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Who thinks that Black Sabbath was not the first metal band?

Or can argue that they were not? I have encountered this discussion many times (unfortunately) and I genuinely want to hear your feedback.
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Lurk before you make stupid threads.
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mx platinum
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The template for metal didn't just drop out of the sky in 1969, they were part of a long and winding development into what it is today.
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"Metal" bands probably took more influence from Sabbath than anyone else, though. Cream and Deep Purple had heavy guitars, but Sabbath cemented the style and really made it a new playing style.
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The Boom
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i doubt that it's the first metal band because it really depends on how you define the word.
a genre has so many different influences that you can't pick a band and say they were the first one. black sabbath had also influences. and the influenced other bands as well. many of these bands are metal bands, correct.

but i think it's impossible to answer this question correctly.
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its like going back 10 years and witnessing the same inane discussions
guys 5-10 years down the line this shit wont matter
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"who thinks black sabbath was not the first metal band"
Retards and gypsies.
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Stephen Quinn
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Sabbath were one one of the first bands to carry the term 'heavy metal'. Led Zeppelin were one of the first bands to be branded heavy metal, but did not want to be labelled as such.
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classic ando
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Originally Posted by Stevie View Post
guys 5-10 years down the line this shit wont matter
implying it matters now
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