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Picking hand position?

ok so ive been playing the guitar for around a year now and have never really had any problems with the position of my picking hand untill now when ive been trying to learn things which involve quick changes between palm muting and not.

Basicly how i normaly have my hand is rested on the bridge with all my fingers curled up, this means in order to palm mute i have to move my own hand which takes to long, so i started to look at the way in which other guitarists play and i see most of them raise there hand over the strings by using there 3 fingers, so ive started to try this myself and its a bit akward so before i learn to do this properly im wondering is this a good way to position your picking hand?

It feals a bit akward atm i can play just as cleanly but it achs after awhile, im guessing this will go away with practice?
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Don't anchor your fingers. Go back to curling your fingers up. Also, if your hand is aching then I would say slow down and make sure there isn't any extra stress in your hand/wrist.
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dont rest your hand, this is a key sign of lazyness, keep your hand free. it may hurt a first and feel diffrent, but you will build your strength, speed and accuacy playing this way
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