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Applications for Staff/Contributor Positions

Hello, everybody.

To get geared up for the impending spring/summer release calendar, we will be adding more staff and contributor writing positions here at the site. I will be the first to tell you that my personal contributions have not been up to snuff in terms of an expected staff writer output, and while this looks like an excuse, I stay busy with behind-the-scenes stuff here along with my moderating duties, and my reviewing style is very holistic and time-consuming because I'm an idiot who can't listen to an album once and churn out a review... I need to listen to it tens/tons of times and then begin writing from there. It's a horrible way to write, but it's what works for me.

And as some of you may have noticed, some staffers have retired (noted by their Emeritus status) and some have seemingly fallen off the face of the Earth.

To be fair to the site's growth and to you as active participants on the site, we have talked as a collaborative unit and wanted to open up some more positions for people wanting a challenge and a chance to be a part of the site's professional core.

Do you feel that you are qualified? If so, please read on for our informal two-part application, which should look strangely familiar:

Part I

In a couple paragraphs (roughly 2-3... you can write more or less if you feel it's necessary), outline what position you're seeking and why you should be considered for the promotion.

Some questions you can consider to help flesh out your ideas more:

- What makes you stand out amongst other contributors?
- Do you cover new releases?
- Do you specialize in specific genre(s)?
- Do you plagiarize (if so, you will not be considered)?
- Do you consistently contribute to the site other than reviewing records (adding albums and bands to the database, commenting, providing constructive criticism and feedback to new and veteran writers)?
- Are you a pain in the ass and Dave and I have to ban you all the time, or are you a typically model citizen (a couple hiccups here-and-there is okay)?

Basically, you get to sell yourself to Dave and I and mx and the other staff writers. Might as well go for the cheese.

Part II

Submit 3-5 links to what you feel are your best reviews, and write a quick sentence or two explaining why you are adding it to your application (e.g. "I added this review because it was a new release and it has over 200 comments and 30,000 views").

Deadline: Sunday, April 05, 2009, at 23:59:59PM EST

Please informally submit your application in a post here.

Thanks for your attention,


EDIT: you know what, let's just go with April 06, 2009, at any time.
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Wylie Coyote
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Hi, my name is BallsToTheWall and I feel qualified for the contributing reviewing position. What do I bring to the tabele you ask? A unique, overly aggressive yet dedicated music fan to open up as many people to my styles of music. Over the past 2 1/2 years, I have racked up a grand total of nearly 14,000 comments, 116 music reviews including the crashes, 170 news posts, several music lists detailing new bands i've discovered and over 170 added artists and albums to the database. I am a very emotional person who tries to incorprate a little bit of personality and honesty through the at times stale and music elitist prone core. I hate elitists, not metal. Despite my angst ridden approach, I believe I set far more of a positive impact on sputnik than a negative one no matter how flustered I become. It's just part of my psyke.

Musically speaking, I like to cover alot of ground on sputnik, much of which are the more unpopular forms of music around. My goal is too expose people to new styles of music that they might have previously condemned before.

What makes you stand out amongst other contributors? My fiery and unorthodox approach to writing reviews and socializing. I feel the need to be creative and bring a little extremeness and humour to the site. I also might happen to be the only obsessive Paramore fanboy who loves them as much as Darkthrone. The balance of my dark and light feelings are clearly reflected in my reviews.

Do you cover new releases? I cover anything from the stone age to the 2000's.

Do you specialize in specific genre? I'd say at first I was primarily involved with symphonic and gothic metal but now have expanded to darkwave, pop punk, black metal, alternative, industrial, hardcore, and the instrumental/ avant-garde type.

Do you plagiarize? No.

Do you consistently contribute to the site other than adding albums, etc? Yes, but to a slightly smaller degree. I like to help new reviewers improve by paragraph editing, and grammar check as well as telling them to focus on the detail. However, if I find the user stubborn and impossible to deal with, I will chew him out as i've done before but generally when i'm chewing out a sputni k user, I try to add some constructive critcisim to the mix. Therefore somewhat justifying my rage.

Are you an ***? I can be at times depending if a user is being hard to deal with. Generally my goal is to deliver the metal to the masses whether or not i'm selling people with a catchy, off topic first paragraph. Baiting the user is a key. I can't say if i'm nominated as a contributing reviewer that i'll be completely stable but i'll do my best.

1. Sui Generis Umbra Coma. My last review, I feel this was one of my best reviews in quite some time. dark industrial/ambient mix with avant-garde tendecies.

2.Enslaved- Vertebrae. One of my strongest and most detailed reviews in my spotty career.

3.Zoe Keating One Cello x 16: Natoma. An instrumental based cello player that I adore.My first instrumental review and one that i'm proud of.

4.Todesbonden- Sleep Now, Quiet Forest. A massive and complex review.

Thank you for your time and I hope you consider me....BallsToTheWall, Wylie McCloskey a serious candidate for aggressive expansion.
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Digging: Root - The Book

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Greetings Sputnikmusic promotion committee, I am user Reddannihilation or as it says on my driver’s licence Taylor. R. Jermolajew. I’ve been a member of the Sputnikmusic community since August 2007 but I didn’t begin contributing much to the site until mid 2008. Whilst I like to consider my taste in music to be relatively wide I do specialize in reviews for hardcore oriented bands whether it be traditional hardcore punk, post-hardcore or Metalcore I generally focus on these areas mainly because reviewing these genres comes easily to me. I have however begun work on several unfinished reviews for different genre’s Alternative and Progressive rock to be specific.

Aside from reviews I also contribute news articles, music lists and I comment on reviews providing constructive criticism and feedback as well as engaging in discussions with other users. The one major aspect of my reviewing style that I feel makes me standout among the other reviewers is my writing style. Whilst it isn’t some revolution in textual communication I don’t believe anyone else on the site writes quite the way I do (That may seem a bit pretentious).

As far as I am aware I’ve never once been banned and aside from the occasional burst of comment-rage I generally find myself to have a warm and fuzzy attitude.


This review has 13,852 views and 130 comments as such this is my most frequently viewed and commented on review by a wide margin.

This is my second most viewed review. Holding 1, 298 views and 87 comments. It’s also my one of my most well-received reviews.

Whilst this review is relatively low in terms of comments and views, it’s easily the best example of my writing style and I feel it’s my best review by far.

This final review is my most recent (Although that should change in a few days). It hasn’t had a huge amount of traffic but it does demonstrate my writing style rather well.
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Marko Polovina
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Part I

I've been a member since 2006 and I've enjoyed reviewing more than a year, I've actually been interested in becoming a contributor on this site for awhile. As a fan of many genres and a 98% review approval rating I feel like my reviews are always consistent and pride myself on my work. I review mostly older work as I try to get to material that is unknown or neglected, but recently I've gone on a string of present year releases (2009). I'm happy to have joined this site and the reviewing community specifically, making contributions whether they be suggestions to mutual friends like Trey (WillieFisterbut), Trickster, DaveyBoy, Magnus (Metalstyles 15), Waior, or Rudy. If I feel like I'll get back to some material I'll make a soundoff on the album, at this point I've accumulated 31 soundoffs and 61 reviews as of 9/14/2009. I plan to keep going (obviously) and hope to make strong progress in the future. While I do review consistently (at least one review per week), I help on critical analysis, support of other reviewers (new or old), soundoffs (as I said), adding albums to the database (tons, since most of the trip-hop or electronic I listen to is void on this site). Like I said I have a wide range of tastes, from breakcore, idm, electronic, indie, grunge, hip-hop, ambient, I cover most. The one I feel I cannot listen to without a complete hindrance to a review is by far country as I have a distaste for it. Lastly, I've never been banned for any reason since I joined this site and never plan on doing so, well that's it for this portion of the class students.

Part II

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops II [Ambient]
I feel like this would be my personal favorite review. My first crack at Basinski's lengthy discography and the critical praise this 4-disc opus had gotten was not hyped up one bit.

Nitzer Ebb - Industrial Complex [Industrial/EBM]
Nitzer Ebb are one of the few EBM bands I listen too and this review was my first to coincide with a sputnik release list. It eventually became featured. Unfortunately this didn't garner ton of comments....just not enough industrial lovers around here! I felt like and so did some other members of the community like this review had shown me growing as a reviewer.

Robert Rich & B. Lustmord [Ambient]
A fantastic album and probably one of my favorite reviews. Really entrenched myself within the concept of the album and it worked out in the end.

The reviews I've done all cover different genres.

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Hi. Since joining May 2008 I've been reviewing at a steady and quite fast pace (with the exception of a few infrequent breaks), having just written my 50th review. Despite reviewing quite a lot I feel that every review I write is good quality. I try not to limit myself to one or two genres and cover a large range of genres in my reviewing, from trip-hop to stoner metal to world music. While I do not usually write reviews of new albums I intend to more often in the future. However, I try to write reviews of albums I feel are underrated or forgotten gems, hopefully leading to others discovering and enjoying them as much as I did.

I also contribute to the site in other ways. I comment on other reviews often, post lists and have added 9 albums and several bands to the database.


