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Sputnik is in danger


The user mynameischan is a complete tool. He goes around harassing girls and tried to create drama wherever he goes. He also goes by the name Bethany (An Asian girl who is troll account of his). He blocks everyone who calls him out on his douchebagetry. If you ever try telling the good people of of his ways he will make a fake account and clone you. He himself has admitted to creating many fake accounts. Iíll tell it is a tragedy letting someone like that attack innocent users on I suggest that you block him and report him immediately when you see him. Someone needs to take that dick out of his ass and shove it down his throat.

Fate rests in your hands, please, donít be a victim.
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the academy
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Sputnik is in Danger


The user mynameischan is a corporate tool.
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rap music
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Hep Kat
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Sputnik Mod
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sup chambered
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only here 4 jombombs
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we are all in danger
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sometimes the line walks you
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