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Some Punk Lps for sale (and more... Death in June, Pg99, Arab on Radar))

Pg 99 doc 8 8ppd
Bravo fucking bravo (s/t on friends forever) 6ppd
Utarid/am I dead yet/ mock heroic / a fine boat that coffin 8 ppd
Struggle lp 6ppd
Jerome's dream - seeing means more than safety 15 ppd
Assfactor 4 10ppd
Damien Jurado - I break chairs 8ppd
Daniel Striped Tiger- Condition 8ppd
Death In June Kapo! 30ppd
Death In June - Oh How We Laughed 30ppd
Ida - I know about you 12ppd
Ida - Tales of Brave Ida 12ppd
L'antietam- (i dunno the name of it... but it's got a blue and white swirly cover) 8ppd
The Pine - don't need regret 12ppd
Perth Express- s/t 8ppd
Xiu Xiu - Fabulous muscles (green brown and pink screened cover) 12ppd
Arab on Radar- Soak the Saddle 8ppd
Arab on Radar- Yahweh or the Highway 8ppd
Bonnie prince billy - i see a darkness 8ppd
Built to Spill- Perfect from Now on 12ppd
Built to Spill Keep it Like a Secret 12ppd
Deerhunter- Cryptograms 12ppd
Dr Dre- The Chronic 12ppd
Emerson lake and Palmer- Tarkus (1st press) 12pp
Shellac- 1000 hurts 10ppd
Slint- Spiderland 8ppd
Serena maneesh - s/t 10ppd
Stereolab- serene velocity 12ppd
Texas is the REason- Do you know who you are? 20ppd
Terry Riley - Rainbow in Curved Air 10ppd
Wishbone Ash -Argus 8ppd
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Why is the DiJ so expensive? Limited or something?

I might be interested in arab or dr dre... let me think about it and get back yo you later today or tmrw.
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ok dre and yahweh are sold. the DIJ is pretty reasonable. those are some of their less valuable records. also those are both sold
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The Chronic is my favorite punk record
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Digging: Counterparts - You're Not You Anymore

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Originally Posted by Trebor17 View Post
The Chronic is my favorite punk record
Why are you selling these?
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