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75 moments in music that make me say, "...fuk"
75Boards Of Canada
Music Has the Right To Children

"Olson" wa wooooo wa woooooooooo wa woooooooooooooo....fuk
Sea Change

"Lonesome Tears" holy shit violin please stop going higher i cant take this much longer ....fuk
The Bends

"Fake Plastic Trees" it's so dreamy "if i could be who you wanted. if i could be who you wanted all the time"...fuk
72The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground & Nico

"Heroin" Like... i feel like im on heroin. someone help me....fuk
71Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas...

"Storm / Antennas To Heaven" storms introduction is whoaa and last part of album on atennas to heaven... the super high pitch sounds. so loud and irritating to some, but so right for me.....fuk
70Miles Davis
Kind of Blue

"Blue In Green" omg am i like in a five star hotel or something. please, i don't even want wine. i know it's cold outside, im just going to sit next to this fire while my dad smokes a cigar....fuk
69Jeff Buckley

"Lover, You Should've Come Over" singing like that, im pretty sure anyone will come over. i wanna sing like that...fuk
68David Wise
Donkey Kong Country 2 Soundtrack

"Stickerbrush Symphony" im 7 years old and i've died thirteen times on this level. gonna keep on trying, this music is so good....fuk
Blazing Arrow

"Release" "a metal ladder, a wooden cross, a plastic bottle of water, a mandala encased in glass, a spirit encased in flesh, sound from shaped hollows, the thickest of mucus released from heightened passion". Rap can make me go .....fuk? ......fuk
66 Cap'n Jazz
Shmap'n Shmazz

"Little League" intro of the song. omg this album is so good, wow this song is prolly the best. wow....fuk plus kitty cats too....fuk
65Devin Townsend
Ocean Machine: Biomech

"Life" see you on the other side... man, ...fuk
64Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

"Xtal" ...fuk
63Wingnut Dishwashers U nion
Burn the Earth, Leave It Behind

"My Idea of Fun" what a great ending to an album. piano and "fuck the law cause we're enough, fuck the boss cause we're enough, fuck microsoft cause we're enough, fuck you cause we're enough", oh god.. here come the horns.... now the banjo. this is too much, omg chimes too....fuk
Automatic For the People

"Find the River" wow o wow ima find the river....fuk
Halcyon Digest

"Desire Lines / He Would Have Laughed" desire - okay, i was satisfied with the song as is.. but then you had to throw in that jam session that rules so hard? he would have - "where do you go when you're sleeping? where do you when you said, I dont need nobody on my bond" yeah bitch, ride that shit out all smooth like for a nigga...fuk
Jane Doe

"Heaven In Her Arms" um i don't know what you're saying or what is happening but when you ra ra ra da ra ra ra to the guitar riff and keep raaaaaa'ing to the end....fuk

"Be" sickest beat to any rap song ever. piano definitely makes it. man, i just wanna be too. i feelin' you my man common....fuk
58Choking Victim
No Gods, No Managers

57The Angelic Process
Weighing Souls With Sand

"Million Year Summer" asooo waoooo mawoooo saaaaaa waaaaaaa - *whale sounds* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...fuk
56Bad Brains
Bad Brains

"Banned In D.C" ...dun dun da dun dun da and if you ban us from your clubs, it's the right time, with the right mind. And if you think we really care, then you won't find in my mind...fuk
55Bandits Of the Acoustic Revolution
A Call To Arms

"Intro: This Is A Call To Arms + Heres To Life" amazing instrumentals, little jazz + violin section, plus and i don't know much, but i do know this.. with a golden heart comes a rebels fist...fuk
54Animal Collective

"Banshee Beat" feels is definitely right. dooo da dooo da dooo da da dooo da doo...fuk
53Massive Attack

"Dissolved Girl" this is too chill. help. i can't move. ...fuk
52The Microphones
The Glow pt.2

"I Want Wind To Blow" first listen: not feeling it so far. wait.. what is this? *song keeps on going* coda -> feels like heaven's doors just opened.....fuk
51How To Dress Well
Love Remains

"Ready For the World" am i caught in a dream. asdofasidpfxljvxljvxvposdf no no no n onono n ono no *squeaking alarm sound starts*...fuk
50The Avalanches
Since I Left You

"Diners Only" susy, he's looking at you! *laughs* GOT THE BUBBLY MOVING THROUGH ME, GOT THE BUBBLY MOVING THROUGH ME!!! SPARKLINNNN wa wa woo wa wahhh ...fuk

"Nocturnal Transmission" EVERY SONG ON THE ENTIRE ALBUM HAS A FUK (get this album, it's incredible and hasn't received nearly enough attention on this site) but right near the middle on nocturnal transmission... all the boops and beeps + dun dun boom boom beat, it's impossible not to smile through the entire song the rest of the way...fuk
48 Built To Spill
There's Nothing Wrong With Love

