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This is a austere affair that Warner Bros. (and abnormally David Goyer) has adapted now because they fabricated such a big cine that to actualize a sequel, they'd would accept to go just as big or bigger. One accessible acknowledgment would be to accompany in Brainiac, but Zod's crafts attending so abundant like what Braniac would be assuming up on Earth with, abounding admirers would just accept they're repeating themselves. Accepting Superman activity Luthor in a aftereffect would apparently assume about like a let-down aback what could Luthor do that would assume like as big a crisis to Earth compared to Zod in fact antibacterial Earth and rebuilding it as Krypton. Like I said, Man of Steel is a big BIG cine and it would be harder to accomplish a bigger aftereffect added than accomplishing a Amends League cine area they yield on Darkseid and his minions of Apokolips.One Solution: Don't try to accomplish a bigger sequel. You've alien a new Superman in the bigger way possible, so use the aftereffect to get into him aggravating to fit into Metropolis added as developed Clark Kent, while demography on all-around disasters and absolute apple issues. Acquaint Cadmus and STAR Labs and Lex Luthor and accept them complex with added science-based issues for Superman and again save the bigger getting for a Amends League movie. It's appealing ablaze that afterwards killing a villain and apathy to save humans in Man of Steel, this Superman needs added altruism and what bigger way to adjust that than to acquaint added animal elements in a sequel?
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