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New weird music

Hello people!

I'm completely lost in the music frontier and do not know what to do next so I came here to get an opinion on my music. It's pretty raw though I'd say rather exotic and different. Please if you have the time (anyone), check out my songs on

I'm still pursuing my dream of making music full-time. I'm stuck studying engineering in a university and many factors like these prevent me from using my full inspiration.

A little about me: I'm a 21-year old guy and I play, sing and mix all the music I make. Because of this, my equipment is quite cheap but it works for me.

Thank you A LOT if you took your time to check out the music. I appreciate each second spent on hearing my effort.

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i like it. as you said it's kind of raw but i see some real potential if you can manage to dedicate yourself to it. please keep at it!
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potential is there

Isthisajoke reminds me of Cherry Red records sound, and the next song Pink Flowers is very Red Hot Chilli.

Indiestuff needs a more committed vocal performance.
Otherwise all good.

Keep going and you will find your own voice.
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