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Mechina: Need some advice on this


as most of us here are supporters of independent music and bands I like to have a suggestion what I should do.

5 weeks ago I ordered both CDs of Mechina thru their website and payed with paypal. Each CD was 20 bucks including shipping.

Only confirmation I got was the one from paypal. No worries so far. 3 weeks later I had neither an order nor a shipping confirmation from the band.

I emailed them about the order, 1 week no reply, then I tried their contact form on their website, this isn't even working. So I emailed them again, 3 days, again no reply.

Now I am thinking if I should open that horrible paypal dispute to get my money back, I hate to do such a thing as I love supporting those bands, but I feel kinda ripped off here.

What would you guys do ?

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im sure theyve just made a mistake
everyone in the extreme metal scene is honest and caring
so if you want to support the metal scene you just got to bend over and take it up the ass when someone wants to be unprofessional because after all ist cool music right so people can just do whatever they want
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Well, if they made a mistake and forgot to ship it out, absolutely no problem with me.
But they do not reply to emails and they cannot be contacted at all thru their own website. That really seems to be weird.

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