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It all started out with an overrated one-hit wonder

I'm talking about the band Alien Ant Farm. When I saw the music video of Smooth Criminal on MTV years ago I got hooked to the band. It was purely marketing that got these fellas to the mainstream; back then when 'nu-metal' was the alternative 'sub-culture' fad.

The band slowly fizzled away like any other fad that started out with a big bang and the band was left with only a handful 'hardcore' fans (barely a portion of what they had in the 90s). Well what's interesting is the band is releasing a new album and they are leaving it up to the fans for funding on pledgemusic ( I can't help but feel bad for these guys. The page has been up for a month or more and its up to 79% with only 2 days let (from now). Tbh US$2000 for an acoustic house concert by the band sound like a pretty sick deal.

Well, there's just my thoughts and I think AAF deserves more -so donate to these guys if you wish! I'm only posting it here in the alternative & indie forum because these guys are so broke they have gone independent. For the sake of discussion, lets talk about the state of the rock and alternative today, compared to what it was back in the 90s. One of the bands i respect the most is Radiohead- they have evolved so much yet managed to remain relevant today.

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