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My Journey Thus Far

Hello everyone,

I joined this forum back in 2002, I was 12 years old and i'd just acquired my first drum set. I was obsessed with learning everything i could about music and playing the drums, and as i embarked on a journey of discovery and enlightenment, i had no idea the impact the lessons i'd learn on here would have on my development as a musician, and as a person.

Simple concepts such as groove, timing, consistency and practice began to consume me. I joined every band looking for a drummer, i practiced every rudiment and tore these forums apart in order to find every little piece of advice available. DoubleBassJim, Damo and many other members were always good to have around and i remember admiring their passion for the instrument.

Music became an all encompassing force in my life. I wanted it all.

These forums came at a pivotal moment in my life. I was stepping out into the cosmos of adolescence.

During the next few years i spent my time waffling away on this site, desperately trying to learn how to find porn on the internet (turns out it's spelt porn, not pawn), and generally just fucking around being a teenager - you know - smoking, drinking and crashing parents cars...

When i was 18 i accepted a place at university to study music and since then i've been working as a struggling musician. I've won awards, had features in mainstream music press, played some amazing shows with bands i'd always dreamt of playing with and the passion is still stronger than ever. I'm currently playing in a couple of bands, one of which is signed to a UK indie label, and the other a seven year work in progress.

I'm 26 now and i feel like my life is finally starting to evolve into what i dreamt it would always be. It's been a bumpy, wild ride and it keeps getting better.

There were times, in my naivety, when i came to the members of these forums for advice. Believe it or not, the Love & Relationships thread helped me start a relationship with the girl whom i'm still with today. We're still in love, living together and having a ball exploring the roads that lay ahead of us. We even have a new housemate, Ringo the cat.

Writing this it's occurred to me how different my life would be had i not stumbled across the old mx forums.

Why i decided to write this, i'm not entirely sure. It may be the Amnesia Haze swimming through my mind or the sense of en trepidation i have towards the decisions my life is throwing at me. Then again, i never really got my post count up so maybe i've regressed ten years and i'm desperately trying to gain the respect, or pity, from anonymous posts many miles away.

To everybody here, i wish you all the best. Life can be really great at times. But with all things great, there are also the troubles and hardship that become entangled within them. Think pragmatically and with your heart.

I'm done, you can go to bed now.
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