Psychotic Waltz ~ Into The Everflow

This was actually the second review I wrote here, but the first (DJ Shadow's 'Endtroducing...') was wiped out in the database crash. While it can't be compared now to the earlier review, it was a huge step forward in my reviewing ability.

Trivium ~ Shogun

This is one of the first reviews I wrote of a new album, and went against the popular opinion of the album.

Sly & The Family Stone ~ There's a Riot Goin' On

Despite my cheesy and pretentious summary, I think this is one of my best and most detailed reviews.
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rap music
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I’ve put out at least 2 reviews per month since becoming contributor last year. With one more on the way to close out March, that’s a rate of 70% featured new releases. Of these 7 reviews, 6 have been hip-hop (or soul), having been the only content of this genre-focus to be included as featured reviews during this time (with the exception of the hotly anticipated Gutter Tactics, a popular topic amongst most indie/underground publications). As is my function in the world of technical research and development, I fall into a similar role here: that is, I love the challenge of taking something that may or may not accomplish its task adequately – and improving it (a-la our Hip-Hop section).

From proactive contact with labels to reporting hip-hop news and release dates, I look more at the big picture. Not only expanding the listening habits of the current user-base, my main goal has been to attract online hip-hop fans and fanatics alike (people that make up a major portion of music fans) in order to, hopefully, increase site traffic. By encouraging others to review more of these genre-specific releases, I’m slowly moving towards this goal. Besides this, I’ve given advice to those that care or show potential, actively participated in the forums, written the concluding portion to the user’s top 100 list, and am currently co-authoring a feature on Detroit hip-hop with a staffer.

I’m typically calm, an excellent editor, always have a goal in mind, and only plagiarize pre-proofread-pixiesfanyo reviews. I know I’m gonna be a dad soon, and this might be a detractor from my output to some – but most of you are probably going to be in the same situation someday… finding new music, building the hype machine, etc is one of the few hobbies that keeps me sane; I go blog and myspace hunting on a weekly basis. With respect to review statistics and style, I’ve been working on condensing my content since becoming contributor – I’ve progressed a bit since November:

DOOM: – I enjoyed writing this more than most reviews; I found an effective balance between content and length that will definitely increase my reviewing volume. Over 2000 views in 5 days.

POS: – Holy hype machine… I’m glad to have introduced this to over 40 users, especially with its place on the overall charts of 2009. Over 3000 views and 60 comments… mainly of people going like “lol fugazi”. Will be on plenty of best-of ’09 lists…

EPMD: – I love to research the history of music in general… the golden era being something I’ve been getting into gradually. EPMD gave me the opportunity to do this with their latest… while a somewhat mediocre album, this is probably one of my best reviews. Only 1000 views, but w/e, quality over stats bro.

Pax & Pry: – An example of my blog/myspace hunting… I found one of my favorite releases of the quarter that has gotten almost no visibility anywhere else. I also had to include an artist that didn’t have all capital letters in their name.

I figure these are most representative of not only my writing ability, but my passion for music and research/ knowledge in general. After completion of the Detroit feature, I plan on continuing this formula for new regional hip-hop and other historical periods.

Thanks guys, I’ve had a lot of fun over the past few months… I know some of you might think this is b.s… but I really appreciate the opportunity to impact the blogosphere/ online media in some positive way. No, it’s not so much about ego as it is excitement – it’s just a rush every time I know over a thousand people are going to look at writing and maybe comment on it. Yes, I check my reviews every few hours after posting, and yes, I pride myself in the stupid little 100% approval rating tag in my profile. Regardless, I’ll be just as dedicated to writing stuff that matters to our handful of elitists and the random passer-by a year down the road.

PS @ Dave, Jom, mx, et all: If you guys need any help with moderating, I’d help for sure (cough hip-hop forum cough). I’d also love to develop a stronger/ more active role in staff helping users edit their work… and I’m definitely game for editing other staffers’ works.

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Part I:

¡Buenos días, Sputnikmusic committee de promoción! My bad, I just finished writing up a review for an album en español, so I'm still in Spanish mode. Anyways, my name is Brent Stephenson, but most people know me as marksellsuswallets, and I've been contributing around here for longer than you may think. In February of 2006 I joined the site under the name Wemo (yeah, it's a pretty dumb name but I was 15 at the time), and contributed by writing a few reviews. Fairly bad reviews I might add, but reviews nonetheless. After taking a little writing hiatus, I rejoined the site under the username I have now in July of last year, and to be perfectly honest, I never thought I would become as serious about contributing the site as I now am.

As for the position I'm seeking, I'm seeking promotion to contributor status, as I was last time I applied, and now I feel like I'm quite a bit more qualified for the position. In my 8 months of contribution towards the site, I have offered up 47 reviews, only 2 soundoffs (generally because once I start writing it's hard for me to stop since I enjoy talking about music so much), edited/added somewhere around 16 or 17 bands, added quite a few albums to the database, and created a plethora of lists in an attempt to focus some of the the community's attention on bands/artists they may not have been exposed to before. I've only recently been able to add news articles thanks to that news que bug, but I've already added two in the week and half or so I've been aware that I was able to. But enough statistical information, time to get to what sets me apart.

I feel like I have a writing style that is very easily recognizable as my own, not only because of my emphatic use of the parenthetical phrase (I consider these a sort of aside to the reader, and I always try to include relevant information, or a little off the cuff joke/musing to make a slightly technical portion of the review easier to take in), but I feel like I'm able to include a good balance of information and personality into my reviews, which have been noted as "a pleasure to read" by some of the sites inhabitants. I used to mainly specialize in heavier music, but lately I've been maturing quite a bit, and branching out into numerous other genres like indie-pop, punk, post-rock, and even country/bluegrass (the next few reviews I'm planning on include math-rock, dance-pop, and a few others). I never ever plagiarize, I try and cover new releases, especially releases from artists that don't often get the attention I feel they deserve, and I've never been banned (with the exception of one time which I believe might have been an accident since it was for about 15 minutes). I'm also not big on being a douche to new reviewers, and I try to be as helpful as I can with constructive criticism and album suggestions to broaden their musical tastes. I have recently just taken a small break from writing for a month or so due to being so busy with transferring colleges and finding an apartment/roommate and other things of that nature, but I can say that I plan on consistently contributing to the site from here on in.

Part deux:

I feel like the following reviews not only present some of my best work, but they also show how I've grown in my writing abilities, not only in terms of continuity and things of that nature, but I feel like now more than ever, I'm able to give a very good description of an album that even somebody completely unaccustomed to a certain genre could easily understand and evaluate.

1. Becoming The Archetype - Dichotomy ( 5,050 Views - 168 comments - 8pos, 1neg

I feel like this review is a great example of how I can write a very long and involved review, and still keep the reader interested throughout. I reviewed it because it was a new release by a band I greatly enjoy, and it did end up getting featured. Don't really know where that mystery neg came from, but I see it as an outlier, and nobody every gave a reason for it.

2. William Control - Hate Culture ( 3,832 views - 130 comments - 8pos, 1neg

I think this is a good example of my ability to write a good negative review that is more than simply the bashing of a band/artist. Though I did do some of that, I feel like I gave more than enough information to back up my rating and feelings.

3. The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Worse Than Alone ( 4,247 views - 73 comments - 12pos, 0neg

I reviewed this because it was a new release from a band I adore, and I feel it's another great example of how even my longer and more detailed outings can keep people interested throughout. I'm very pleased with how this one turned out.

4. Pattern Is Movement - All Together ( 429 views - 12 comments - 2pos, 0neg

Sadly, it seems like there are times when the people of Sputnik just aren't that interested in band's they've never heard of, and I suppose it was just one of those days when i posted this review. However, I feel like this review is a great example of how I can branch out into different genres and make it seem natural. Also, it's one of my more succinct reviews, but I feel I managed to cram more than enough detail into it.

5. Bomb The Music Industry! - Scrambles ( 272 views - 14 comments - 4pos, 0neg

Another low traffic review, but I think it's mostly due to many people not realizing that the album itself has been released, and it was swept off the front page in less than a day. Anyway, this review is another good example of keeping things relatively succinct, yet detailed and informative.

Thank you for your time, and good luck filling the positions.

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- What makes you stand out amongst other contributors?

I feel I have a rather open ear as far as genre goes. I'm willing to listen to/review anything and won't simply just shut it out because of either who puts it out or who recommends it. Every form of art is fair game.

- Do you cover new releases?

2 of the 3 reviews I have done have been released in the past 8 years. One of which was released in 2008.

- Do you specialize in specific genre(s)?

Not really, though I tend to gravitate towards a happy balance of Metal and Indie with a splash of Post Rock.

- Do you plagiarize (if so, you will not be considered)?

Do you plagiarize? Oh ****...I just did...

- Do you consistently contribute to the site other than reviewing records (adding albums and bands to the database, commenting, providing constructive criticism and feedback to new and veteran writers)?

Yeah, as frequently as I have any sort of information to do so. I'm not the type to go in and "neg" a review simply because I don't like the format.

- Are you a pain in the *** and Dave and I have to ban you all the time, or are you a typically model citizen (a couple hiccups here-and-there is okay)?

Eh, I can be a bit of a prick, mostly to Kill, but thats all in good fun. I'm generally a helpful dude.

