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we'll take the lot!
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if literally dont have a raging boner throughout the entire film you are worthless and should jump off a bridge

go away
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Respect the beard
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Originally Posted by Gameofmetal View Post
Why would you be worried about him? By that point I'm sure most people realized he was a horrible person. I was more concerned with how morally wrong the things he was doing were. And I'd like to say that I don't think a character has to be likable to be interesting.

which is why I didn't care for jake's character at all and didn't think the movie was great
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are you experienced?
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I loved it personally
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Digging: Iwan Rheon - Dinard

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Watched John Wick today.

Hot damn that's a great action movie.
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where's my burrito
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damn it Game you got me hyped for Kingsman I thought it was gonna be like 9/10 but it was 6 at best

like it was enjoyable but I was expecting so much more because you said it was awesome
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