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07-26Matisyahu Undercurrent Divaman
Billy Woods Known Unknowns BlushfulHippocrene
Manchester Orchestra A Black Mile to the Surface STAFF
Jute Gyte Verstiegenheit TempiNotTempos
Radiohead The King of Limbs 1oniondays1
07-25Brotha Lynch Hung Season of da Siccness Bloon
Honeywell Industry Supercoolguy64
Poseidon (UK) Prologue STAFF
The Obsessives Heck No, Nancy Conmaniac CONTRIBUTOR
Nine Inch Nails Add Violence STAFF
07-24Toro Y Moi Boo Boo Wayfarer1991
Grey Daze Wake Me Aerisavion
Doc Corbin Dart Patricia DoofusWainwright CONTRIBUTOR
Mike Patton Adult Themes for Voice ianblxdsoe
Yellowcard Ocean Avenue LiftASail
07-23Silver Jews Starlite Walker butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
Behemoth The Satanist Opethamphetamine
Gehennah Metal Police SoccerRiot
Avey Tare Eucalyptus LandDiving CONTRIBUTOR
Devourment 1.3.8. draffy613
The Microphones Tests AsleepInTheBack
Sore Eyelids Sore Eyelids swallowtales
Enabler All Hail the Void PumpBoffBag
Abstract Void Into the Blue cylinder
07-22Apashe Copter Boy iamaviate
Wintersun The Forest Seasons Dizchu
Elder (USA-MA) Reflections of a Floating World Chamberbelain
In This Moment Ritual DrGonzo1937 CONTRIBUTOR
Yung Bambi NVRLND nocuffin
Holding Out Holding Out ianblxdsoe
07-21Lana Del Rey Lust For Life STAFF
Wake Rider Wake Rider mindleviticus
Wintersun The Forest Seasons AngelofDeath
In This Moment Ritual John7
Lostprophets The Betrayed CaliggyJack
Suicide Commando Forest of the Impaled DrGonzo1937 CONTRIBUTOR
N.O.D. Niggaz of Destruction Winesburgohio CONTRIBUTOR
Linkin Park Meteora ianblxdsoe
07-20Dotsuitarunen COLOR LIFE dimsim3478
Big Wreck Grace Street Batareziz
Sun of the Sleepless To The Elements Chamberbelain
Waxahatchee Out in the Storm SoccerRiot
Brand New The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me Winesburgohio CONTRIBUTOR
Mum Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK LandDiving CONTRIBUTOR
Institute (USA-TX) Subordination butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
Tyler, the Creator Flower Boy minimus123
Japanese Breakfast Soft Sounds From Another Planet STAFF
07-19Infertile Surrogacy Postulate of Mass Genocide brainmelter
Kool A.D. WORD O.K. MyCarandMyGuitar
The Menzingers On the Impossible Past Artuma
Execration (NOR) Return to the Void kingdedethefifth
Revolushn Further!! ljubinkozivkovic
07-18Lucy Rose Something's Changing Jasdevi087
Dying Fetus Wrong One To Fuck With ThatDjentyFool
Bloodclot Up In Arms MarsKid
Hundredth Rare higgyson
Teenage Bottlerocket Stealing The Covers DeadlyNightShade
Wolfbrigade Run With The Hunted HeadOfTheBaptist
Waxahatchee Out in the Storm dimsim3478
Thornley Tiny Pictures Batareziz
Coldplay Kaleidoscope neekafat
07-17Discharge Massacre Divine Bloon
Jeff Rosenstock Worry. ianblxdsoe
WhoIsConscious Abby EP RichieSnaps
Impetuous Ritual Blight Upon Martyred Sentience STAFF
Jeff Rosenstock Worry. McTime50
Circus Mort Circus Mort butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
Yowie Synchromysticism Mort. CONTRIBUTOR
Jute Gyte Oviri sincerelyaural
Bomb the Music Industry! Adults!!!: Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!!!!! ianblxdsoe
Smoking Martha In Deep InsightOut
07-16Orange Friction Born To Lose Brabiz
Laibach Also Sprach Zarathustra STAFF
Arghoslent Arsenal of Glory ffs
Shabazz Palaces Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines LandDiving CONTRIBUTOR
The Darkness Last of Our Kind DrGonzo1937 CONTRIBUTOR
Hypno5e Shores of the Abstract Line artiswar
07-15Julien Baker Audiotree Live Session ianblxdsoe
Big Wreck The Pleasure and the Greed Batareziz
Lorn Vessel cryptologous CONTRIBUTOR
Tyler, the Creator Flower Boy Drubbi
AJJ Can't Maintain Bloon
Our Last Night Selective Hearing MrGentleCat
