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I don't think the dysfunction in society of a schizophrenic can be properly divided from a sort of consciousness not founded in matter itself, a soul, or mind, you might say.

Next, I think to regard it as dysfunction is a grave mistake. If a person who experiences the hallucinations can healthily mitigate the psychoses with the expectations of society, or he does function within it he shouldn't be drugged. Drugging patients should be targeted toward those who cannot responsibly contain their delusions and react in violence OR to those who are dissatisfied so much with it that they seek treatment.

Or as Szasz would note, the paternal pursuit to smother the mental patient with the affections and affectations of Organized psychiatry is the modern analogy to the pursuit of Established religion in the high Middle Ages, which sought to restrain those it viewed as witches, with the instrumentation of religion.

So it's all just a witchhunt, ornamented in the rhetoric of modern science and humaneness.

The truth is, psychiatry is an ugly profession and always has been.

And the psychotic was revered as a shaman in the old world, as someone who balanced with one part of himself in this world and another part in the next. Which seems normal to me.
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