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Dangers to the block

theres a point when u cant look at the stars an ask for a wish/
lead to when problems needs solvin my niggas load up they weapons/
me an the homies bekon/
no gangs sign/ or high fives/
thts the nod tht a police scene will occur tonight/
rewind back in the time/
shi it was probably when i was five/
when i didnt open the pandoras box/
an i never ate victorias box/
i was watchin dora while my pops/
was breakin rock/
an i saw his loaded silver piece/
by the bathroom sink/
it was all a blur but i had figurative dreams when i sleep/
tht i was in an rusted cell an his was right by me/
so i stayed in the crib/
with a pad and a pen/
and i held a grudge of the jalen/
tht jugged around the block/
wit dimes in his jacket pocket/
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