Loss Horizonless Chamberbelain
Extra Life Dream Seeds cylinder
Various Artists (Punk) Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7 Drubbi
Coldplay Kaleidoscope VaxXi
Kris Kristofferson Kristofferson Brabiz
07-14The Wonder Years The Upsides McTime50
Touche Amore Is Survived By ianblxdsoe
Warbringer Woe to the Vanquished ThatDjentyFool
Great Grandpa Plastic Cough LandDiving CONTRIBUTOR
Big Wreck In Loving Memory Of... Batareziz
Dr. Dog Toothbrush SandwichBubble
Girls Against Boys Cruise Yourself hadeserbonfa
07-13Boris Dear STAFF
The Microphones Don't Wake Me Up AsleepInTheBack
Old Gray Slow Burn ianblxdsoe
BUCK-TICK Mona Lisa Overdrive Archelirion CONTRIBUTOR
Combichrist The Joy Of Gunz DrGonzo1937 CONTRIBUTOR
The Jesus and Mary Chain Psychocandy ArtBox
Roger Waters Is This The Life We Really Want? CriticalCriticals
07-12Denzel Curry 13 minimus123
Master On the Seventh Day God Created.... Master Spaten
Forming the Void Relic PsychicChris
Wayne Shorter Juju butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
Gustavo Santaolalla The Last of Us Aerisavion
Art of Anarchy The Madness Batareziz
Eatenbybears Teeth Archelirion CONTRIBUTOR
Doyle Doyle II: As We Die linguist2011 CONTRIBUTOR
Pretend Circular Ræsoning Conmaniac CONTRIBUTOR
Laptop Funeral Pretty Punk LandDiving CONTRIBUTOR
Stone Sour Hydrograd Aerisavion
Sukekiyo ADORATIO ComeToDaddy
Damien Dubrovnik Great Many Arrows STAFF
Tyler, the Creator Flower Boy TigerStyle
07-11Lou Reed and Metallica Lulu CompostCompote
Panic! at the Disco Pretty. Odd. neekafat
Aborted Tortoise An Beach butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
Impure Wilhelmina Radiation kingdedethefifth
Eric Frisch Late In The Night ljubinkozivkovic
Havok Conformicide ThatDjentyFool
Various Artists (Progressive Rock) To Cry You A Song: A Collection Of Tull Tales e210013
Lorde Melodrama cmaitland421
07-10Art of Anarchy Art of Anarchy Batareziz
Silverstein Dead Reflection Ebola
Brutus Burst Chamberbelain
Tempest (Can) Tempest lordworm00
The Acacia Strain Gravebloom PumpBoffBag
The Doomsday Kingdom The Doomsday Kingdom PsychicChris
HAIM Something To Tell You ianblxdsoe
Ampere All Our Tomorrows End Today sincerelyaural
Barenaked Ladies Stunt LeiNotorious
07-09Desecresy Stoic Death Bloon
Orden Ogan Gunmen John7
Ashland Wildfire Shamus248
Brainbombs Inferno butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
NovelT The Odyssey Conmaniac CONTRIBUTOR
Pillorian Obsidian Arc artiswar
Decapitated Anticult Chamberbelain
Decapitated Anticult DrGonzo1937 CONTRIBUTOR
Monobody Monobody LandDiving CONTRIBUTOR
Playboi Carti Playboi Carti ianblxdsoe
Savatage Gutter Ballet Robbit
07-08Sheer Mag Need to Feel Your Love butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
Opeth Orchid DoctorVelvet
Powerflo Powerflo DatsNotDaMetulz
Nickelback Feed the Machine Aerisavion
McCafferty Thanks. Sorry. Sure. BlushfulHippocrene
Brave Saint Saturn So Far From Home Jacob818Hollows
Head North The Last Living Man Alive Ever grandfather
07-07The Acacia Strain Gravebloom STAFF
Thy Catafalque Microcosmos ChaoticVortex
Tangerine Dream Sorcerer OST Divaman
A Pale Horse Named Death Lay My Soul To Waste artiswar
Savatage Hall of the Mountain King Robbit
07-06Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression: Live at Royal Albert Hall butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
Alt-J Relaxer Tunaboy45
Caligula's Horse Bloom sincerelyaural
Radiohead OKNOTOK 1997-2017 STAFF
Radiohead OKNOTOK 1997-2017 Winesburgohio CONTRIBUTOR
07-05Solange A Seat at the Table pippibongstocking82
311 Music Bwgrotha1s
Broken Social Scene Hug of Thunder LandDiving CONTRIBUTOR
Royal Blood How Did We Get So Dark? BlownSpeakers
Pkew Pkew Pkew Pkew Pkew Pkew AsleepInTheBack
Incendiary Thousand Mile Stare notthesun
