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Slash and Myles Kennedy

hey guys!!!! I'm new here. nice to meet you everybody!!

so, What do you think about of Slah and Myles Kennedy duet?
Do you think that Myles is a good singer?
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Goncalo Crespo
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I haven't even heard that existed! Awesome, gonna check it out! THanks for posting.
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I really dig it. Especially the GuitarCenter acoustic sessions they did. What's the actual name of the band again?...Slash and the Conspirators i'm thinking.
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Slash, along with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, have made an excellent album "Apocalyptic Love". Slash's guitar playing is exceptional and so are Myles' vocals.
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Anastasia was a great song. The rest of the album was pretty meh. Myles is a fantastic singer though.
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