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Upset "Rap the biggest con in history": My Response

(If you havent read it, there it is)

When the Beatles began taking England by storm in the 60's, they were reviled for their popularity. The music they were bringing to the airwaves was considered dangerous and filthy, full of deplorable themes that would certainly encourage youngsters to engage in fits of spontaneous molestation.

Barry Prismal, I can assure you that if you were alive in the 60s that you fetishize so thoroughly, you would have hated the Beatles.

This isn't about rap music Barry. This is about fear. You are scared of progress, scared to have to admit you were wrong about something, scared to actually step outside of a clearly defined comfort zone that you have locked down so tightly. You are everything The Beatles and all the other bands you named are against, progress.

If The Beatles had not have pushed against what was expected of them, they never would have made Rubber Soul. If U2 had never dared to dream bigger than the punk scene, they would never have made War. If Bob Dylan had not had the guts to sing about what he believed true and just, he would never have made anything.

Honestly Barry, I don't mind you. I was actually surprised your article existed at all at this point, it seemed quite quaint. But I pity your children. They are being raised to be close minded blowhards, scoffing in the face of music that you, their father, have deemed inferior.

I cannot wait for the day you find a copy of Illmatic hidden beneath their mattress. Or The College Dropout on their iPod (Assuming you dont force them to use a record player). Or a stashed copy of Lord Willin in their sock drawer. I hope it turns your face to stone as rage wells up inside you.

Because kids rebel, and when your kids do, they're going to run right to the music that has been the sound of rebellion for over two decades.
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Hep Kat
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what a fuddyduddy
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Pink is one of the few contemporary artists worth listening to


but yeah rap is garbage
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He says in the article rap is "dishonest" ... haha thats interesting. When it comes to any type of art form it is impossible to be dishonest. Even if an artist is speaking of hookers and blow, it is not dishonest. Personally i will not listen to music with lyrics like that because i don't like shit like that. However, no one has the authority to state someone is dishonest, if you rap about hookers and blow, that is obviously just where you are in your life and that is your reality not dishonesty.
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Dishonesty in music does not matter for two shits if the music is good, it never ever has.

Rap has gotta let "real" go.
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Lil B taught me to stay positive, this shit don't phase me
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Originally Posted by PeterKlaven View Post
Lil B taught me to stay positive, this shit don't phase me
Thank you Based God
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stay positive
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