"Cleo / Twin Falls" living in the womb. running out of room. have to come out soon. have to meet the sun and moon and.... lots of distortion + guitar raised in pitch yea. then on twin falls, man it's just such a nice song...fuk
47Animal Collective
Strawberry Jam

"Fireworks" lol im fucked every time this one is just too strong...fuk
46Boards Of Canada
Music Has the Right To Children

"Aquarius" *child laughs* YEAHHHH that's right. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 ORANGE 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 44, 68, ORANGE 27, 35, 32, 53, 47 this is so dope...fuk
45Miles Davis
In A Silent Way

"In A Silent Way" the part where the sax comes in then all the chimes n shit near the beginning...fuk
44Joy Division

"Decades" THE SYNTHS!!! WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN!?!?...fuk
43John Coltrane
Blue Train

"Moment's Notice" you know as well i do that this is a lil fuker...fuk
42Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

"Wish You Were Here" can't even describe this one...fuk
41The Wrens

"Happy" yeah, this whole song is just one big ol...fuk
40Van Morrison
Astral Weeks

"Astral Weeks" i feel like im next to a oasis or something just chillin and drinkin some orange juice...fuk
Leaves Turn Inside You

"Terminus" BREAK ME IM NOT BROKE. TAKE ME IM NOT TOOK. CAKE ME IM NOT COOKED. FAKE ME IM NOT FUCKED. .... THE VIOLIN ... THEN THE JAM SESSION HOLY asdfoasdfpoiOSPDF!!!!0sdf09as09f!))(!)(!)(!)(!)(!)()( ...fuk
38Thought Industry
Mods Carve the Pig

"Jane Whitfield Is Dead" oh god, the transitions in this song are so smooth... PLUS the tempo of, "she'll shit a brick. i bet. to watch our children married. she'll shit. i bet. to see us when we're ninety, sleeping in on church sunday. playing our dated cds that we bought in my twenties"...fuk
Turn On The Bright Lights

"PDA" sleeeeeeeep tooonight... DUN NA NA NA NA NA NUH NUH NUH NUH NUH *jam session ensues*...fuk
The Moon Is A Dead World

"Golden Dawn" HEY YOU! YOU GOT A CIGARETTE, MAN? YOU KNOW I KNOW YOU GOT ONE ON YA" plus the whole fucking ending is AOSdoaisd...fuk
35The Smiths
The Smiths

"This Charming Man" such a hot track, bet i can get mad bitches with this...fuk

"Good Morning, Captain" sorry, did i miss you? ...FUK
33Trespassers William
Different Stars

"Vapour Trail" one of the most relaxing songs ever...fuk
32 u-Ziq
Tango N' Vectif (2001 Reissue)

"Phragmal Synthesis Pt. 1" feels like the perfect video game safe zone. then when the drums come in.. everything is perfect...fuk
31Modest Mouse
The Moon & Antarctica

"Tin Cities Made of Ashes / A Different City / The Cold Part / Alone Down There / Stars Are Projectors" AND WE'RE GOING DOWN THE ROAD TO TINY CITIES MADE OF ASHES. IM GOING TO HIT YOU IN THE FACE, IM GOING TO PUNCH YOU IN YOUR GLASSES.... -> wa wah wah wah wah wooooo *guitar of different city* -> so long to that cold part of the world :( -> "Hahahahah" "hi sir, how do you do?" -> AND THE STARS ARE PROJECTORS, YEAHHHH *intense violins having a battle*. you pretty much just got sucked into 19 minutes of one huge...fuk
30This Heat

"Cenotaph" guitar riff that comes in when they talk about lights going on again all over the world...fuk
29Sonic Youth
Daydream Nation

"'cross The Breeze" too much energy. i wish i could hang with sonic youth...fuk
Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements

"Packt Yr Romantic Mind" the ultimate chill. i have no idea what she's saying but ...fuk
27Talking Heads
Remain in Light

"Born Under Punches / Crosseyed and Painless" TAKE A LOOK AT THESE HANDS! can't help but dance to this shit. also cow bell. then, facts are simple and facts are straight on crosseyed...fuk
Kid A

"How To Disappear Completely / Motion Picture Soundtrack" the sound matches the title of the song perfectly on how to disappear. then motion picture soundtrack, man that organ that runs through the entire way and his voice is the perfect pitch...fuk
25Charles Mingus
The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

"Track B: Duet Solo Dancers" when the tempo keeps on raising, the horns get louder, and everything is losing it's mind completely, i love it so much...fuk
24The National

"Apartment Story" stay inside our rosy minded fuzz... so worry not. all things are well. we'll be alright, we have our looks and perfume on...fuk
23Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas...

