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What music sites are best for promotion?

Hi guys

I haven't promoted my music in 3 years or so, and I had a manager / agent at that time.

I'm now fully independant and have a new album being mastered and almost ready.

A new website and video are also on the way.

My question is:

What are the websites I need to be involved with / have a profile / network etc?

I of course understand Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud, but what else is good to:

1/ reach genuine music fans

2/ find professional opportunites

Are things like / sonicbids etc still "the way to go" for licencing opportunities?

Anything else anyone can recommend, advise, share success stories etc.

I need to put some kind of manageable "plan of action" and I have to admint I'm a few years behind on the online music scene.

So, which websites would you say are best both to build fan base and find professional opportunities?

I would be most grateful to hear your thoughts, experiences and advice.

Many thanks,

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RE: What music sites are best for promotion?

Hi JaffaDestroyer1, I highly recommend you check out this great website @

Being a member will gain you airplay of your songs that will help you reach many listeners worldwide and have your album promoted on their website with a link to your website or Itunes where you have your album available etc. They have a LIFETIME DIRECTORY BAND AD at an affordable price. Can't get better service and airplay for the price their are offering. The shows are produced and hosted by The Amazing Carmen Allgood. Go and take alisten to her podcasts shows @
and hear for yourself how awesome she is, and her features are.
My band the soul touchers was featured on there last week and again yesterday, our yesterday feature is the first podcast on the website called
Indie Music Wave 'The IT Show' there's a guitar avatar next to it.
I hope you'll look into the website, and if you decide to join in, feel free to mention my name, and say TJWay of the soul touchers referred me, and Carmen's team, will assist you with any questions you need to know and set you up. You will most likely correspond with Jane Harlow, she was of great help to me when I joined.
Okay, I hope my recommended websites help you. Good luck mate, I wish you great success with your new album and musical endeavors. Best regards; TJWay

P.S. I use SonicBids, but I also use to pitch songs to artists and for licensing etc>
Right now they have this new Matching system feature available and it reads.

Artists & Songwriters: Music Xray has released a new song to opportunity (S2O)
matching system. It's free. Here's how it works.

You upload (or import from other supported sites ) your original music.
We analyze the acoustic properties and mathematical patterns in your music.
We send you an email immediately and any time in the future an industry professional seeks music like yours.

Also, this place allows you to synch your music to Soundcloud. Plug songs for a small fee to any opportunity of your choosing, get feedback for songs you submit etc. If you would like to Join, please go to this link 20559

to Sign up is 'FREE' and you're not obligated to use their services if you later decide it's not for you. Keep in mind, they have lots of major artists looking for songs, and Major record companies looking for artists to sign, Publishers, producers who will critique your songs etc, I am over all happy with the service they provide and I think you will be too. Good luck!
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