really good. It's an obvious progression from the debut, but it lacks a lot of the magic the first had. Hopefully the next album will contain more of fantastic soloing. Favorite song: Sons of Winter and Stars
11Ne Obliviscaris
Portal of I

I had been really excited for this release in the months prior to it, so upon hearing it, I was well pleased. In the months following it, however, it grew off me a tad-- it's still fantastic listening to it, but I don't find myself drawn to listen to it often. Favorite song: Xenoflux
10Right Away, Great Captain!
The Church of the Good Thief

This album is the conclusion to Andy Hull's utterly sad trilogy of albums chronicling a sailor and his depressing trials. This album is certainly the best of the three, and overall a fantastic album in general. Despite the story ending on such a sad note, the trilogy definitely goes out on a high one. Favorite song: Fur Stop Caring
9 Godspeed You! Black Emperor
'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

I was awake during the first initial excitement over this album-- we were all rushing to find a copy of it and hear it, since it came absolutely out of nowhere. What a pleasant surprise it was, too-- an album very akin to their classics, with influence from Yanqui as well. I was a bit disappointed that we only got one sample, though! Favorite song: We Drift Like Worried Fire
8Thank You Scientist
Maps of Non-Existent Places

An album I just heard recently. Maps of Non-Existent Places is a crazy album, basically-- lots of jazz and progressive rock influence and, despite being all over the place, it's an excellent album. Favorite song: A Salesman's Guide to Non- Existence
7 Periphery
Periphery II: This Time It's Personal

Yeah, lol Periphery and all that jazz (heh). I actually thought this album was infinitely better than the debut. The vocals, the melodies, and even the instrumentation (in how it is utilized) has improved. The guest spots are good, too. Favorite song: Luck As a Constant
if we get there one day will you please open the

An excellent post-rock album from beginning to end. Each song has wonderful melodies and many beautiful sections. Favorite song: Endymion
5Twelve Foot Ninja
Silent Machine

A crazy, genre-bending album. Each song is heavy and bombastic, with various moments of completely opposite genres that are actually infused well. Favorite song: Deluge
4Coheed and Cambria
The Afterman: Ascension

Such a huge improvement over Year of the Black Rainbow. This album sees Coheed returning to the catchy, pop-influenced prog rock that made GAI such a success. Favorite song: Key Entity Extraction I: Domino the Destitute
3The Mayan Factor
Yesterdays Son

The swan song of a fantastic band, Yesterdays Son uses the haunting voice of a fallen comrade to craft an almost warm, sad, yet uplifting atmosphere. Favorite song: A Life and A Shovel
2Between the Buried and Me
The Parallax II: Future Sequence

A definite step up from The Great Misdirect. Heavier in parts and way more progressive in others. The longer songs even feel more like cohesive songs. The cohesiveness continues throughout the album as well; every song flows into the next and it feels like a journey rather than a combination of random songs. Favorite song: Silent Flight Parliament
Weather Systems

Definitely my favorite for the year. Every song on here is really well crafted and the atmospheres are lush and powerful. It feels very similar to We're Here Because We're Here, but it explores a few bits of new ground. The closer's vocal clip is absolutely haunting as well and helps close the album in a very stunning way. Favorite song: Lightning Song
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