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Review my bands album

we put this album out under the band i shot reagan
we are very proud of it and have poured our hearts into it.
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needs more cowbell
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Originally Posted by cyanidepope View Post
needs more cowbell
i like it
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I actually like it, your stuffs pretty good. I think you should try branching out a little more. You music is too derivative. You've got talent, now you just need to set yourself apart from the crowd. Don't stick to the standard hardcore song writing formula.

Since I basically want to advertise my music, but don't want to clutter the forums with threads heres my pitch:

Its a one man (me) experimental project. My influences are screamo/skramz, black metal, industrial, and noise music. Its not really instrumental, although I do make use of harmonica, bongos, and even a recorder (I use what I have lol). Its all recorded on a cell phone and edited using audacity by myself (true DIY for ya). I'm a 17 year old from Baltimore btw.

Right now the only song I have released is on YouTube, though I have other material recorded, I just never took the time to record it. I also recorded vocals once for a local "Witchhouse" musician (not really a genre of music I listen to, as far as I know its basically boring hipster music). TBH my work so far isn't what I truly want to be making, but I'm working with what I got. Ideally I'd like to do vocals for a grind or screamo band, but at the moment, I'm stuck working on my own with very little to work with.

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