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Punk band trying to get on warped tour!!! Need help

I'm in a band called Synerah ( ) We are a new band (sort of) we have been writing music for over a year and just a few months ago started playing gigs. We have a tight sound and a awesome stage presence and feel we need to be seen and heard by more people. So what i am asking is if anyone checks out some of the tunes on our facebook and you dig what you hear do us a big favor and head over to and give us a vote. It's real simple, all you have to do is enter in your email (you will not be spammed with emails from the site) Leave a comment to if you would like. Any support would help us alot..This whole thing could potentially lead to us playing on warped tour. Which for any punk band is a big deal.
If you read through this whole message i do appreciate it. Weather you vote or not is up to you but thanks for hearing us out none the less.
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As far as I know Warped Tour doesn't feature punk bands. Pretty much all the Warped Tour bands are shitty auto-tuned post-hardcore/deathcore bands. So I guess your first step would be to stop playing punk.

If your an actual punk band you wouldn't care about going to Warped Tour. That is so commercial and unpunk. Selling-out is not something to strive for, my friend. If you really want to be punk you should stop making music with the intent of being rich and famous, and start playing from your heart.
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