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I also object to this idea that the best thing that can be said for Weidman is 'styles make fights'. They do, except that's an awfully incomplete argument. For starters, it doesn't tell us much in terms of specifics, tactically speaking. Second, it also discounts the truth about Silva's abilities. Yes, I am certain Weidman can take Silva down, but Silva's takedown defense is not wretched. And yes, I'm sure Weidman's jiu-jitsu is better than Silva's, but Silva's ability to stay calm in bad spots and create scrambles is hugely underrated. He also doesn't suck at preventing the guard pass. There are huge portions of the Weidman hype train whose reasoning for his victory is, at best, shoddy.But I do like Weidman's chances. And the reason why is we've got enough reason to believe based on his previous fights and his implementation of a smart, grappling-centric game plan that can at least find moments to control Silva and attack. That, in and of itself, is not enough to win, which is why I started off this prediction by admitting I'm waiting for Weidman to fulfill the expectations of the growth curve I think he is on. Unlike other more elite Division I or freestyle wrestlers, it is my belief Weidman and his game have acclimated far better to MMA than his peers. When he threw the elbow against Munoz that ended up being the beginning of the end, he did so because he saw it on YouTube and wanted to try it. He barely practiced it. The last fighter I can recall doing something so effectively improvisational is Jon Jones. I certainly don't think Weidman is the next Jones, but I do believe what Weidman possesses is the ability to get better with extraordinary speed. He improves with ease. That he's already building on top of a skill set that can cause Silva unique problems gives me reason to believe he is a serious competitor in this contest.
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