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New way to expose great new artists

Hey guys, Huge music fan, unfortunately my guitar playing never really got past the G C D E 80's metal chords, but I can play the HELL out of Guns N Roses with that handful of knowledge, works for me! Campfire rockstar right here.

Anyways, so instead of working to be a fulltime musician, I instead just embrace myself in the industry. My friend Craig has a new track out that is doing great, super happy for him. Anyways long story short, I wanted to find a way to expose new talent much faster than the long haul that musicians currently and unfortunately face today, that is why I built, what the system does is any new song that is upload by an artist, it is sent to people who enjoy that music genre, to their inbox (not the song but a link to it on our site) Our email list consists of 5 million people, so you potentially have the ability to get your music heard by millions of people, by not doing a damn thing, just uploading your song to our site. Its pretty much targeted towards musicians that are trying to get off the ground, not to anyone signed with a label, but who knows that might come one day soon as well. Anyways, you want free exposure? there it is, any questions let me know. Happy to be part of the forum here and I look forward to talking with all of ya!

This is a free service, with no ads, so try not to blame me for pitching you guys on this lol.

So, upload your teasers, songs, let us do the rest!

P.S. make sure you have a Facebook page for your band, so the system can integrate it!


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Check out my bands music guys! From Texas! Thanks a lot.
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