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11-29Pantera Cowboys from Hell Kompys2000
11-28Spectral Lore Gnosis ComeToDaddy CONTRIBUTOR
Audiotopsy Natural Causes mandiarmando
i hate sex Circle Thinking BlueandOrange
Cauldron Tomorrow's Lost Chamberbelain
Lil Wayne Tha Carter III SillyCaringRabbitPal
Mystery Delusion Rain crashandridemusic
Avatarium The Girl With The Raven Mask PsychicChris
Aeternam Moongod LampshadePelican
Consumer Electronics Dollhouse Songs SachikoM
11-27Kimya Dawson Thunder Thighs RabidModeration
Built to Spill There Is No Enemy RabidModeration
Demi Lovato Confident connor12
Strapping Young Lad Strapping Young Lad Dizchu
Katerina Gogou and Kyriakos Sfetsas Sto Dromo STAFF
Deafheaven New Bermuda Telekinetic
Bjork Vulnicura Live Khaleesi3691
FKA Twigs EP Khaleesi3691
Oxygen Thief Destroy It Yourself peanut
Whitehouse Total Sex CaliggyJack
Tarquin Manek Tarquin Magnet JohnnyOnTheSpot CONTRIBUTOR
11-26Arca Mutant ChronicSmiler
Ensemble Pittoresque For This Is Past Jacquibim CONTRIBUTOR
Solstafir Otta Chamberbelain
11-25Tristan Tzara Da Ne Zaboravis Supercoolguy64
Whitehouse Birthdeath Experience CaliggyJack
Freddie Gibbs Shadow of a Doubt LukeHannan
Karnivool Asymmetry PistolPete
11-24Adele 25 ShakerFaker
Sand Snowman Tell the Trees It's Autumn Again piroga84
Sole Bottle Of Humans olimar
Ghost (SWE) Meliora brettgoespunk
11-23Nisan Farber Get Bummed! oisincoleman64
Swimming With Dolphins Water Colours PowerBlitz
Diviner Fallen Empires manosg CONTRIBUTOR
Camel Harbour of Tears e210013
Black Veil Brides Wretched and Divine CaliggyJack
Black Veil Brides Set the World on Fire CaliggyJack
Black Veil Brides We Stitch These Wounds CaliggyJack
11-22The Rolling Stones Exile on Main St. doctorjimmy
Mark Knopfler Privateering ShakerFaker
Abigail Williams The Accuser TalonsOfFire
Mind Of An Antagonist Sgr A oisincoleman64
Peter Hammill Over easycrosswords
Narc Twain Narc Twain STAFF
Boots AQUARIA ExplosiveOranges CONTRIBUTOR
Tool Lateralus SgtAenema
Cocteau Twins Garlands WilhelmBlack
Chalk Dinosaur Fear or Love CL0VER A Heart of Glass doctorjimmy
Taylor Swift 1989 BloodRaven55
ZZ Top Recycler Lebren
Miss May I Deathless Chamberbelain
Soundtrack (Disney) Aladdin ShakerFaker
Procol Harum Broken Barricades doctorjimmy
11-20Milo So The Flies Don't Come MyCarandMyGuitar
Stray (UK-LON) Paradise STAFF
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Agorapocalypse ThePriest
Holy Moses Strength Power Will Passion ChaoticVortex
Anna Von Hausswolff The Miraculous SillyCaringRabbitPal
Hailee Steinfeld HAIZ SachikoM
Merzbow Tauromachine SillyCaringRabbitPal
Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet ShakerFaker
Tool Aenima SgtAenema
Morgan Delt Morgan Delt ANJ45
Travis Scott Rodeo cmaitland421
11-19Swallow the Sun Songs From The North I, II & III HeavyReviews
Taravana Prevail KriegdemKriege
Smog Knock Knock DoofusWainwright
Puff Daddy MMM SPRFanOf5H
Gloryhammer Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards noinoeso
11-18Nikolai Rimksy-Korsakov Scheherazade ShakerFaker
Skrillex Recess DJBoost
Swallow the Sun Songs From The North I, II & III Chamberbelain
Logic The Incredible True Story KyleMillllz
Tool Undertow SgtAenema
John Mayer Heavier Things DrJoeNH
Strawberry Girls American Graffiti Calc
Falling Up Falling Up Clifgard
Abigail Williams The Accuser STAFF
11-17Daya Daya SPRFanOf5H
Grandaddy Just Like the Fambly Cat DoofusWainwright
Sevendust Kill the Flaw riffariffic7
Swallow the Sun Songs From The North I, II & III TalonsOfFire
Hilary Duff Breathe In. Breathe Out. SPRFanOf5H
Tomaso Albinoni Adagio in G minor ShakerFaker
Dark Moor Project X Ebola
Dire Straits Dire Straits Sunnyvale
11-16Remeo Laying Siege to My Own Home TheMoreira
Plague Mother The Faithful Supine AaronIsCrunchy
The Dismemberment Plan A People's History of the Dismemberment Plan Mort.
