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mx newbie
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16 Bars later

Look at this day, so cold, just like you
If you thought Iíd come back, never after what you put me through
But now that youíve moved on, your part of the reason this song exists part of the song
Make me your enemy; even after all I did for you, could you even love ten of me?
Letís do the math, if I changed into what you wanted, youíd still make fun, and it still wouldnít be the right path
I do not need this, I do not need you, and our relationship might have just caused my breakthrough
But I could relapse, on second thoughts fuck no, cos every king word you said where a bunch of fuckin death traps
Gimme music any day, that day I cried over you, today its part of my word play
When I was underground, blinded by love, rap music was calling me in the background
No one could see, no matter how hard I tried, the soulless pricks were care free
Fuck it, donít need them either, family are the only real people that give you credit
Gave me a chance, cos thatís all I want in life, in the game to now advance
Helped for sure, when so many doors shut in your face no one wants to hear you out, the temptation to turn to alcohol can be so great, I might just have a liqueur
Waking up to find your actions have been headlined, yeah the paparazzi can be so unkind
Like they physically hate you, the rest of the world couldnít give a fuck
Where through, now the anger thatís been building in my lyrics is my real breakthrough
Iím past you 16 bars later, musicís working to my benefit, itís my turn to be the alienator.
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Magik im fukn fantastic catch me at the wrong time you wrapped in plastic/
Take out my nine change tha clip put a bullet to ya hip if ya runnin wit dem dicks ya sick/
AOB be tha brand new clique Erbody in tha club love da brand new hit its all good/
I get ho's erytime i do shows getn head in tha back of tha rov crusin streets on lows wit 24's/
people be eyen me fellas,chicas even da popo's my rhymes flow like a B.I.G or pac classic people ask me how i say simple im Magik Believe Dat/
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north hipstars
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dis is mx
i jus had sex
dis b sum complex
words biga s t-rex
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