I'm a relatively new member so I've only done 3 reviews, but they were all within a month and a half period. - All Shall Perish, Hate Malice Revenge. My first review and probably my best so far, mostly positive reviews. - Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes. A more critical review, short and to the point. - Dynospectrum, Dynospectrum. My most recent review, its a good display that even though I gravitate towards one style of music I'm capable of broad horizons.
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Hi, my name is Brian. I go under the user name of Merkaba33. I’ve been active on this site since 05’ but have recently been reviewing more frequently. In terms of standing out from other contributors, I would say I bring consistency to the table. I never submit review until I’m completely satisfied with it. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect as I often ask for feedback. But I would never rush a review seeing as anybody can view it once it’s up. Nothing is worse than clicking on an album you’re curious about and finding a terrible review. To be honest I don’t review a lot of new releases. I generally hunt out albums I’m familiar with that don’t have a review. However this could very easily change. I am going to be working on my college’s radio station next quarter, and I will have an excessive amount of exposure to new releases.

I would say I specialize in the electronic genre. Although I’m somewhat new to a lot of it, I seem to be the most comfortable making reviews for that style of music. I’ve reviewed a few industrial albums. Industrial seems to garner little attention on this site and I can help shed some light on it. The fact that I don’t primarily listen to metal may also be a plus knowing that many users are already geared toward that genre. I don’t plagiarize when I write but I do look to other reviews (sputnik, allmusicguide, etc.) for ideas. I always add artists, albums and news when it comes across.

I wouldn’t say I’m a pain in the ***. I get a lot of **** for liking certain artists and I’ll defend them like anybody else. But I’ve never been banned and would never spam the site or anything like that. I often encourage new reviewers/members instead of immediately bashing them. I’ve learned to rate people’s reviews off the content of their review instead of their opinion. My love for music is a constantly burning fire and I’ve improved so much as a reviewer since joining. Thanks for viewing this.
I did a good job of explaining why the album works so well as a whole instead of simply describing each track. This review got good feedback as well. It had some positive ratings before it was deleted during a server crash.
Here is another example of my contribution to the industrial style. This review sparked some good debate as well.
This is one of my most consistent reviews.
I put this review up because I’m very experienced with the artist and my review reflects it.
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Jommy Toughass
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Hola my Fellow Americans and non-Americans. My name is PoetandthePendulum, otherwise known as Greg Viessman. I feel qualified to be a contributor based on a couple factors. Over the past two years that I have been roaming this website, I have gained notoriety for being a big huge power metal dork. While that is true, I have gained a loved for other genres of music as well. My writing has also improved since I began reviewing in September 07. Also, with the end of my school year coming up, I'll have plenty of time to review; I'll be doing absolutely nothing this summer.

What makes you stand out amongst other contributors? While the majority of people on this site hate track by track reviews, I've come to like doing them in various ways. I am able to go more in-depth with the album by doing this and I don't feel like I am rushing through a review when I do a tbt properly.

Do you cover new releases? I cover anything

Do you specialize in specific genre? Most of my reviews have been power metal/symphonic metal, but there have been a couple of reviews that have been folk and just plain classical.

Do you plagiarize? No.

Do you consistently contribute to the site other than adding albums, etc?
Yes, I have added a few bands and news articles over my time

Are you an ***? Not really. Stupidity on this site is what I hate the most, so I'll be an *** when that occurs.

Antonio Vivaldi-The Four Seasons
Easily my best review. I was in the writing zone when I wrote this. Not as many views or comments as other ones I have done, but this is me at my writing peak.

I haven't seen another review on this website with as many views as this album, aside from that glitch one that you always got sent to after you edited a comment. I had a lot of fun writing this one.

Dragonforce-Ultra Beatdown
This positive review of the new Dragonforce album is strange as most people hated the album. My approach to listening to this was not taking the band seriously.

Rome-Masse Mensch Material
I wrote this over a month's time. The first paragraph is apparently pretentious, but I felt it necessary. One of my better reviews that didn't get noticed.

Power Rangers-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie Soundtrack
Proof that I can have an extremely amount of fun with a review. The people who didn't like this apparently didn't have a sense of humor at the time. May not have been the best written, but I loved doing it.

Good luck filling the positions guys.
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Hello, I am jacktiger7x, a name I loathe but one I am nevertheless tragically consecrated with. Outside of the zany sputnik world, I go by Joseph Dunst, although whenever I meet someone new I try to pass myself off as Douglas (never works, someone sells me out every time). I have been with Sputnik since November of 2007, and since then have skulked in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to suddenly strike with an inane and hilarious comment (these attempts often fail, much as it pains me to admit). In all seriousness, I have been posting regularly for about a year and a half now, and around August of '08 I began reviewing regularly. This has dropped off a bit since mid January, as my new school/work/social life destructor combination have left me with little time to focus on much else besides keeping myself sane. Yet still, I believe myself to be somewhat well liked on the site, though I would not be surprised if some of the folk despise me. I talk with a couple of the reviewers outside of Sputnik and offer them my free services (free to all interested) as an editor and proofreader, something at which I believe I excel greatly. I've only ever been warned for bantering with a few people that came off as spam (only by Cocaine, I might add); other than that, my record is clean.

Incidentally, I would like the chance to be a contributor regardless of the aforementioned fact, as I believe my thoughts and viewpoints are a valuable addition and asset to the sputnik review crew. Depending on who you ask, I can come across as a loyal, honest person, prone to almost no anger at all, serious only when absolutely necessary, and always willing to sit back and have a good laugh; or, if you ask a select few, they may describe me as a terrible fire breathing dra-- er, a person who is extremely unforgiving and spiteful to those who he feels have wronged him. In spite of my perfectly acceptable flaws, I feel that my ability to adapt to absolutely any musical ideas presented to me gives me a unique outlook on music in general. I credit sputnik with almost all of my musical growth, because, as is noted in.. a note I wrote, I did not seriously listen to music before January '07. Starting with metal, my tastes have rapidly expanded to embrace all musical ideas and concepts, and I would love the opportunity to share them on a more prolific and showcased level.

What (would?) make you stand out amongst other contributors?
I am, as far as writing goes, absolutely zealous when it comes to nitpicking grammar and punctuation. It shows in my writing, though I am not too arrogant to believe myself above the necessity of a proofreader. I am an extremely easy going fellow, and I am as likely to review something metal as I am to review some folk artist no one has ever heard of.

Do you cover new releases?

Do you specialize in specific genre(s)?
Mostly metal, though I am working on changing that

Do you plagiarize (if so, you will not be considered)?

Do you consistently contribute to the site other than reviewing records (adding albums and bands to the database, commenting, providing constructive criticism and feedback to new and veteran writers)?
Yes. I try not to be too fearsome a monster to the newcomers.

Are you a pain in the *** and Dave and I have to ban you all the time, or are you a typically model citizen (a couple hiccups here-and-there is okay)?
This is my Wold review, an album so detestable it hurts me to even remember I have heard it. Although by far my least professional review, I think it stands as a testament to my ability to put passion into my writing, as even though it comes off very spiteful, it also comes off as a good, funny read.
This is my Sigh review of Imaginary Sonicscape, a review that took almost a year to complete, both out of lack of ideas and the fact that it was extremely hard to put my thoughts into writing on an album so dear to me as this one. This showcases the transition in and growth I have made as a writer and as a person, being comprised of two parts old writing and three parts new.
This is my Empyrean Sky review of The Snow White Rose of Paradise; almost my lengthiest review, I believe this my best work, conveying everything I wanted to say in an efficient, effective manner whilst also keeping in check my tendency to be overly critical. I believe this work also functions best as something interesting to read and displays my knack for drawing the reader in with my intros.

Thanks for the time! Good luck to all the other posters.

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would you kindly?
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Sup Jom and Spat, my name is Cam, otherwise known as Cameron, otherwise known as joshuatree, otherwise known as Correction. I've been a contributor (under this new system where users like Hawks10Pec can't be contributors) since September, and a user since July of 07, and since I've accumulated 60+ reviews, which I believe (but am probably wrong) to be well-written, and 41 sound-offs, most of which are spam. These reviews are a mixture of newer and older albums, but, if promoted to staff, I'd probably focus more on newer releases. So, in essence, I've done a lot here, and I think that the time's come for old joshuatree to be promoted to staff, if just to not be able to be troll negged by gaslightanthem anymore.

I've reviewed records from a large variety of genres and colors, and am not limited to reviewing one particular genre, like some of these other bozos here, like marksellswallets (shitty scene shit) and BallstotheWall (whatever he's benchpressing to at the moment), and this variety would be benfiting concerning being staff. I also don't plagerize like certain Charles Bukowski fanatics.

I've contributed to this site in other ways besides reviewing. I comment on a lot of reviews, and am generally positive towards up-and-coming reviewers, unless they're such douchebags that it's impossible to be jovial. I've accumulated over 2000 comments on the forums and over 1700 on the review site. I've added my fair share of artists and albums to the site, including new albums that ended up being quite popular. I'm also not a pain in the ass, reasonably speaking. In short, you should make me staff because I'm better than these other losers.