Camel Dust and Dreams e210013
The Mire Vice Regalia PistolPete
Johnny Cash From Sea to Shining Sea PowerBlitz
11-15Phil Collins Face Value ShakerFaker
A Slow Descent/Sensory Deprivation My Descent, Your Deprivation user
One Direction Made in the A.M. Superreallycool
11-14Justin Bieber Purpose ShakerFaker
Intronaut The Direction of Last Things Mongi123 CONTRIBUTOR
The Motifs Cross Paths DrMaximus
Justin Bieber Purpose Arcade CONTRIBUTOR
Jack U Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack U DJBoost
Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings PostMesmeric
Logic The Incredible True Story SPRFanOf5H2
Logic The Incredible True Story willhun15
11-13Goodbye to Gravity Mantras of War Superreallycool
Justin Bieber Purpose SPRFanOf5H2
Goodbye to Gravity Mantras of War DatsNotDaMetulz
Shuvel Set It Off nuuprizing
A Sunny Day in Glasgow Sea When Absent iswimfast
Tempel The Moon Lit Our Path Chamberbelain
Cryptopsy The Book of Suffering – Tome 1 ActionFinger
Gorgoroth Antichrist Insurrection CONTRIBUTOR
Endlight The Treacherous Fall Funeralopolis
11-12Justin Bieber Purpose SachikoM
Like Vultures Win Some X Lose Some jusplathemus
The Money Pit The Money Pit CoffeeEyes17
Grimes Art Angels alienobserver
Ratt Detonator Lebren
Miracle Of 86 Every Famous Last Word dtsanchez
Massacra Enjoy the Violence ChaoticVortex
Oneohtrix Point Never Garden of Delete OvDeath
Blackfield Blackfield IV Lebren
Pixies Doolittle RaymondPelayo
Alessia Cara Know-It-All STAFF
Cattle Somehow Hear Songs BallsToTheWall
Pianos Become the Teeth Keep You iswimfast
Abigail Williams The Accuser Gameofmetal
11-11Avatarium The Girl With The Raven Mask Chamberbelain
Puscifer Money Shot STAFF
Juicy J Rubba Band Business 2 CameronLaD
Bauda Sporelights crashandridemusic
Celldweller End of an Empire Toondude10
11-10Revenge (CAN) Behold.Total.Rejection JohnnyOnTheSpot CONTRIBUTOR
The Rolling Stones Steel Wheels ChopSuey
Devil You Know They Bleed Red HeavyReviews
Queensryche Condition Human PsychicChris
Elliott Smith From a Basement on the Hill DoofusWainwright
Novelists Souvenirs Drubbi
ZHU Genesis Series Gadosmate
11-09Jun Senoue Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack Killerhit
Dir En Grey Arche thelocalhentai
A Canorous Quintet Silence of the World Beyond Fluttertrank
Opeth Still Life e210013
Lucid Planet Lucid Planet GooGooGajoob
Devil You Know They Bleed Red brettgoespunk
11-08Birds in Row Personal War ExplosiveOranges CONTRIBUTOR
Hooded Menace Darkness Drips Forth LookOutLeahy
Vein Terrors Realm LookOutLeahy
Crooks Are We All The Same Distance Apart MrMatt767
Draconian Sovran Hawks
Riot Nightbreaker Sabrutin
Empress Of Me brandontaylor
Corrupted Loss rasputin
11-07Ariana Grande My Everything connor12
Ash Koosha GUUD jtswope
Dark Millennium Diana Read Peace Hawks
Swallow the Sun Songs From The North I, II & III STAFF
Grimes Art Angels SapphireFace
Saxon Battering Ram linguist2011 CONTRIBUTOR
Skepticism Ordeal rasputin
11-06Nhor Momenta Quintae Essentiae bnelso55
Grimes Art Angels dewittwrites
Mestis Polysemy humandoorstop
Heart of a Coward Deliverance Chamberbelain
Miki Yui Oscilla JohnnyOnTheSpot CONTRIBUTOR
Windhand Grief's Infernal Flower PsychicChris
11-05Keith Rowe and John Tilbury enough still not to know SachikoM
Panic! At the Disco Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! GreenMilkCrate
Kaleidoscope (NY) Vol. 1 jagride
Grimes Halfaxa SapphireFace
11-04Pat Metheny Group Pat Metheny Group CusmanX1
Skarpseian Skygge Slottet nizhe
Cradle of Filth Dusk and Her Embrace Subrick
11-03Gorgantherron Second Sun PsychicChris
Kuroi Jukai Kuroi Jukai AaronIsCrunchy
