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The Boom
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Steel Panther - Hilarious

Hey guys,

weeks ago a friend of mine showed me the band Steel Panther. I haven't heard about them before but I think they are really funny and I like the style of the guitarist.

My friend said they play "Punk-Metal" but I never heard about such a genre. He explained that they have ironic, provocative lyrics like punkbands from the 80's but at the same time the riffs are more metal-like.

I did some research on it an couldn't find much about it. In an interview the guitarist Satchel talks a lot about Van Halen and he explains some of his techniques. For me it all sounds like 80's Glamrock like Van Halen, bit a little bit polished with dirty lyrics. In genreal he is not only influenced by Van halen, I think he almost steals their sound.

But still the music is technically billiant and the lyrics are so funny. I saw an interview an a German site with Satchel (guitar). He shows some techniques...whoo, crazy. And his trashtalk is so hilarious

The videos are in English.

What do you think about the group? What style is it? Is my friend right with his "Punk-metal"-talk?

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Lord Brummington
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They're fucking terrible.
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Steel Panther is the best hair metal band that never was. They are parody, but done so well to the point they transcend both comedy and their original genre. Their releases are absolutely amazing and you will NOT find a better live band.
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