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Written by an old wench who presumably could not get laid who needs to make a defense of asexuality and single life, a case that I think should be made.


I skipped to the second part where he breaks down Thomas Hobbes and his war with John Wallis. He really failed to elaborate meanings in the first 20+ pages s I was like fuck it, if he can't be any clearer about the Zenoic paradox then I'll read the section on Hobbes.

Hobbes wrote a thick fucking book called Leviathan, not in itself referring to its size although fitting.

Hobbes kind of tickles my fancy so far, but I think he was a materialist and advocated something more than monarchy, a true totalitarianism, with a king at the wheel.

He wrote some extremely well designed arguments against Descartes Meditations, just a few of which I've read, and he and Gassendi were the only ones to level worthy objections. However, even at times they both seem to fall short of comprehending Descartes' meaning.

Descartes sent me into a mania for days I think after reading his book.
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onto the last book of the Dune series by the original author. Not sure I'll stick with it when his son takes over.

No idea where I'll go when this one is over
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roit cheeky buga
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reading 11/22/63 by stephen king cause i heard it's actually really good. enjoying it so far
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8/10 - For a big book, this one sort of flew by. His writing is all it's cracked up to be; the book is full of really interesting characters and the storytelling was great, even if the ending did make me feel like parts of the book were left a little unfinished. Really enjoyable read.

Going to read some more Murakami next, A Wild Sheep Chase.
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Originally Posted by guitarded_chuck View Post
I kind of want to read that but in this age of genome sequencing and fMRI, trying to find purely psychoanalytic explanations for schizophrenia strikes me as patently ridiculous. That shit's a real disease, not role confusion.
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i just read this and it's marvellous.
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i've just read Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood. Saw the film first and got interested in the story and i have to say that it's even better as a book. I'm gonna read it again, before moving on to his other books. Well, i read Kafka on the Beach once but i didn't find it nearly as engaging as Norwegian Wood.
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Digging: Pharmakon - Bestial Burden

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The Society Of The Spectacle by Guy DEBORD

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Back To Times Of Splendor
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Digging: Tangerine Dream - Atem

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7/10 - It was okay. Less dark, more comedic, and much shorter than The Wind-up Bird Chronicle. The characters, while still really interesting, were far less developed. I liked the middle section of the book the most. The end, though it did feel finished, I didn't like.

Just started Cat's Cradle.
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