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I am

I am the child/
tht his 16s will shine/
bright enough ray an stevie/
can see/
tht i will make dollar signs/
I am the child/
with a crooked grill when he smiles/
but He made every brotha an sista wit a different style/
I am the sinner/
tht had to sell albino juss to eat som dinner/
an still I am a child/
and no child should ever hav to sit in trial/
have my prays while she whispers/
an my lil sister cannot depend on me as a male figure/
reality is hard/
african decendant i feel the scars/
havin fears of bein lit up lik a picnic at a front yard/
by another officer of the law/
an while im 6 feet deep/
my community/
burns 2 gas stations, a lil ceasers an mall/
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