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discipline gets easier with practice but always requires effort

thats crazy laur good work, youre on quite the adventure lately
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Originally Posted by Firecracker View Post
seriously incredible experience swimming the gozo-malta strait via comino.

love swimming so much.
gonna concentrate on strength; free weights, and bodyweight exercises [want to be able to do 5 pull ups and a handstand by end of august]; and swimming in next few months.
Daaaaamn. Good for you!

I've taken a ferry across that passage - couldn't imagine swimming it!
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Originally Posted by AtomicWaste View Post
Daaaaamn. Good for you!

I've taken a ferry across that passage - couldn't imagine swimming it!
ahhhhhahaha i love it when people have said they have taken the ferry.
when i said to my pal's gf that i was going to malta, she said "oh you should definitely take the ferry over to gozo" and i was like "yeahhhh i will be doing that, cos gonna swim back straight after" so ludicrous.

thanks chuck! definitely feel like i'm floating through an epiphanous time.
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