"Sleep" the coda with those drums...fuk
22Mr. Bungle

"Retrovertigo" the climax...fuk
21My Bloody Valentine
You Made Me Realise

"Cigarette In Your Bed" doo doo doo doo doo doo doo do doooooo *drums* *guitar* doo doo dooo doo doo doo doo doo dooooooo...fuk
20Kayo Dot
Choirs of the Eye

"The Manifold Curiosity" two good fuks in here. the part where the clarinet comes in and the part where they go even deeper into the crazy storm they've already created near the end and scream WAH WAH RA RAHRHARGHGH AHHHH...fuk
Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

"Gold Soundz / Fillmore Jive" SO DRUNK IN THE AUGUST SUN, AND YOU'RE THE KINDA GIRL I LIKE. filmore is the perfect ending to any album ever ...fuk
18Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada

"Moya and Blailey" the climax in moya and you can't do a god damn thing about it, because i'm expressing myself in your court, and there is nothing you can do about it. you think you're god because you have a robe and you can put people up the goddamn river for 20 years? well you're not. blah blah blah more pessimistic shit, then the ending of album is a ...fuk
17 Animal Collective
Spirit They're Gone...

"Penny Dreadfuls" entire atmosphere of this song is so incredible...fuk
16Kashiwa Daisuke
Program Music I

"Write Once, Run Melos / Stella" the piano part near the introduction is gorgeous. then you pretty much have all of stella...fuk
15Yndi Halda
Enjoy Eternal Bliss

"Dash & Blast / We Flood Empty Lakes" there's a buncha lil fuks sprinkled in this ocean but if your ears are a fuk catching net then you'll know about the LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAA LA LA LA LAAAAAAA ...and ending of we flood empty lakes is !!!!!. my fave 2 songs are the other half of the album but those two moments are ...fuk
14Mount Eerie
No Flashlight

"I Hold Nothing" in a generous way, i give long walks to the dogs...fuk
13Trophy Scars
Darkness, Oh Hell

"Sad Stanley" save me from hell. *guitar woo woo woo* WHEN THE GROUND SPLIT OPEN WIDE AND SWALLOWED US ALL WHOLE...fuk
12maudlin of the Well
Leaving Your Body Map

"(Interlude 3) / The Curve To An Angl'd Turn / Sleep Is A Curse" the clarinet/flute on interlude 3 SDfpoPICLzpoisdf. the heavy part followed by "a painful sleep" girly smooth operator voice section. and the entire thing of sleep is a curse is...fuk
11My Bloody Valentine

"Honey Power" pretty much died to the coda first time i heard it...fuk
10Talk Talk
Spirit Of Eden

"Entire Album" can't even pick a part on here alone. entire thing is...fuk
9Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West

"Teeth Like God's Shoeshine / Trailer Trash" AND IT'S ALL ALL GONE. AND IT'S ALL ALL GONE -> *everything loses it's mind* on teeth. then when the bass jumps in for that huge swell on trailer trash...fuk Moon & Antarctica is better, though
8maudlin of the Well

"Birth Pains of Astral Projections" LOL ...fuk
7Manic Street Preachers
The Holy Bible

"4st 7lb" 3:23 -> end of the song is perfect...fuk
6maudlin of the Well
Secret Song

"Secret Song" where am i? wow i feel like im in a well and we're playing music to distant wails/screams... but it's pretty comforting. toby driver, you sure do know how to compose some damn good music. you could be better than everyone else alive...fuk
5My Bloody Valentine

"To Here Knows When / What You Want / Sometimes" that faint noise in the background makes the entire song on to here knows when. what you want is perfect in every way. and sometimes feels like it's compressing you down into a ball of...fuk
4Trophy Scars
Never Born, Never Dead

"Never Born/Never Dead" both songs are way too emotional. adaptation excerpt + the choir shit they do in never dead is soooo soo soo good... trophy scars is everything i want music to be ...fuk
OK Computer

"Paranoid Android / Let Down" god loves his children...fuk and ONE DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY pretty much the definition of ...fuk right there ...fuk
2Built To Spill
Perfect From Now On

"Made Up-Dreams / Velvet Waltz" the coda to made up dreams isn't even expressible. everything about velvet waltz is great, especially the lyrics...fuk
1Talk Talk
Laughing Stock

"After the Flood / New Grass" after the flood feels like you're drowning, but in a great way. and i hope you know what im talking about on new grass, so i won't even say it. and if you don't know what im saying and choose not to listen to this entire album today to figure it out... then...fuk
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