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What If: Jay Leno Went Back to the French Revolution?

Alright folks, hey, hey, alright, thank you. So very good of you to be here. Crazy times lately, huh? You heard about this? Apparently, it says here apparently, they've got people running around, get this, they're chopping off the heads of all the rich people! Can you believe that? Chopping off their heads. Hey - someone should tell these people how much my ex-wife gets in alimony. Hey! C'mon. Hey, we're having fun. Listen, I love women. Mavis! Where are you? I love women. I went out the other night, I went out with my wife to this fancy restaurant. You ever go to one of these? They bring the dessert out, this is true, they bring it out and the whole thing is on fire. Can you believe that? Now that's what you want to see during your fine dining experience, let me tell you. I like my food well-done, but come on! I told my wife, I said "why don't I just throw my wallet in there and we'll call it next week's date." Mavis! There you are. So this is funny, you hear about this? So President Obama is rolling out his new health care plan, and he's calling it, you're not gonna believe this, it's called Obamacare. Obamacare. Can you imagine if we had Clintoncare? "All gynecology visits will be performed by Mr. President himself." Very hands-on care, folks. Women hate that. Women hate that. Hey, thank you, you guys have been great.

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