Here are reviews I believe to be good:

Stars Of The Lid - And Their Refinement Of The Decline
Ruins (slep) liked this review, and he's a good guy, and I like this review too.

The Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat
Another review that I like, one I wrote right about when I became contributor

Les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends
I needed a review from way back in the day so I randomly chose this one

Elzhi - The Preface
Pianotuna reckoned that this was my best review to this point, and he's my boy, and I trust his judgment

so make me staff
and make balls contributor cause hes gonna bitch about it on facebook if you don't

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hindie ipster
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Hello mods and staff. My name is Adam Thomas, aka redskyformiles, and I am humbly applying for a staff position. Though I only began reviewing a year ago, I joined Sputnikmusic back in 2006 and have since racked up over 5000 comments, posted over 250 news items, added over 100 albums to the database, and submitted 76 reviews. Furthermore, I have never been banned and usually try not to deride other users' tastes.

When I began writing reviews I primarily looked to review albums in the database that did not have reviews, or if it had a review that it sucked, but since my promotion to contributor I have not only tried to cover the albums that have slipped through the cracks, but also new releases. I don't pigeonhole myself to any particular genre as I have written reviews for everything from black metal to indie-pop, death metal to folk... you get the idea. I believe that given my output (I believe I've averaged 5 reviews per month since becoming more active on the review site back in the summer of 2008) and the range of genre's that I cover, I would be a worthy addition to the staff of Sputnikmusic.

Now on to some of my musings:
Bruce Springsteen - The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle
While it may not have a large number of views or comments, I believe that this is one of my strongest reviews. Due to it being one of my favorite albums, the thought of it not having a review propelled me to write this with the hopes that I could write a review that lives up to the album. I think I did. 2 positive votes and 15 comments.

Every Time I Die - New Junk Aesthetic
Most of the reviews in this application are towards the longer end of the spectrum, but I find that it is often better to be brief. 20 positive votes and over 190 comments

The Beatles - Let it Be
The Beatles Let it Be is usually looked upon as one the Fab 4's weaker albums, causing it to be overlooked by its more critically acclaimed counterparts such as Revolver and Abbey Road. Let it Be is steeped in a compelling back story that is just as, if not more, important then the album itself. 6 positive votes and 25 comments.

The Mountain Goats - We Shall All be Healed
What makes We Shall all be Healed as good as it is is the beautifully crafted storytelling of John Darnielle. The review tries to get across the emotional aspect of the music and how it is brought out to the fullest by the lyrics. 2 positive votes and 19 comments

Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
My review of my favorite album.
10 positive votes and 57 comments

I feel that these showcase some of my best work that I have put forth on the review site.

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one last goodbye
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Dear Jom/Dave,

I am known on the reviewing site as Altmer, real name Jorn, and I have been a contributing reviewer since 2007. I was reinstated contributing reviewer under the new system as well, after a long deliberation. In this time I have accumulated 149 reviews, a respectable amount I should say. I have had a few featured reviews in the past (does anyone remember that (hed)p.e. - New World Orphans review?) and I am quite adept at reviewing by this time, I feel. It is in this spirit that I, after long periods of doubt, have decided to apply for the position of staff reviewer.

I specialise in a few different genres. Metal is my primary genre, and the one I started out reviewing in (and this music genre still holds most of my passion). I am not picky as to which genre of metal I'm listening to, and I try to incorporate something from every subgenre there. I also enjoy progressive rock, post-rock, alternative rock, and even soundtrack and pop music. I am also very willing to review a new genre if need be, so don't hesitate to make me write a post-hardcore review if it's necessary! I will also gladly cover new releases, as anything that expands my musical horizons is accepted these days (despite the insistence of members that I only review shitty prog bands!)

I furthermore believe that plagiarism is a no-no. I contribute commentary, feedback and new albums on a semi-regular basis to the site (basically, whenever I catch something that is missing, or when I get sent promo records by labels that aren't in the database because the band is not that well-known). I've never been banned on the reviews site, seems like I'm model enough for that kind of thing? I think I've been around long enough to learn the lay of the land, and add to it with a marginally unique sense of wit and humour.

I believe I have the consistency and perseverance to be a reliable, good reviewer, that can take on enough duties at once. I will be able to cover many things in short timespans, maybe relieving other reviewers of duties they would rather not take on. I believe that after all this time, I have the experience and necessary qualities to become a valued member of the Sputnik team of staff.

I present you now with a few examples of my work:
Mastodon - Crack the Skye.

An example of what me covering a new release would look like.
Agalloch - Pale Folklore

My penchant for imagery in reviews. I like reviews to be something more sometimes; I don't want them to be a chord dissertation, I want to engage the readers by trying something different.
Vangelis - 1492: Conquest of Paradise

Me branching out.
Misguided Aggression - Hatchala

Even the band members like this review!

My favourite record reviewed. This shows my passion for my music.

I hope you consider me a serious candidate, just like first time 'round; I feel like taking the next step.
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Smells of Genff
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Hello. I am known as ThyCrossAwaits and I would very much appreciate to be promoted to a Contributor. I’d like to have the position for the simple fact of getting higher up in the site, to have my opinion noticed. I haven’t reviewed in awhile, but I am very much willing to kick my own *** back into gear. I actually wish to be a professional music reviewer as a possible career and Sputnik has been a huge inspiration. I’ve been a member since December of 2007 and have written 12 full reviews total. I’m a big user of metaphors and colorful vocabulary, which I like to use in my reviews when I can’t think of any other way to portray what I’m thinking. I make lists feverishly often and I’m willing to try anything if someone reliable said it was good.

I absolutely cover new releases, I am constantly (almost painstakingly) searching for new and interesting music. Whenever something interesting comes out I preview it online and decide to either download, buy, or ignore it. That’s my simple, but concrete strategy. Whenever I discover something truly life-changing, just plain kick-***, or incredibly awful, I have an urge to immediately hop on Sputnik and review my tush off.

I specialize in metal. Period. I’ve loved metal since 8th grade and I’ve progressed from being a typical Slipknot maniac to a jaded fan of Arghoslent, Anaal Nathrakh, and Discordance Axis. I tend to favor death metal over all, grind next, and black a close third. I enjoy alternative, classic rock, and really anything decent. I worship Pink Floyd and still stand by MCR’s The Black Parade as a fuggin’ great album. Country and rap are personal no-no’s, but I’ll try anything once, and I’ll try anything good several times over.

I don’t plagiarize, honestly.

I contribute often. I make lists 1-3 times a week, review whenever I find something worthy, and comment when I have something to say. I try to give constructive criticism when I feel it’s deserved, and often just comment to say “WOOT for number...” I have never been kicked off or banned from the site, this is my first and only profile, and I have no plans to be banned anytime in the future.

The following are my best reviews, in my opinion:

My latest review, and a personal best. A few metaphors, and a personal story are involved, quite nicely tied in.
The Black Dahlia Murder-Nocturnal

There’s a lot of puns and metaphors in this one. I tried to tie the band’s sense of Jack Black-esque humor into the review itself, some people didn’t quite get it though…

Another review with a long metaphor and an awesome pun. Said pun made the_wizard laugh hardcore, and this guy had NEVER been a fan of my work. Lots of comments about my improvement from previously.

I hope I’ll at least be considered, and I’d highly appreciate being promoted. Thanks for reading.

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My name is MattRTS, real name Matthew Rounds, and I'm interested in becoming a contributing reviewer. I've only been on sputnik for about half a year, but have become a frequent user on the site. While I spend a large amount of my time on here reading reviews on albums I'm thinking on getting, I have also written 5 reviews (only one of which has been neg'd), submitted a good amount of news, updated/added a few bands & albums, and recently have become more active in the forums.

What makes you stand out amongst other contributors? Nothing, really. I've been here about half a year and have only turned out 5 reviews. I guess you could say a good factor is only one of those reviews has neg'd and I enjoyed writing them. Usually I have to listen to an a few times before I can review it or even soundoff it. I am frequently active on the site, whether I'm contributing or not. I am willing to review pretty much anything be decently un-biased. Also I have nothing to do the whole summer period and already have started on a few new reviews.

Do you cover new releases? Yes. So far I've only reviewed albums that have come out it in the past 4 years at most, though I'm going to review some older stuff soon.

Do you specialize in specific genre(s)? My favorite genre is probably post-hardcore, but I listen to pretty much everything (even if my pie chart doesn't say it) except most black metal and country. Three of my reviews have been on "core" albums, one a hard rock album, & the other a hip-hop album.

Do you plagiarize (if so, you will not be considered)? No. I have done some quotes, but that's not plagiarizing.

Do you consistently contribute to the site other than reviewing records (adding albums and bands to the database, commenting, providing constructive criticism and feedback to new and veteran writers)? I've posted about 18 news articles, most of which being in the past month as I've added about 2 or 3 news articles a week. I've edited 10 bands, added a few bands & albums too, and I'm adding some more right now.

Are you a pain in the *** and Dave and I have to ban you all the time, or are you a typically model citizen (a couple hiccups here-and-there is okay)? Haven't gotten banned or anything yet. No spamming...


War of Ages-Arise & Conquer. My first review, I felt really comfortable doing this. It all just came naturally as I wrote it.

