Foo Fighters
Saint Cecilia

Comforting proof of Dave Grohl's songwriting abilities.

Bring life back to music...
Killing Joke

Killing Joke return with a new album which, whilst lighter and more accessible than its more aggressive predecessors, still represents the band's charming work ethic.
Fading Frontier

Quite possibly Deerhunter's most accessible album to date.
In Dream

Back-tracking on a back-trackā€¦ Or just plain confused?
Silversun Pickups
Better Nature

Silversun Pickups craft an immensely beautiful and slightly safe record that will prove to be their most divisive one to date.
Every Open Eye

Chvrches craft a focused and energetic follow up to their celebrated debut, and perhaps even top it in the process.
New Order
Music Complete

A dubious honor: New Order's most lackluster effort yet.
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