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Left Handing Slapping Lesson

Hello, in this lesson, I'm going to discuss the Left Hand Slapping technique which is incorporated a huge amount by artists such as Louis Johnson, Mark King and Stuart Hamm.

What is Left Hand Slapping
Left Hand Slapping is when you take your left hand and hit the strings on the neck to create a mute sound. It sounds very basic but when applied, it can be used to create very cool funk bass lines and root lines for funk etiquette.

For a start, we are actually going to use our right hand for the basics, Left Hand slapping has a lot of rhythm to it so it is important that we use both hands when we practice. The first line we are going to practice is this:



Now, the way we play this is that we are going to firstly, hit the Open E with our Right Hand Thumb, a basic slap as it were. Next, we are going to create the first mute by hitting the fretboard strings with our left hand. Finally, we are going to create the second mute by slapping the now muted strings using our Right hand thumb again. So the order is:

Right Hand Thumb Slap -> Left Hand Slap -> Right Hand Thumb Slap

The rhythm can be quite hard to get at first as this is going to build up to a fast bass line so it is good to practice it very slowly to get the rhythm and after you have gained the rhythm, start trying to improve the speed.

Ofcourse, on its own, the Left Hand Technique is fairly basic, so do improve our beat, we need to add fills which are incorporated using slaps and pops. I worked this out from experimentation so try it out yourself once you've got the basic beat down. Here is an example of fills added in:




Hope you enjoy this fairly brief Lesson

Good Luck
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top stuff
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king of suede
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question... when you hit the strings w/ your left hand... do you keep them on there, then strike with your thumb again?
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you hold your left hand on the strings long enough so the next slap is muted, then released. Just play around with it really
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A good video to complement this lesson is Bill the Buddah Dickens - Funk Bass.
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