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mumford and sons - best indie band of the decade?

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damn this is getting depressing, they are folk, and the worse kind tbh, all the banjo work is boring and i wont comment on guitar playing, or even when they mess with a korg keyboard synth.
Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit are much better
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the worse kind
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mumford and sons are god tier
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Little Lion Man ain't bad
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get their album haz it's literally like Jimi Hendrix status
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I'm not sure if I'd put them as Indie band of the decade. I dunno if I even think of them as Indie really. More folk than anything. But, they ARE great. I mean, just take a listen to their lyrics.

Plus, since they've become really popular, I think that there's been a lot of other great bands that have edged into pop air waves who I don't think would've been able to before.
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They're actually pretty terrible
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Probably not the best Indie Band of the decade... since I'd say its more like Folk...
But I do like them a lot. Been listening to their first album since it came out and now finally the second one is just as good, however I do get why many people say they sound exactly the same and therefore don't care that much for them. But what's with all the bashing?
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My favourite Indie act for along time has been Fink..

Anyone else liking Fink going to see him on tour?? ....
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Yeah. they aren't good.
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Do all their songs sound a bit "samey". Just saying.......
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what? no.
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LOL poo
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thread is kinda lol
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