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mx newbie
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Media Questionnaire

1. What is your favourite subgenre of rock?
2. Who are your favourite band?
3. What is your favourite music video?
4. What is your favoruite digipak?
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mx newbie
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1. Pop Punk
2. blink-182
3. What's My Age Again?4
4. Neighborhoods
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mx newbie
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1. Progressive Death Metal/Pop Punk
2. The Wonder Years, Touche Amore, Circa Survive, Amia Venera Landscape
3. "Nicholas" - Amia Venera Landscape, "Blindfolds Aside" - Protest the Hero, "Vela, Together We Await the Storm" - The Human Abstract
4. wat
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Goncalo Crespo
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1. Stoner
3. Go with the Flow - QOTSA
4. Lullabies to Paralyze
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Against All Authority
mk ix
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1. ska/punk
2. dead kennedys
3. none
4. not sure put i have some great self made playlists
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