Master Musicians of Bukkake
Further West Quad Cult

3 in 1: new material, remix of the original and a complementary addition to it.
Agent Fresco

Reaching for the sky, and ending up in space.
Tame Impala

Sounds like a million bucks. Feels like a three-dollar bill.
Heartless Bastards
Restless Ones

Unbowed, unbent, unbroken.
My Sleeping Karma

Stagnant, but their most enjoyable record in 7 years...
Cairo Knife Fight
The Colossus

The wait is finally over...
Ozric Tentacles
Technicians of the Sacred

Dipping toes in uncharted waters.
Depeche Mode

For Tomorrow: A Guide to Contemporary British Music, 1988-2013 (Part 1.5)
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