Pig Destroyer Book Burner Confessed2005
EL VY Return to the Moon Scarlet413
The Young Gods Only Heaven DoofusWainwright
Maserati Rehumanizer STAFF
Haunted Shores Viscera AlphaBetaFoxface
Murgrind Journey through the mountain nizhe
Sun City Girls Torch of the Mystics CompulsiveVerbalist
11-02The Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet doctorjimmy
Fallulah The Black Cat Neighbourhood LapisLazuli
Hooded Menace Darkness Drips Forth Hawks
R5 Heart Made Up On You KatrinaM22
Frontierer Orange Mathematics NewBallistics
R5 Sometime Last Night KatrinaM22
Havukruunu Havulinnaan manosg CONTRIBUTOR
Jane's Addiction Ritual De Lo Habitual DoofusWainwright
Anti-Flag For Blood and Empire ChopSuey
Mree Grow ShakerFaker
11-01I See Stars New Demons metalheadrunner
Grayson Capps Songbones Harte
Cloudkicker Woum Mongi123 CONTRIBUTOR
Spiritual Beggars Ad Astra ChaoticVortex
Erykah Badu Baduizm LapisLazuli
10-31Shining (NOR) International Blackjazz Society Chamberbelain
Blondie Eat to the Beat BewareOfDarkness
New Posts

Cryptopsy - None So Vile by Ovrot
Hungover by Ovrot
August Burns Red - Found in Far Away Plac by Mort. Alternatives? by yourgodisi
Current Spins 4 by PappyMason
Too much music by theBoneyKi
Swallow the Sun - The Morning Never Came by blackwater
Radiohead - OK Computer by theBoneyKi
KISS - Creatures of the Night by manosg
The Austerity Program - Beyond Calculation by PappyMason
Opeth - Orchid by Hawks
The Menzingers - On the Impossible Past by Hep Kat
Judas Priest - Killing Machine by RunOfTheMi
Fightstar - Behind the Devil's Bac by AmericnZer
Radiohead: Sputnik's Favorite by SnakeDelil
Black Friday Record Store Day by Ashen
Opeth - Pale Communion by EvoHavok
Hop Along - Painted Shut by Pangea
Abigail Williams - The Accuser by JohnnyOnTh
Voivod - Dimension Hatross by ultimateth
Pestilence - Testimony of the Ancie by slikphuk
Where Are You From? Sputnik C by Totengott
Phinehas - Till the End by Michichach
Edge of Sanity - Infernal by 11phenom11
Sabaton - Heroes by BallsToThe
Vote Now! Noise Rock by FrozenVain
The Story So Far - The Story So Far by jmh886
Metallica - ...And Justice for All by TheMagical
A Guide Through the Depths of by Hawks
Ulver - Nattens Madrigal by Hawks
Radiohead Ranked by Hep Kat
My Vinyl Collection by chemicalma
Built to Spill - There Is No Enemy by slikphuk
Nick Drake - Pink Moon by adr
Add Me on Bandcamp and I'll A by Aftertheas
Depeche Mode - Violator by Sabrutin
Death Angel - The Dream Calls For Bl by Sabrutin
Obscure Infinity - Perpetual Descending i by slikphuk
Tool - Aenima by Ocean of N
Demi Lovato - Confident by Hep Kat
Leftöver Crack stream new LP by counterpar
Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly by Hep Kat
Radiohead - Kid A by Artuma
Thrice - Vheissu by Mongi123
Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill by Ocean of N
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin by danielcard
Thrice - The Artist in the Ambu by Mongi123
Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked by danielcard
Rush - Grace Under Pressure by Titan
Arca - Stretch 2 by Ryus
Adele - 25 by Hep Kat
The Mire - Vice Regalia by Loveless
Satyricon - Satyricon by Alastor
by torts
Emarosa - This is Your Way Out by ColorMyAlp
Stone Sour - Meanwhile In Burbank.. by EvoHavok
Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machi by Mongi123
Waka Flocka drops Flockaveli 1.5 by Hep Kat
I gets headshotz at high perc by Hep Kat
Emma Ruth Rundle - Some Heavy Ocean by JS19
Slaves - Routine Breathing by DaveyBoy
2015 Zazz by ScuroFanta

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