Busdriver Temporary Forever Bloon
Savatage Fight for the Rock Robbit
07-04Feeling B Die Maske des Roten Todes CaliggyJack
Leningrad Большая энциклопедия российского рока. Т butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
Fiona Apple The Idler Wheel... LandDiving CONTRIBUTOR
Rammstein Made in Germany 1995 - 2011 DrGonzo1937 CONTRIBUTOR
Ed Sheeran x TheLongShot
The Cars Panorama Divaman
Demolition Hammer Time Bomb Bloon
Serianna Inheritors artiswar
Mammoth Deviations sincerelyaural
07-03Mgla Exercises in Futility Deubah
Woe, Is Me Genesi[s] iwillgotohell
Kanye West 808s and Heartbreak Harvestman
LLNN / Wovoka Marks / Traces Archelirion CONTRIBUTOR
Calvin Harris Funk Wav Bounces, Vol. 1 mete0ra
Guerilla Toss GT Ultra notthesun
Quaint Blue Two Houses LandDiving CONTRIBUTOR
Mom Jeans best buds ianblxdsoe
Various Artists (Progressive Rock) Leonardo - The Absolute Man e210013
Replacire Do Not Deviate SoilPethSymmetry
Imagine Dragons ƎVOLVE Joeman82
07-02Iron Reagan Crossover Ministry ThatDjentyFool
Oxbow Thin Black Duke butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
KSI Space ArtBox
Todesnot Malaise swallowtales
Stone Sour Hydrograd nickg42084
Imagine Dragons ƎVOLVE SoccerRiot
07-01Ferran Fages and Ernesto Rodrigues Cru yigruzeltil
Quadrupede T O G O B A N phillycheezestix
Calvin Harris Funk Wav Bounces, Vol. 1 MercuryToHell CONTRIBUTOR
Sworn In All Smiles ianblxdsoe
Within the Ruins Halfway Human ThatDjentyFool
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Jane's Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual by zakalwe
Persefone - Aathma by Shadowmire
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My favourite records by SunlightCi
Stars of the Lid - And Their Refinement O by JS19
Nicole Saboune - Miman by 50iL
Mirth by UniqueUniv
Noveller - A Pink Sunset For No O by Dewinged
Converge - You Fail Me by SunlightCi
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Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness by SunlightCi
Best of the Worst: The Compet by UniqueUniv
it's happening again. by ArsMoriend
In Dread Response - Heavenshore by Kusangii
Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time by Hellscythe
Psudoku - Planetarisk Sudoku by Ovrot
Marilyn Manson - Born Villain by DrGonzo193
Slipknot - Iowa by DrGonzo193
Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris by DrGonzo193
Converge - No Heroes by TooManyFri
Billy Woods - Known Unknowns by calmrose
Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy by RadicalEd
Two New Converge Tracks by calmrose
New Hollywood Undead video, album by TheSleepys
Pots Back Digs n Stuff (Heck by Tyler.
Kid Cudi - Speedin' Bullet 2 Heav by Tyler.
top 10 wu solo albums by Typhoon24
Gimme Some More Pap by 50iL
Cannibal Corpse - The Wretched Spawn by neekafat
Stars of the Lid Top 20 by RadicalEd
Poseidon (UK) - Prologue by insomniac1
Sonic Coaster Pop - Super Miracle Circuit by hal1ax
Alfred Schnittke - String Quartet No. 3 by hal1ax
Alfred Schnittke - String Quartet No. 3 by macman76
Timeless Miracle - Into the Enchanted Cha by Scoob
The Hotelier - Home, Like NoPlace Is by ianblxdsoe
Rnd 4: Taco's Annihilation Re by Drifter
Radiohead Ranked............. by cylinder
R.I.P My Phone by Drifter
...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Source Tags & Codes by grannypant
Tegan and Sara - Love You to Death by MUNGOLOID
Drone music and How to listen by Spacesh1p
Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life by TVC15
Sundfor sings with John Grant by Asdfp277
Radiohead - The King of Limbs by cylinder
Nightwish Albums Ranked by BallsToThe
Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence by JayEnder
Seeing Muse Tonight by SteakByrne

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