War of Ages-Fire From the Tomb. My second review, I rushed this at first and it came out pretty bad, but I went back and edited and it's better.

Avenged Sevenfold-Avenged Sevenfold. Honestly, while most people consider this my worst review, I like it. Though it's a bit long and there wasn't really a need for another review, I spent a good amount of time on it.

Honestly, I don't think I deserve a contributor status, I just thought I'd sign up for the sake of it. I'm going to work on my reviewing though for next time there's an opening.
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So my real name's Kane and I really annoy Jom; I've been banned just twice in the last two weeks I believe. I have a history of being a bit of an *** on the reviewing site hence Jom's comment on SnackaryBinx's recent ban.

Originally Posted by Jom
One week, which will be extended continuously with each discovered alternate account
Continuing to post like a jackass despite numerous warnings to stop posting like a jackass

EDIT: if gaslightanthem can do it (or just be a little more careful under-the-radar), then so can you!

However, despite what may seem a negative attitude towards other users I am actually a generally positive user. I offer constructive criticism and give due praise to those who deserve (ie non trolls). Yes, I did troll neg Joshuatree but hey I had my reasons and would have reversed the negs to pos's. Maybe. Sometimes I don't know.

Anyway, I've used since some time last May under a different username; having been drawn to its generally more user friendly reviewing system than other music review sites. Since I began actually writing reviews back in December I've been popping out about two a month; which is a nice steady rate I feel. I haven't pigeonholed myself to any particular genre which will become more evident with forthcoming reviews and cover old and new releases.

I have been a regular commenter on the review site as well as on the forums and feel I am one of the more well known for good or bad of the users. I've spent countless minutes adding bands and albums to the site over the several profiles I've had in my time on sputnik.

My most popular review and one which resulted in quite a few people checking out the album - 99 comments and just under 1500 views:

My favourite (and one of my first):

A new release I recently tackled:

Old release but a more fair review (imo) than the one that already existed:

And the review which I feel is probably my worst but hey:

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Updated 11/10/09

Part I

In a couple paragraphs (roughly 2-3... you can write more or less if you feel it's necessary), outline what position you're seeking and why you should be considered for the promotion.

Some questions you can consider to help flesh out your ideas more:

- What makes you stand out amongst other contributors?
- Do you cover new releases?
- Do you specialize in specific genre(s)?
- Do you plagiarize (if so, you will not be considered)?
- Do you consistently contribute to the site other than reviewing records (adding albums and bands to the database, commenting, providing constructive criticism and feedback to new and veteran writers)?
- Are you a pain in the *** and Dave and I have to ban you all the time, or are you a typically model citizen (a couple hiccups here-and-there is okay)?

Basically, you get to sell yourself to Dave and I and mx and the other staff writers. Might as well go for the cheese.

Hello and good day to all those unfortunate enough to have to decide on the next staff and contributor positions. My name is Ross Tomlin and today I hope to make your job just a tiny bit harder by applying for the role of contributing reviewer. At the time of writing I have been a member of Sputnik for the best part of a year and a half. I initially joined in May of 2008 after regularly reading the rather excellent staff reviews for new releases. After starting slowly like many users I began to frequent the site after writing my first review for the Turisas album “Battle Metal”. Although the review was average at best I had enjoyed writing it and was keen to improve the writing ability, vocabulary and objectivity that I would need in order to further myself as a reviewer.

Since joining the site I have been lucky enough to find myself on the good side of many of my fellow users and as such generally get pretty good responses when asking for recommendations suited to my taste. Through this I have been introduced to many of bands that I now consider to be my favourites, as well as a few that have perhaps been less successful. Due to this I feel it as my duty to pass on recommendations to new users as well as to advertise lesser known gems throughout the site. When I joined the site my musical taste was primarily metal orientated with the odd splash of rock, punk and indie. However due to the expansion in my musical taste being escalated by the aforementioned recommendations I now find myself at the point where, although still having my favoured genres, I am willing to listen to anything once no matter the style. This expansion has affected not only my taste in music but also my confidence in reviewing any genre of music and although I do still stay primarily in the indie genre for my reviews I feel that I now have the ability and confidence to competently review any album that I own.

I like to think that the best attribute of my writing style is the easiness on the eye. No matter how bulky or in depth some of my reviews get, I strive to write in a manner that is easy and crucially, enjoyable, to read. In my early days I would often read reviews of similar albums in order to gain a better understanding of what I was writing about, but now I consider my musical knowledge to be good enough to write reviews on most subject matter. I stress that I neither have nor will ever plagiarize. I understand that recently my reviewing output has been embarrassingly low (it averages at something like 1 a month for the past half year or so) and one of my major goals is to increase this output to at least a respectable level. Other than reviewing I have recently started to contribute positively to the site by writing news articles and adding new bands to the database. Increasing the frequency of which I do these is a secondary goal of mine, on top of generally commenting more on reviews of both new and experienced writers.

Part II

Submit 3-5 links to what you feel are your best reviews, and write a quick sentence or two explaining why you are adding it to your application (e.g. "I added this review because it was a new release and it has over 200 comments and 30,000 views").

Chronologically, these are the reviews I feel best sum up my overall writing achievements here at Sputnik;

Review I: Cynic – Traced In Air
To this date, this review remains the most (read: only) controversial one I have written, and unsurprisingly acquired the most feedback from the Sputnik community. Although the majority of Sputnik users disagree with me on the rating of this album I think that ultimately I produced a solid review showcasing why I personally find this album to be nothing special.

Review II: Run DMC – Raising Hell
If I had to pick one review that I think is my best, this would be that review. Having never reviewed a hip-hop album before I made sure I covered all the bases, and ended up with a very succinct review.

Review III: Mastodon – Crack The Skye
I was lucky enough to be the first to review this release. Due to this the review gained a lot of attention, and is my highest viewed review with over 5000 views. This success, along with the review being particularly good, is why I have included it in my five.

Review IV: Maximo Park – Quicken The Heart
This remains the only featured review I have written. I was fortunate in the fact that due to an early leak I had finished writing the review a few days in advance of the release date, and so when the inevitable Myspace stream emerged, I could post it.

Review V: David Sylvian – Manafon
One of my most recent reviews, I would also personally class it as one of my best. The eloquent and in-depth descriptive writing involved in the review is of very good quality and although some of the paragraphs appear bulky, I think that the review is straightforward to read.

Thank you for reading my application and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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I considered applying for this the last time out but I reckoned I was still a proper freshman in sputnik terms and that I should leave it a little while. Maybe the same's still true, but I have a lot of free time on my hands as of the next few months and it would be semi-criminal not to at least give it a shot.

I genuinely really want what I guess you'd call a 'promotion' to contributor status, partly because I think it would spur me onto writing more frequently and regularly, but mostly because I've actually fallen in love (at the very least lust) with this website since I joined it in 1923. A lot of what I write about music is trying to get people to appreciate things they might not otherwise listen to. I'm self-aware enough to know I sometimes overrate things but I think too many people dismiss too much music on prejudice, and that works both ways. More metalheads ignore pop music 'cuz it's pop' than pop fans do metal for the same reason. Oh and did I mention how stupid that is.

So I've written 17 reviews, 100% approval and all that because I reckon I tend to support everything I say with well reasoned arguments and evidence. I guess a weak spot in my back catalogue is the lack of a truly negative review. Truth be told, I had one written for Go:Audio's Jan 19 release but they postponed it on the grounds that they wanted to make more money off it or something like that. I'm capable of writing better reviews than I have, since I write for uni papers and magazines anyway, but I'm getting better all the time and I don't honestly believe the starting point was all that bad in the first place.

I almost don't expect to get a contributor position because a lot of what I review or have strong opinions about is material which brushes pretty close to the mainstream, but I think in that domain I easily have the skills to write and discuss releases both new and old with a wide variety of people. Since I signed up here my tastes have broadened beyond what I even knew existed, let alone what I knew I liked, and I would hope & expect that contributor status would encourage me to carry that on.

Oh, and of course I don't steal and of course I don't abuse people on the internets. I got that out of my system when I was a teenager (both parts.)
Mayday Parade - A Lesson In Romantics: I enjoyed writing this because it came from something I had scribbled down for a while which was the essence of the first paragraph, and I think I handled the task of explaining the premise pretty well. Also lots of people disagreed but none of them neg'd; can't suck that bad.
Johnny Foreigner - Waited Up Til It Was Light: I think this is one of the best reviews I've posted and I also want to shamelessly plug this devilishly underappreciated record. It's seriously good. Principally I like the review because I think it does a good job of describing an album a lot of people don't seem to have heard (again, ffs, listen to it.)
The Format - Dog Problems: I reckon you have to put the only 5 you've reviewed up here even if it's just a case of sticking to your guns. I had a lot of fun writing this because it was the first time I'd tried to explain why an album mattered a hell of a lot more than just being great. Describing an LP as a modern classic needs a hell of a lot to back it up. Writing this was easy, and I think that probably proves how correct the praise I give it is.

So yeah, that's me. I come with a warranty too.

