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News Section

i've been taking a lot of heat lately for my news submissions. i would like to know from staff / mods if my news is objectionable? some users have been very critical, yet most "news" being posted by users is just "such and such band to release new album" and "such and such band tracklist"

which is fine but hardly news

my writing is not pro or even semi pro. my manner and style is offhand. but to any detractors i just want to say if you can do more and do it better, you are welcome to go ahead and do so. i promise not to shit on your parade as you like shitting on mine

when i first started here their was a desire to have a small staff of news writers writing articles, not tour dates and record release dates in the news section.

so that is how i have been writing news. as articles with a spin. lame to some, mildly amusing to others, i don't really care. i just want to contribute what i can, but if out of line i would like to know now from staff rather then later. i just want you to know that is indeed my writing style. i am not trying to joke even if a bit satirical at times

don't want to start any trouble at the site, but if the dickheads who don't understand what a news section is for are in fact right about my news being out of line, i need to know. so i can just post about new albums and tour dates and stuff like most do. maybe this is what sputnik wants?
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I know I ain't staff, but in all honesty, I find it rather ironic that there are members of the Sputnik community--some who we can safely call crackpots--who are calling for your articles to stop because they aren't "serious" enough or even "funny". OH LAWD! Not "serious" they say!

Personally I find it to be great, regardless of the style you impart upon the news. The only thing I'd try to remedy is proofing your work, which is often riddled with minor spelling/grammatical issues. If it's meant to be news, it's also meant to be clean and professional even with the spin added. As I said once, the use of conjunctions to begin sentences which can function just as well without them is something I think you should also focus on.

Aside from this, who gives. Obviously, your articles are being approved by one of the mods, probably both even. If they were totally unreasonable they wouldn't get approved. Given the news section is for the most part the most uninteresting section of the site, I'd say the naysayers don't have much of an argument against you. I mean, yes, there will always be detractors, but so what. That's actually a good thing in some ways.
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ok taylor. i wanted to stay out of the fray but did glance at some comments today and was just wondering if things had changed at the site so far as content in the news section. last i used the site the news section was more varied, so that is how i approach it

i must say i did just submit some tour and album news, but its not real interesting to write. and i like to amuse myself, if no one else

still their are rules and guidelines and i know from experience you can think you're doing ok and then one mod or another will decide not and shoot you down. which is fine but knowing sooner then later is best. especially if some find my news....disruptive

but if it's just "not serious" enough for some or poorly worded in some cases or "funny" for some i guess thats not all bad. so i will continue on as i was

good thing cuz posting Who tour dates and Bob Mould track lists isn't exactly entertaining for me :/

just trying to have a bit of fun at sputnik in my off time, here. i am not walter cronkite or anything

oh and my little grammar things are usually an issue with people still in school, as they are more focused on it. with others, not so much. i just write what comes to mind and post it. same as with my reviews. its an easy going experience for me. however i could take a bit more time with polishing and editing as you suggest if i have time. so, maybe i will

thanks dude. your last paragraph there is right on. and i will go with it

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This one is copied verbatim from another site
This article is a joke
This is just horribly written

Your articles are great man, even if it's simply because they're something a little "different"; though, your EVH article was a bit much, especially when you started talking about poo. Keep doing them
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hey thanks man. and i will clean them up a bit

the poop thing? sure, i knew it. but couldn't find another word, really. the article i gleaned the info from used "feces" and "fecal matter" and i just thought "ugh"

poop actually seemed less gross to write. if not read, perhaps. will consider more carefully from now on. i don't want to get too flippant just because its relaxing for me to write in such a manner
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niggas talkin shit bruh
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I like your articles, fuck the haters.
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/thread on above note

lock and move on plz
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How does this pays-off.
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your articles are the best thing about the site right now. and don't listen to Dev your EVH one was the best bar none
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I second Dev, as it's really refreshing and entertaining to read "different" news articles. However, I do not find you nearly as funny as you find yourself.
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I think they're a great change of pace on the site, really. I think people forget that this is a user-based music review site, not a machine that just redirects people to news or whatever, and certainly not the most serious platform out there. An important element of the whole "user-based" thing, to me, is that the different contributors show a little personality, which you're obviously doing.

Besides, it's good to see someone making an effort to contribute to the site in a way that's more constructive than a lot of the content submitted.
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i know how you feel man

i get a lot of HATE for my album ratings

but i try to ignore it
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I don't know. I like the stuff you post, but they seem more appropriate for the blog than for the news sections.

When I click on News, I'd like it to be more like the site of a newspaper or so: short and to the point articles so that you know in an instant what's happening in the world. Now I have to filter that information from the rest of your post, and you may call me lazy but it kind of bugs me.
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Hey, I'm one of the haters...

I suppose the reason why I am not a fan of these articles is because they don't feel original. On a site where you can write in whatever voice you want, you write in a voice that is hackneyed.

Developing your own voice takes time and practice...that's why I'm not telling you to stop (except for that one time I did).
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