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Ear training: Cadence examples

Hi everyone,

Looking for examples of chords movements(cadences) in songs again. Does anyone know of a part of a song that contains a major chord ascending a 4th, to major chord? (1 to 4 so to speak.. or 4 to 1 would be great too). And yes, I know nearly every song contains these chords, so what I'm looking for is an example where it's obvious, emphasised, and done slowly.

Its usually hard for beginners to tell what the chords are, as they are not emphasized and because of the singer, background noise, etc.. so if anyone could point out a few good examples that would be great. I'd like to see this chord movement applied in order to become more familiar with it. I need something to associate this movement with so that I will recgonize it when I hear again it some day.
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Well, a classic example would be a 4 bar blues - only thing is these will usually be dom7 chords. Still, this is what I think of when I think of going from I to IV.
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