Look forward to hearing,

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Most of rasputin’s time at sputnikmusic has been as a contributing reviewer, and he has no doubt acquired a variety of skills in both critically analyzing music and then expressing it in a stylized manner. A large variety of genres have been covered in the expansive reviewing history of rasputin, and there is little to suggest that he would not be able to write articulate analyses on any given genre. That said however, a quick look at his reviews will show that the majority of them lean towards the metal genre, but it would unwise not to note rasputin’s gradual maturation into writing expansively; his listening does not comprise of mainly metal anymore, and thus his reviews would and do reflect that. Ultimately, rasputin would be a versatile staff writer with a broad grasp of a variety of genres. Like with any user involved in the site’s community, he derives a sense of satisfaction when introducing something new, especially when it’s pumped up onto the sputnik hype train – as a staff writer rasputin would be able to further satisfy his insatiable ego for music cred.

Rasputin’s writing has developed rather well from its humble beginnings; he believes firmly that his writing is now of a calibre which could possibly challenge Nick Greer in pretentiousness. As a staff writer rasputin would have a great deal to contribute: his review output is generally very high, and strongly asserts a good balance between quality and quantity. In other words, all of his reviews are quality and this does not necessarily lead to a drop in quantity. Rasputin likes to review both newer and older records, but he would be the first to agree that a staff promotion would inevitably lead him to write reviews for newer releases. This is because as a contributor or just a user, there is not so much incentive to review only new albums, as they aren’t featured as heavily as staff reviews. However, if made staff rasputin would definitely focus more on recent music due to the nature of the website. In terms of things that he would review, he believes that he can improve the popularity of the website by 150%.

In the past 8 months or so rasputin has become much more involved in the site’s community. He feels that a lot of the staff writers are out of touch with the community, and this is regrettable. With that in mind, rasputin would serve the role of the people’s writer, here for the masses and celebrated as one of them. It’s always been in his mind to further improve the integration of the reviews site with the forums, and hopefully as a staff writer he can in various ways go about this.

To showcase rasputin’s reviewing ability, here is a choice selection of his writing:

Sweek – The Unbelievable Cinematic Crash
An unfortunately overlooked review, rasputin was immensely proud of this one, not only because of its mind numbingly pretentious tone, but because he had believed he had done rather well in fusing post rock with the existentialist attitude and thoughts of one Albert Camus.

Protest the Hero – Fortress
Rasputin threw a Nick Greer for this review. For a long while he could not come to grips with the album’s immense popularity and although he can understand why so many people go crazy about it, he just could not comprehend why so many of them couldn’t see through it. He decided that he had to open their eyes.

Taksim Trio – Taksim Trio
This review is quite close to rasputin’s heart and he was very disappointed by its lack of popularity. One of the main reasons why he would like to be staff is very much related to this – the extended coverage.

Pink Floyd – Animals
Originally a cure for a bit of writer’s block, this review turned out to a political synopsis tied in with an in depth analysis of the album’s political and social concepts. One of rasputin’s best pieces of writing, and a style he hopes to maintain in the future.

Krallice – Krallice
Written under an alt account as part of a little experiment (rasputin wondered how people would take to his reviews not knowing it was him), this rather short review was written spontaneously and is something he likes to look back upon in order to inspire himself when he gets stuck. For more of the same, albeit even more controversial, see devsol’s Wintersun review.

Absurd/Grand Belial’s Key/Sigrblot - Weltenfeind
Rasputin yet again proved his unfailing elitery with this black metal three way split.

If made staff, the administration of sputnikmusic can rest assured that rasputin will continually feed the persona of professionalism and ‘we know what the fuck we’re talking about’ that is associated with the website.
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updated cool 2010 version

My name is Robin and I would (rather timidly) like to apply for a position as staff. I have been reviewing since the late end of 2007. I joined this site once in the past - whenever it was - to lurk. More specifically, I was here to appreciate the bands I'd heard of and their place in the database; the Starsailors, Coldplays and Polyphonic Sprees of the site. Staying long enough, I saw more of a hobby in music than before and eventually developed an obsession with it. Since then, my taste has grown to the overly-excited state it is in now; while I may not have the most diverse, intense taste around, I keep an open-minded momentum about me and try to care about absolutely anything. Basically, I think there's hope.

In such, what sounds good to me (and plagarising never sounds good to me) is a comfort zone and no more; if I've been suffering from a severe inability to think or write, I will happily embrace whatever britpop-indie-postrock falls my way. However, at the same time I make it the best of my efforts to take steps in other directions, such as reviewing ambient music or punk records. As of 2010 I feel comfortable in most areas as long as I am interested enough in what I'm doing, and that doesn't mean "interested" in the sense that i like/dislike the music, but moreover in the sense that i like writing, reading and learning about music - and that's always interesting.

While I attempt to stay involved in the community of the site by adding missing albums or giving encouragement where due, I'm now trying my hardest to be less vague and a little less predictable - I'm tired of just saying 'nice review, i'll get this' and I'm trying to offer judgement over review or album. I've never been banned 'cause of this predictability, but I don't think that'll change.


updated review examples: [19/1/10] Andrew Jackson Jihad - Can't Maintain

fok punk isn't exactly a genre i'm well established in but my overtly nerdy fascination with it might just about compensate for that. Mostly, this works across the genres for me where my ignorance needs talking down! Eels - End Times

First 2010 release I've tackled. If there's only one thing I'm proud of in my writing (and believe me, there is only one), it is my ability to bring contextual knowledge to the table. Since E has been a favourite of mine for a long long time, it was (I hope) all the better here.

Tackling a favourite. Stereophonics - Keep Calm And Carry On

Aside from being an example of a "negative" review, i am here able to tackle (and tackle down) an album both relevant and irrelevant - a band virtually boycotted by sputnik but lauded nationwide (admittedly a site with a mostly american user fanbase would be an exception).


that's it I guess. i'd just like to update by saying i'd readily motivate myself if ever made staff at any point, especially in terms of how much year-new music i look out for.

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Hey guys, I’m interested in applying for a contributor position. I feel this would probably be the best place for me to start, as I’m not sure I have the experience or have dusted off the necessary skills for a Staff Writer position. Though I only have 18 reviews currently to my name here, I’ve been working on amateur music reviews since early high school and do have a pretty nice drive for it. I like to take my time with most albums before I start to try and convey their sound, so that admittedly sets my review numbers back a bit.

I think what sets me apart from other members of the Sputnik community is that I like to review things that haven’t been touched yet. Early on I found myself reviewing albums that had already been reviewed at least a half-dozen times, with my ideas already being rattled off by another writer some where in the mix. That approach seemed pointless, so I tried to go another route. I also like to review bands that aren’t in the Sputnik database yet as well; this, unfortunately, has resulted in poor viewing for most of my reviews. Aside from reviewing duties I have about 20 band edits, added several news articles, and added 5 or 6 artists to the database. I’m constantly looking for new material to put up on this site, though the relatively unknown content reviewed doesn’t always draw the most spectators.

Reviews: : Novembre – Wish I Could Dream It Again… - this was one of the first albums I think I put in the database here, so I wanted to hit up a review for it. Sadly this has probably got some of the most comments I’ve seen on a review, and a few are mine… : Scientist – Rids the World of the Curse of the Vampires. This was a pretty fun listen, and aside from adding the artist and album to the site, I think the record helps showcase the variety of music I listen to. On a slightly embarrassing note, the few comments that made their way here were mixed up with some random ones from anther review when the site was hacked. : ZX Spectrum – Human Herd. This was one of my first reviews that wasn’t a glorified sound-off, and the first time I tried to add anything to the database. It was a pretty fun listen, and this started me on a trend of trying to get stuff that out here that either hadn’t been heard of or wasn’t on anyone’s radar. : SuidAkrA – Lupine Essence. This was a bit short for my liking, but I think (and some of the more prominent metal-loving members :P) my description was pretty decent in this review. I seemed to be able to sell this band’s sound, at least for this album, and it’s in my top three for most views.

Thanks for the consideration,

CrazyFool84/Brien Stevenson
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Hey all, I’m Mike Roberts (towhatend) and have been a reviewing member of Sputnik since Spring 2005. I am approaching 100 reviews and would like to be reinstated as a Contributing Reviewer. When the news article was posting many months ago saying Sputnik would be redoing staff and contributing reviewers since some were not – well – contributing, I assumed I would be rightfully stripped of my Contributor title. After all, my production was not up to its normal standards due to attending college full time. At this time, however, I feel that I am able to successfully balance my school work with reviewing and will be reviewing on a weekly basis. I do love covering new releases and have done so in the past at a regular rate. I believe I specialize mainly in the pop punk genre but can more than hold my own in post-hardcore, metalcore, metal, and even punk.

