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Chris Willis & Joachim Garraud’s “Message to the World” receives the Remix Treatment

“It’s time to put our weapons down, give up the fight, the war is over now.”

American vocalist Chris Willis’ poignant lyrics form the central theme in “Message to the World,” a collaboration with French DJ and Producer Joachim Garraud. Already a tune which has lit up dancefloors on multiple continents, “Message to the World” is being released this December, just in time for the holidays, with a special remix created by Vinyljackers, the dutch DJ Duo from Maastricht the Netherlands.

French electronic music wizard Joachim Garraud’s masterful work reveals a simple, lively track guided by acoustic guitar, cello and violins that compliment Willis’ honey-sweet vocals which ride over the top smoothly. “Message to the World” is a deeply moving ballad and now with the official DANCE R3MIX from one of Holland’s most talented duos, this track is ready to reach even more people around the world.

While Willis wrote the lyrics to “Message to the World”, in early 2016, his mind was focused on the tumultuous world events which have become so prevalent in our modern world: from the terrorist attacks in Paris, to the on-going refugee crisis in the Middle East and now the racial division and chaotic Presidential Election in America – these words ring truer than ever. He was able to find the right words to deliver a positive message under tragic circumstances. “Message to the World” is a song about hope and redemption, an anthem of peace and a timely reminder for all global citizens.

Willis recorded the ballad in just one take, making the track particularly moving. His voice has just the right timbre to it, making it warm and approachable. Willis and Garraud bring just what is needed today in this busy, mixed up world – a bright, shining message of hope. The refreshing dance beats of the Vinyljackers enhance “Message to the World” making it an even more vibrant and enduring message of hope in these uncertain times.

The “Message to the World” Vinyljacker R3MIX will be available in all stores in December 2016. This winter make sure you check out Chris Willis and Joachim Garraud’s Vinyljackers DANCE R3MIX of “Message to the World”!
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