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Originally Posted by farris View Post
Scooch when I was ending high school I was in a similar position to you. 6'3" 155. From a summer of casually lifting 3 days a week and doing bench, incline bench, leg press, skullchrushers, and situps, all at 3x10, I gained 15 pounds right there from 2 months. I'd say justing doing 3x10 on those and also adding 4x5 on power cleans will get you pretty far in terms of beginning to add mass and muscle.
so you go every other day of the week? good. for starter its better to keep it that way. also beginners will see results very quick. you'll see a massive gain by 5-6th month.

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Originally Posted by Mardy View Post
do you ever meet someone who doesn't feel sorry for you?

anyways, not a lot of fitness itt. except from sanders, you go bro.
cheers mate

people are starting to notice the change too
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