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rebuilding a guitar... need tuners

So im in the process of rebuilding a guitar. Its an old ibanez rg570 i bought about 6 years ago, that has been in various stages of being painted and rebuilt repeatedly. basically it was my fuckaround guitar for a long time and it was disassembled for forever. recently i decided to put some actual effort into it. So i painted it to look like a tiger. after that i got the idea to go with sort of an african warlord theme

im gonna get some gold hardware for it... new gold floyd rose.. probably something like this. < 1e4d>

i also want to get a sustainiac for the neck pickup, not sure about the bridge pickup yet, but i want it to be a hot one. These are also probably going to be gold/black.

the tuners it has now are black but i wanna some that have knobs that are like that ivory/pearly looking material.

completing it is a ways off but im really into the idea right now, and since im going back to school ill have a little more time on my hands to do it.


does anyone know how to remove/replace those posts that the floyd rose blade areas pivot on? The original two are still in there but one is chipped (although functional). I want to replace that for the look mainly.


what kind of tuners does the old rg 570 use/require. Im gonna replace the locking nut with a gold one but i need to figure out what the size of the tuner it is. and its gotta have that ivory look to it.

What kind of pickup should i consider for the bridge pup. again gotta roll with the gold on this one. also not sure about the single coil in the middle. i feel like i should probably get one that i can wire to series and parallel. i got kind of used to it with my prs custom 22 and that sound has grown on me, and i wanna have it with my ibanez

so yeah thats whats up. basically i want to take the tiger body and the neck and replace pretty much everything else... tuners, pickups, pots, knobs, switch, floyd, wiring, locking nut.

I have a pretty grasp on how to take apart and put together and set up most of it, but if anyone has any input on anything id love to hear it. im pretty stoked about this axe
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