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So sick of...

...trailers with "BRILLIANT" and "A MASTERPIECE!" Shit makes me sick.

A Tale Of Princess Kaguya was horrible. Not even good enough to watch again. The trailer was 20 seconds of "A MUST SEE IT'S THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!111ONEOW1!!!" and 7 seconds of mediocrity. I'm so sick of Japanese films with praise and people believing the shit because of a false premise. It was a piece of shit. It was bad. It wasn't good or smart or clever or funny or intelligent or a coming of age, it was a pile of shit. Boring lame same jane pain game as the rest of the pieces of shit movies with "5 STARS SAYS SUN TIMES!!!!!" Spare me....

Same goes to Birdman. Only bad taste with high ratings idiots with money make shit films happen.

Sick of garbage
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poor petulant youth.
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