Within my specialized genres I have added numerous bands to the database. It is a passion of mine to discover a band, get into their music, add them to the database and then review their music so that it can be shared with others. Even though people do not always agree with my opinions (after all pop punk is FAR from the most beloved genre on this site), I enjoy intelligently discussing music with anyone and everyone. The style of music I listen to is what makes me stand out from other contributors. I’ve been told that plenty of people that those who like the style of music I do are incompetent in communicating their opinions in an intellectual manner (for better or for worse). In addition to reviewing and adding records to the database, I also contribute to this web site by helping new comers with their work. As someone who is currently enrolled in a well known journalism school (Philip Merrill College of Journalism at University of Maryland College Park) I do my best to comment on a new or relatively new reviewer’s work, regardless of the quality. I typically comment with both praises and constructive criticism in order to help them improve their writing and their reviewing style. I also tend to comment on better known reviewers’ work and let them know what I liked and what didn’t work out so well. I know from firsthand experience that feedback is appreciated regardless of whether someone loved or hated your work or the artist/album it addressed. Accordingly, I rarely view a review without commenting on it. I also tend to submit a fairly good amount of news articles. Being in journalism school I am familiar with how to write and rephrase things in my own words and construct articles in a reverse pyramid form. I also know how to probably attribute the information I obtain.

Lastly, I feel I am qualified for a Contributor position because I am an easy person to work with. I have been here nearly four years and am yet to be banned (as far as I know of). I rarely post obscene comments though I’d be lying if I said that everything I posted was PG. Seldom will I slam or rag on someone but when I do I’d like to think I do it in a humorous fashion. Let’s be honest here: we all appreciate nice pwn once in awhile. [/even more informal part of an already informal application] In conclusion, I feel that I am able to incorporate a tasteful balance of information and entertainment into my clear and concise reviews and that I am very qualified to be a Contributing reviewer. While I have been cranking out reviews at a lesser quantity than I once was, the quality I believe is higher than ever.

Silverstein – A Shipwreck In The Sand

Sing It Loud – Come Around

Valencia – We All Need A Reason To Believe

The Friday Night Boys – That’s What She Said

All Time Low – So Wrong, It’s Right

Silverstein, Sing It Loud, Valencia and The Friday Night Boys are four of my more recent reviews. I’m very proud of each of them and feel as though I’ve really come into my own style. Hopefully that is expressed in them. The All Time Low review is one of my favorite older reviews and received generally good feedback so I tossed that in for good measure.
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ReturnToRock, also known as Pedro B., from Portugal, speaking. The reason I am writing this is because I would really like to become a Contributing Reviewer or Staffer for Sputnik. If I do make contributor, it will be my second run, since I used to be one before college drew me away a couple of years ago. You have my solemn promise it won't happen again this time, though

And this brings us to my first point: longevity. Not only have I been here since 2004 (back when the site was still called MXMusic), I’m also a few years older than most of the site’s population. Therefore, I can bring a more “adult” perspective to my reviews, free of the typically youthful, dogged fanboyism. Plus, having been here so long, I know what Sputnikers like and don’t like to read, format-wise. Also, my latest reviews have been consistently praised by other reviewers and assorted hangers-on. Sure, there was THAT Anberlin review, but everyone has their off-day, and one out of 124 reviews is not a bad track record. Plus, I’ve noticed a sort of cult following who comment on every new review I put up. So in short, what do I bring to the table? A wealth of experience.

I also feel that I could make a niche for myself on 80’s hard rock reviews, a genre seldom touched upon by Sputnikers. Together with oddball reviews like Hanson, Steven Seagal and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, these are becoming my Sputnik trademarks. I also review the odd new release here and there, although it’s not something I’m known for. I prefer to focus on classic and/or funny albums that I can milk some content out of. And then sometimes, I just feel like reviewing whatever’s on my player at the time. Having a wildly ecletic musical taste, I make sure my reviews never fall into a pattern, be it of genre or format. Also, being European, and from a non-English-speaking country, I can deliver a culturally diverse perspective on certain albums, which may differ from the American, British or Australian points of view.

So that makes two points in my favour. Another is that I’m actively involved with Sputnik, rating, pos’ing, making lists and commenting. I also like to guide new hopefuls, giving them constructive advice like a few of the semi-retired pros did for me back when I was a young buck. To wrap up, I will also state that I am a model citizen, having had but one minor ban over the course of five years.

For all these reasons and more, I feel I’m deserving of a Contributor spot. I promise not to let you people down if I do get it - even if work has me too busy, there will always be a review at night or on weekends. So this is my apliccation, please consider it. For now, this is Pedro B., signing off.

Review Links
One of the best of the older reviews.
Considered my finest hour, with 21 pos’ votes. Also an example of something different.
Four examples of what I could specialize in. The first two fall into the “oddball” category; the latter two are hard/glam rock. The Seagal review, while not consensual, has at least been drawing discussion and debate, which I consider to be a good thing.

Hope this was helpful and you will consider me for the next promotion cycle.


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If this is still ongoing then I'll do it, sure.

My name is Alex Robertson (djdorama), and I'm seeking the position of Contributor (for whenever the next promotions are).

- What makes you stand out amongst other contributors?

I think I review at a consistently good level. I haven't gotten too many reviews in yet, but I'd happily step it up when asked to; I love nothing more than listening to and reviewing music. I also try to review music that not many people know about, to spread knowledge to people who might be interested in it.

- Do you cover new releases?

I review anything that interests me, new and old. I do especially love finding new albums and hearing them for the first time.

- Do you specialize in specific genre(s)?

Indie. I love indie (and all subgenres and offshoots of it), and I'd plan on giving Sputnik the best of the genre. Not just indie that everyone's heard of (e.g. Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, etc.), either. I'd review releases that not enough people know, to try and spread growing artists to the Sputnik community.

- Do you plagiarize (if so, you will not be considered)?


- Do you consistently contribute to the site other than reviewing records (adding albums and bands to the database, commenting, providing constructive criticism and feedback to new and veteran writers)?

Yes. I have added artists such as Au and Melinda Doolittle to the site. I comment a lot on people's reviews to give them any criticism or help I can.

- Are you a pain in the *** and Dave and I have to ban you all the time, or are you a typically model citizen (a couple hiccups here-and-there is okay)?

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes my behavior is slightly reckless (I believe most of these are "hiccups"). I try to never be a jerk without any reason, but I might tease occasionally. You wouldn't have to ban me all the time, of course.


The Avalanches - Since I Left You

One I just wrote, think it's probably one of my best.

Devics - My Beautiful Sinking Ship

The two comments (!!!!) on this say this is my best review, so I guess I'm obligated.

Isis - Panopticon

A change in heart for me spawned one of my best reviews.

Sunn O))) - Black One

One of my better reviews, I'd say.

I'm also in the process of reviewing the Beatles discography so check that out if you wish.

An issue you might see is that near none of my reviews are negative. If need be, I would start going out of my comfort zone which may produce some negative reviews. Up until now, I've been doing reviews within my comfort zone (e.g. albums that were recommended to me, having a higher chance of me liking them).

Not trying to bowl you over with a twelve-paragraph essay on how I should be Contributor, but I really think the site (and me) could benefit from it, and I would step up to any duty that I would need to if I was given this position.


If this isn't really ongoing then woops.

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Hello, I am user Meatplow and I have been frequenting this forums since MX tabs days. I was a horrible troll on the forums for a long time now i've reformed and have managed to get appointed moderator. I've been writing for the review site on and off for a long time, and i've received quite a bit of praise for my generally thorough style by a number of members in the community. I would say I stand out by adding my own stamp of personality and humour to my reviews, which seems to be a love it or hate it kind of thing for some people but is generally well received.

I generally don't cover new releases, as I mostly immerse myself in catching up with the music of yesteryear but I have made an effort to help out in the contributor thread here which has resulted in some newer output which I hope goes some way to me being considered as it'll give me some incentive to make more. I generally specialise in niche genres like industrial, post-punk and noise music, but I have a reasonably strong handle on just about any genre which can be named and I can usually work on padding out with a bit of research if I need to.

I do not plagiarise, and list any sources I may use for quotes etc. I rate one or two new albums almost every day and regularly comment on reviews and add releases to the database, and whilst I may not review that often recently I would say I am a very active regular in this regard. I've had a few hiccups as the staff would know ;] but it's all good fun with me and i'm never a pain in the *** to the point where i'm outright nasty to people. I try to constructively criticise, and I listen to people's criticism of me which is more then I can say for a lot of people.

As for reviews, a few I thought showed some strengths of mine -

Ween - The Mollusk

I thought I did a good job capturing the history of the band and arguing for this as their pinnacle.

The Alchemist - Chemical Warfare

I reviewed this for the contributing artists thread, this was a hip-hop artist I had never heard of before and did a tonne of research for. Hopefully, it was convincing.

Brethren - Savage Inequalities

I tried to capture the sheer misanthropy of this release, and I am happy with the result.

Foetus - Thaw

This was most difficult review I ever wrote, for the most difficult album I have ever tried to describe.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Body Workout

A humorous, playful review of mine that was well received.


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stylin' hard
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Hello, my name is Magnus Altkula, more know as metalstyles or Styles on the review site, and i feel i am qualified for contributor status. I am not a long-timer, found this site a bit more than a year ago and decided to join in december last year, but i do feel I am one of the most active users around and i think my reviewing skills are sufficient to become a contributor. What makes me stand out from other reviewers you ask? Well I think my writing style is different from the others, as i do like to be thorough, but I usually will not delve into hard-to-read/understand musical terms. I will write so that everyone reading could understand what i am talking about, even the people who are not all that experienced with the genre i'm covering. Yet my writing is still informative to everyone and I discuss the music/artist well in my reviews.

