The Purple Album

Covering Deep Purple is a hard task, even for Purplesnake.
The Tallest Man on Earth
Dark Bird Is Home

Through a rainbow darkly.
Mumford and Sons
Wilder Mind

No banjo for you!
Dustin Kensrue
Carry the Fire

Thrice frontman chooses a different target to serenade.
Royal Thunder
Crooked Doors

One of 2015's finer rock/metal releases, "Crooked Doors" will engage those who find the time to listen to it.
Two Hands

Whatever drugs these guys are on, they're on the right path.
Three Days Grace

Nothing more than a sloppy mess of abysmal lyrics, mundane instrumentation and boring vocals.
Lost Salt Blood Purges
The Voids We All Long For

The distant sound is saying my name.
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