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triaxis v1 vs v2

what is the diffrence between the version1 triaxis and the version2 triaxis?? also what does the "phat mod" do?
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version 2.0 has a Rectifier mode and there is a version 3.0 out now
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From the first page of a Google search.

The "Fat Mod”

TriAxis' shipped after June 97 have new “Lead 1 Red” as standard specification. Serial #'s below 5200 have Lead 1 “Recto Mod” (board TX04 added) and above 5200 have "Fat Mod". This mod is a circuit change to mode Lead 1 Red (both software and hardware). A kit is available, that will enable an authorized MESA technician to do the work. Look for one in your area or contact MESA directly. MESA advises that users test a new TriAxis at their local dealer to see if the new tone works for them, before having the modification done. If you're happy with the sound of Lead 1, you may not like the change. I believe this mod is for those users that don't use their Lead 1 mode often. This modification will expand their use of this particular mode.
The current tone is described as being "fat (of course), singing soloing tones that are super smooth", the high-end has been tailored (rolled off) for more balance. It emulates the circuitry in the Rectifier series of amp. Someone says that more closely resemble (somiglia maggiormente) to the Orange Channel of Dual Recto.
The most current software version for the TriAxis is 2.0. Serial #'s above 1700 are version 2.0. When you power on the TriAxis the panel lights will flash a "1" for Version 1 or "2" for Version 2.
If you’ve TriAxis and are still not sure if yours is with or w/o “Fat Mod” here’s how to find out: restore your factory presets (pg. 5 in the manual), then set your TriAxis on Factory Preset #01:

Lead 1 Red Preset # Gain Tre Mid Bass Lead1 Lead2 Master Pres. D.Voice
w/o 01 6.0 5.0 7.0 7.0 6.0 - 5.0 5.0 0.0 British Shred(?)
w/ Fat Mod 01 6.0 6.5 7.5 8.0 5.5 - 4.5 5.0 0.0 Rectifier

w/ Fat Mod 10 6.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 2.0 - 5.5 2.0 0.0

From Version 1 to Version 2 the difference seems to be:

Treble Mid Bass Lead1 Master
+1.5 +1.0 +1.0 –0.5 -0.5

As I obtain more information I’ll post it here. I’ll still try to answer, or get an answer to any other questions on the mod or TriAxis in general that I get.

Difference between the V1 model and the actual one

Version 2.0 allows for Continuous Control changes of all parameters within a preset with the use of a CC pedal (or multiple pedals one assigned for each facet of the channel, ie presence, lead, middle, treble etc). You could for instance get a pedal and assign it to at toe down be a clean sparkly sound then as you roll back the pedal assign it morph into a dirty sound as you the gain and presence etc increase.

There are 3 TriAxis versions:
- v1.0 the original s.n. <= 1700
- v2.0 with the Recto board in Lead 1 Red and Continuous Controllers 1701 <= s.n. <= 5200
- v2.01 that has a modified Lead 1 Red (the “Fat Mod”) 5201 <= s.n.

It looks like the user manual still refers to Lead 1 Red as Recto Vintage Lead while the website describes it as Fat Recto.

Fat vs non-Fat

I'm not sure of this, but I think that the first file (triaxis1.jpg) is a schematic of what Fat Mod does, and the 2nd file (triaxis2.jpg) is the original design. Lot's of changes happend so it's hard to say what's the most important part in the mod.

I opened the versions and this what is different: 2 capacitors removed, 2 resistors removed, 4 resistors have their value changed! They’ve on the board some adjustable that may need to "adjusted" differently though!
If it’s possible to compare those value on the little blue adjustable and got the right ones it would be easy to add the components that are removed for "Fat Mod" as they have their place on the PCB! So it maybe more involved then a simple modification. I was hoping it could be a simple task to modify back and forth.
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The Version 1 had very limited Midi control capaity. Just program changes (which honeslty is all I use on my V2)

The Continuous Control MIDI on the Version 2 seems like it's very much an after throught on Mesas part. As in, they built this MIDI functionality into their current design as apposed to desiging the unit around this CC capability. It is differnt to how many newer pieces of MIDI equipment CC and I personally do not find it very useful.
However, it is understandable because this CCable functionality was only a very new concept when Mesa implemented it into their Preamp. And like I said, I never use it anyway.

As mentioned in AGs above copy+paste job. The V2 triaxis with serial numbers between 1701 and 5200 were pre "Phat Mod". Then those models after 5201 had the phat mod.
In short, this Mod was done to the LD1-Red channel (the Rectifier Channel) to make it sound more like a Dual Rectifier in 'Vintage' Mode as apposed to one in 'Modern' mode.

I've got a phat modded V2.
I can't remember the serial number on mine. To get to it I'll probably have to pull it out of the rack and take it apart. Which is just a pain in the arse to do.

But I'm wanting to do a quick modification to the volume control knob on mine
soon, so next time I have it open I'll confirm for sure.
In The Version 3 Triaxis (which i think is still yet to be released), this 'Rectifier' channel is to be replaced with a 'Lonestar' channel.
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Originally Posted by Aes820
In The Version 3 Triaxis (which i think is still yet to be released), this 'Rectifier' channel is to be replaced with a 'Lonestar' channel.
- But I have yet to actually read this as an official announcment from Mesa saying this is the case.
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