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"Get The Girl Back" the new HANSON single!

Hi! Who is excited for Hanson's new single out soon entitled "Get the Girl Back"?

Someone had posted before asking about what happened to the band Hanson...The answer actually is in their 2004 film documentary "Strong Enough to Break." You can check it out on youtube broken down into a series of episodes-

The film shows when Hanson decided to depart from the label Island def Jam to become an independent band...Mercury Records was their original label, but unfortunately, because of a merger in 2000, Mercury got eliminated and hundreds of music acts were consequently dropped. Mercury was absorbed by Island def Jam, a hiphop label. Island decided to keep Hanson, but they were not compatible. Island kept pushing for creating hits, and the environment just became more and more corporate. Business/money matters would be the priority and Island just didn't seem to be truly involved and enthusiastic about Hanson's music and where they were coming from, unlike their first label Mercury.

Hanson decided to leave Island in 2003. They were offered a deal by another major label, but they declined it. They decided to form their own label to have more creative control; this way they will share the music directly to the audience or anyone who would give them a listen.

They put up their own label, 3CG Records, when they were around ages 23, 20 and 18. They produced about three independent studio albums since and tour constantly... Not being under a major label anymore means less promotional funds...They have made many beautiful songs (especially the album UNDERNEATH) throughout the years, but sadly, people are missing out 'coz Hanson's music is not marketed heavily...They do not have the resources that can compete with a major label's. But they are in it for the music., and they are just happy doing it...

Am excited and happy about their new album coming out soon! These guys are really very talented, and their music continually evolves. Anyone else here listen to Hanson's music throughout the years? What are your faves? Thanks!
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