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Should I pursue this direction musically?

Hey guys, I'm still relatively new to this site.

I play in a post-hardcore band, but I got kind of tired of writing that stuff, so I just sort of stream-of-conscious wrote what I think is a Shoegaze song. I was just wondering if anyone would give me some feedback?

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there's no vocals yet, and it's obviously a work in progress
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Ada m
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that was dece bro
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Reminds me off music that would be in a gold video game. It's a little cheesy but it sounds kinda cool. That phaser/flanger could be a little more subtle.
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whether or not you can pursue a musical direction is not up to anyone but yourself brah
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he only music worth pursuing is obviously 1970s prog rock. So get on that.
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I think it's always worth experimenting, even if it kind of ends up sounding like something you'll want to hide from the grandkids when you're older. That being said, I don't think you need to hide this from the grandkids. I think experimenting with this is definitely a good direction to go in, especially cause it can expand what you already play. I already enjoy what you did here, and if you developed it, it'd be really cool. The mixing on the drums is a little odd it sounds like. I like the phaser/flanger, but I love those effects as is.
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I would find someone, unless you already planned on doing this yourself, who could put lyrics and a vocal track down on this.

It sounds great, definitely something I'd jam out to. Keep at it and you'll have something fantastic. That being said, like some of these guys above me have said, it should be you who decides what musical direction you should take. If you're comfortable with this sound, then go for it.
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...vaguely reminds me of some of the stuff on DIIV's Oshin. Its definitely not bad, a little cheesy though, as someone has already said.
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I don't think it's bad at all man. It just doesn't do anything for me personally...But then again I'm judging it like a post rock song. If it had lyrics and stuff, I may be more inclined to like it.
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