I (when one looks at my name it isn't a surprise) mostly cover metal releases along with hard rock, rock and industrial albums. I could theoretically also cover pop and hip hop, but I'm more comfortable writing about metal and rock as i know a lot about those genres. I also do cover new releases, not all the time, but i would say that about 1/5 - 1/4 of my reviews have been for new albums. And I definitely do not plagiarize, definitely not, i thoroughly hate it when people plagiarize. Writing reviews is all about your own view and opinion.

I don't only contribute to the site by reviewing. I add bands, albums, edit and refresh different bands info. I have also added some news items but usually I leave posting news to other people. I also help out newcomers, i don't mindlessly bash their reviews and rather try and help them out. I am not mean to anyone if nobody is constantly mean to me and i am a rather calm person in general so it's really unusual for me to freak out. I am a model citizen, I have never been banned, I think none of my posts have ever been deleted and I have no beef with any of the staff or mods (and as far as i remember there is only 1 user that doesn't like me and i don't like him).

so, my best reviews:

69 Eyes - Back In Blood
My own favourite review from my catalogue. I think i did a very good job on capturing the album and how it is worse than the albums before it.

Crossbreed - KE 101
The review that got featured about 2 weeks back. It's not my favourite but if it was featured and all it must be good haha. 2000+ views and 175 comments make this also my most popular review only rivaled by...

... Ensiferum - From Afar
My own second favourite review and also a popular one with over 1800 views and 240+ comments.

Scum Of The Earth - Sleaze Freak
The review i did today (25.09.09). The reason i post this is because a) it is a solid addition to my arsenal and b) it should give you a good idea about my flow and writing style in general.

Like you might have noticed, all the reviews I posted are not from my back-catalogue but from my recent ones and the explanation to that is very simple: I am an forever-evolving reviewer. So far i have become better with each review I write and I honestly believe that I will keep that trend.

Thanks for reading and pondering about me
- Magnus Altkula

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Hey guys, my real name is Kyle, but you all know me here as Crysis, and I'm applying for a Contributor Status. I've been around Sputnik since late 2006, and in the time I've been here I've written just shy of 100 reviews spanning the various sub-genres of heavy metal. I've been consistently active for the three years I've been a member here (the only exception being a 6 month period when I got a new job and had other things to attend to) and have been reviewing since day one. My writing style has evolved over time to my current style, going from a roughly track-by-track style to a more professional and informative description of an album's overall sound, instrument composition and performance, creativity, and musicianship. I really like to approach albums with an open mind and I don't like to review albums which I know I'd write about with a bias. It helps keep my reviews very objective in nature and my ratings are almost always fair.

However, my contributions to the Sputnik community do not end with reviews. I've added numerous news articles, as well as new bands and albums to the database. I have almost 4000 review posts, many of which comment on the nature of the album or the review, offering both constructive criticism and feedback on the album itself. I like to make new users feel welcome with an attitude that is both friendly and non-elitist.

My writing is professional and always grammatically correct, while being very descriptive and interesting. However, like every user here, I have had a share of bad reviews but I feel as though I have learned from them, and have changed my style to become a much less pretentious shadow of my former reviewing methods. As for my reviews, the following ones either showcase some of my best writing or the most beneficial for Sputnik's reputation (as in drawing the most views/comments), or a mix of both.

Scar Symmetry- Holographic Universe

This review was one of the first reviews for this album on the net, and the view count reflects both that and the quality of the review. It is 200 views shy of 150,000, and it contains an accurate and objective synopsis of the record.

Amorphis- Silent Waters

This is my most "pos'd" review. It was written a few weeks after the album was released and introduced many members of the Sputnik community to an album which they now love.

Edge Of Sanity- Crimson

A perfect example of a review when I take an objective look at an album. For an album which is generally regarded on this site as a classic, 13 of 13 pos'd shows how people were open to another opinion.

Ikuinen Kaamos- Closure

One of my favorite reviews, this one of an album which was endlessly delayed and finally released as a free EP. This album got the band some of the recognition from the community that they deserved, and shows how I can write a shorter review which still captures exactly what the album sounds like.

Transcending Bizarre- The Serpent's Manifolds

My personal favorite review of all the one's I've written, this is an example of how I wrote a review of an album almost nobody on the site had heard of, and turned it into an album which numerous people really enjoy now. It shows some of my most solid writing while showing my passion for the music itself.

Even if I don't get this position, I'll continue to write quality reviews for this site and putting in my opinion on all things metal. I'm here for the music, because it's something I am very passionate about, and reviewing albums is a small way I can show my passion for music to everyone on this site.

Thanks to all the staff/current contributors for the consideration!

- Crysis

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Hi, I’ve been around this site for about one and a half year now, going by the pseudonym of Nagrarok. Although my writing skills were rather weak to start with, by submitting more and more reviews, and taking all the constructive criticism eagerly offered by the users into account, I gradually grew to become a more accomplished writer, an opinion my fellow users seem to share, as they eventually approved of all of my reviews. Now, all these months and 76 reviews later, I would like to apply for the contributor position. I did not take it into serious consideration at first, but after multiple people commented I had it in me to become one, that changed.

Although, unlike many frequent reviewers, most of my work covers older releases, predominantly 70’s/80’s/90’s music, I still feel I can contribute much to that era. A reason for this is that I am well-known for covering discographies, rather than single albums. I feel this is useful for a few reasons. First of all, it gives a generally better overview of the band/artist. Secondly, as it is often the more popular albums that are reviewed (especially in the previous three decades), my reviews strive to properly address attention to not or not-as-much reviewed albums, in order to give them the recognition they lack. Thirdly, these consecutive reviews might re-awaken interest in a worthwhile artist that had before been partly forgotten about. I do have plans to cover more recent releases in the next years, however, although they will probably not be my main focus.

Considering my writing style, I like to keep the language relatively simple, and understandable for those not familiar with more complex musical terms. After all, a review is not supposed to completely describe the exact way the music is written and performed in, but rather give a solid overview of what the album in question is all about. I like to include, when necessary, the (historical) background of the album, as that helps in understanding it, rather than it being judged on content alone. The genres I cover can be found mostly in the rock/metal area, in which I am interested in a great many different styles, such as progressive rock, grunge and classic heavy metal, only to name a few. I have become in other genres though, and might expand on them in the future. Of course I do not plagiarize, and when I review an album that has been done (multiple) times before, I try my best to bring in fresh ideas, or a different approach altogether.

I have been polite to all users since my time here, and since my reviewing had grown a bit, I have always done my best to provide new users with constructive advice (and pointed out mistakes to the more advanced ones, as even the best still makes some). Never have I been banned or warned for anything, I guess I simply don’t have it in me to be a troll. Next to that, I have a knack for keeping the review site organized, and will constantly add albums, both old and new, that I notice are missing, or point out other mistakes like wrong release dates or covers to the mods. In short: a clean sputnik is a good sputnik.

Best reviews:

1. : Judas Priest – Nostradamus. This is one of my most extensive ones, and also one of my most approved.
2. : Metallica – Master of Puppets. This the first of a four-part concept, those kind of reviews are a sort of trademark of mine. Also one of my most approved and viewed, and the concept was very well met.
3. : Kreator – Pleasure to Kill. One of my favourites, it is far more playful and informal in style than my others, and most loved the approach.
4. : Alice in Chains – MTV Unplugged. I personally think this is one of my structurally best ones.
5. : The Clash – London Calling. Tried to create a more informal, personal first part, while the second part should reflect my general writing style pretty well.

Thanks in advance for considering me.
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Hello sputnikatiers, I am hydeyomoney, a sputniker with a dream of becoming a contributor. I am reviewing hip hop releases like no other, except maybe kingsoby, and even then I have become a bit more prolific. I review both old and new releases, usually look to see if it has no other reviews, but sometimes review just to provide a more quality review. Unfortunately, I have not explored sputnik much more than just the reviews, but having a focus helps me review much better than I would otherwise.

And focus is one of the main reasons why I want to be a contributor, I have a heavy focus on a genre for the most part and a focus on reviewing. Also, unlike a lot of reviewers here, I usually write short reviews, and they usually get praise here as good reviews. Including that, and in spite of kingsoby’s respectable efforts and incredible writing abilities, I’ve been claimed with the title of ‘the hip hop guy’ amongst review site people, which may or may not be a qualification.

As for my favorite reviews, I have a few that I think that will sway your opinions.
Eric B. and Rakim, one of everyone’s favorite rap groups, and yet still have fairly few reviews. This is one of my favorite reviews, basically I describe Eric B.’s weird *** production and Rakim’s formidable rapping abilities to a T.
My Mastodon review for Leviathan, their supposed best album, and my second or third favorite by them. Apparently, my review was good enough to be flagged over such notable users as Confessed, thesystemisdown, and Dancin’ Man, which is pretty cool.
This is my attempt to write a review for a new release, and apparently it went over incredibly well. 7 out of 7 thought it was well-written, pretty cool.
My first review, Operaton Doomsday, so the public can see how far this review has improved his technique and writing over a short month and a half period.

I would like to think I am an above average reviewer here at sputnik, and I hope you see that I could offer sputnik a hip hop section that is filled to the brim with reviews much like any of the other sections of the site.
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