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A phantasie composition for piano.

I've been writing a roughly 20 minute long phantasie in four parts, though it will be near 30 probably, when I finish transitional material. I'd like to know if it sounds good.

Chopin, Scriabin, and Satriani type things make many appearances, experimentation in alternating left and right handed ascending and descending octaves, modern and older musical forms, harmonization techniques in Schumann, as well as Prokofiev's theory of chromatic displacement, Phrygian and Lydian stuff, triplets in black-key, and some two handed tapping concepts in the final part's short guitar section inspired by deconstructions of Mozart. It's too difficult for me to physically play so bear with a midi of the notation.

I have been experimenting with different kinds of high speed runs, and I settled on the one in the scherzo section, a polymodal series of tuplets and triplets, sustained by a Chopin and Alkan-based harmony and melody and resolved in a cycle of combinatorial aggregates of hexachords to achieve a total chromatic, somewhat based on Bartók's twelve-tone Phrygian and Lydian polymode rather than the pitch axis theory which Satriani uses.


1. Amais Penseroso, Pensive Love.

2. Untitled (so far) andante.

3. Scherzo Ex Prae Gaudia Diaboli, (from out of the happiness of evil) with some brief scherzo elements.

4. Mundus Transfiguratus, The Transfiguration of the World.

This is also a repeating thing interspersed in it I call the "Chorus Mysticus," the first part of which is written straight in the ancient Greek Dorian mode, the later part of which is highly polymodal:

Parts in order:

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