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new gaslamp killer album
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Matt Wieters
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Gaslamp is awesome.

Akuma No Chi Ga Odoru is awesome to jam out to.
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Resu Deretsiger
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the album is decent, has a few really awesome tracks like nissim. I saw him live last week in oakland tho and his live set kicks serious ass.
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Daily Routine
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Resu Deretsiger
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so is your shit attitude. go home little girl.
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mx newbie
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Heard Nissim on a podcast and I loved it. Got the album now, it's okay as a whole but I still love that track.
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Bank of America
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Gaslamp is some off kilter and fresh air, not affraid to pick on his own opponents

he distills from so many sources. breakthrough is a fine listen in sonics, doesn't reveal itself without simply saying hii to it, his visio0n will become more universal

he is antagonized and he has a mighty wellspring
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