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Community Forum Rules / Useful Threads


- Don't spam.
- Don't be extremely offensive to people.
- Don't bump threads older than one month at most.
- Don't advertise your website/forum/service/whatever in this forum.
- Don't put a capital s in semi.
- Don't moan about deleted posts/threads or ask why they were deleted (done in excess will be considered spam and will result in a ban) they are gone now, move on.
- No baiting/trolling.
- No racism.
- No homophobia.
- No drug threads/posts.
- No dog or cat threads.
- No lyrics/chatlogs threads/posts.
- No pornography, shock images/sites.
- No gimmicks. Gimmick accounts will have all posts deleted and will be banned permanently.
- No conversational threads. Threads created just to say hi to someone are considered spam and will be deleted. Use the Community thread, which is linked in this thread, or use AIM/MSN/IRC/e-mail.
- If you want to post a link to your band or musical projects, please use the Post Your Music thread, which is linked in this thread, or the Jam Session forum.
- Funny images/videos belong in the You Laugh, You Lose thread in Video Games/Movies/Tech, which is linked in this thread.
- Report problems in the thread entitled Report Problem Threads/Users / Ask The Mods in Forum Stuff, which is linked in this thread.

Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the moderation staff.

Ban description/length:

Temp bans:

- Spam (1 day)
- Dog thread (1 day)
- Drug thread (3 days)
- Racism (5 days)
- Trolling (1 week)
- Advertising done by regular users (2 weeks)

- Repeated spam (1 month)
- Repeated racism (3 months)
- Repeated trolling (3 months)

You are allowed one alternate account to post with if banned, but if you continue to break the rules, your alternate account will be banned, and the ban on your primary account will be extended.

If you continue to break the rules you will be banned on sight. You will not be allowed to post on any account till you have waited out the ban on your alternate account.


- Excessive repeat offences of the above rules.
- Hacking.
- Posting pornography, shock images.
- Creating accounts just to advertise your website/forum/service.

Useful threads:

Report problems/ask the mods (forum issues only):

You Laugh, You Lose:

The Meme Thread

Community Photo Album:

Love and Relationships:

Community Thread:

Post Your Music:

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