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Post your favorite up and coming rock band

Post any new great up and coming rock bands you've recently heard and liked.

I've recently stumbled across some great bands out of Athens, Ga that I found absolutely amazing. It seems like the Athens, Ga music scene is still alive and kicking butt!

Dead Confederate: an awesome psychedelic/grunge rock band.

Lullwater: really dig these guys. They have a 90's rock influence sound but they make it their own and relevant in today's music scene.

The Whigs: sick post grunge/rock/pop. Saw these guys open up for Kings of Leon.
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Fingas neva saw me coming
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Woe, Is Me.
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Max Headroom
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Bring Me The Horizon
Wings of Plague
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Up The Irons
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Solwave - San Francisco, CA -
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This band called RUSH is playing in AC.
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Originally Posted by HighandDriving View Post
Woe, Is Me.
actually agree too, got their most recent album and it's fairly awesome.
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Oh! The Casino!?
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1st, +lolz to posters deserved haha (bmth, rush, winds of plague, etc)

2nd, too lazy to give better descriptions, but:

wolves (RAD, um technical metal?)

City of ifa (not sure how to describe)

light black (side project with one of the dudes from ifa, more instrumental type)

henrietta (just started listening to them, check out the father mother brother daughter ep)
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High Arctic from Victoria Canada-
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Not sure if it counts as up and coming since they're a local act and haven't even been signed yet (to my knowledge), but dudes kick some serious ass.
Composer, Meet Corpse (pretty sure it's metalcore, but not the shit kind like AA)
Awesome Star Wars song
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Bryan Adams and Greenday, All time favorite. Never get bored of their music. So melodious....
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Periphery is doing it right. And TesseracT.
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The Ladykillers
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