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The Chicken Cow
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Money in the Banana Stand - Giant Steps II

Hey, I play guitar and sing songs in a band called Money in the Banana Stand. We play scrappy pop-punk songs, and we recently put out an EP called Giant Steps II. Our biggest influences are Propagandhi, The Minutemen, and old Against Me!, although we don't really sound like any of those at any given moment. People sometimes draw Andrew Jackson Jihad comparisons, which I can see and which I think is good because they rule.

Anyway, you can stream/download Giant Steps II here if it sounds like it may tickle your fancy:

Note: I realize there is a "Post About Your Band Here !!!DO NOT MAKE A NEW THREAD ABOUT IT!!!" thread, but it was made in 2004 in an attempt to keep a then busier forum from being constantly spammed. The last topic on the front page now is almost a month old, so I don't think it's too intrusive to just make a thread. If it annoys anyone too much though, mods can feel free to delete this.
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Hep Kat
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pretty good man, keep it up. i dig the album art too
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yeah this is pretty good. reminds me of no idea bands.
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nice [i]Arrested Development[i] reference
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