The Contortionist

The Contortionist complete their gradual ascension to being a progressive rock band, with catchier choruses, synths galore, and the consistent use of beautiful guitar melodies and
Cannabis Corpse
Left Hand Pass

hahaha 420 blaze it am I right?
Paradise Lost

Still going strong but where do Paradise Lost go from here?
The Word As Law (Remastered)

It's not post metal but the remastered version of Neurosis' criminally underrated sophomore album is still worth your time.
Inanimate Existence
Underneath A Melting Sky

After a fall from grace, Inanimate Existence find form once again.
So Numb

It's all about your perception
Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Striking an impressive balance between jaw-dropping intensity and staggering emotional depth, Finisterre is a standout work of black metal.

Cormorant are the easiest black metal band to love.
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