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Behringer V-Tone Gm108

If you want a great practice amp, this is the way to go. It's quite cheap, only 60 USD, and can fill a room with sound. This amp has great tones, you can model it to do many things for you. You can get a Hendrix-esque fuzz, a great clean, and lots others. I do get buzzing quite alot when I crank it, but then again this amp is solid-state. The features are quite standard, cd input, and headphone output. I would have liked a line out though for recording and plugging into p.a.'s. Earlier I mentioned buzzing-on this amp, its pretty bad, however, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it does, this amp is unpredictable that way (it may be my cables). Overall this amp is a great buy, I would recommend it.

Overall Rating: 8/10
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headphone out can be used as a line out. Just watch your levels.
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alien gonzallis
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hey dudes i just bought a mesa boogie 50/50 stereo power amp and a behringer v pro i already had a marshall 4 12 cab how would i set this up for live and do you think this would be a good sound
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Yes this amp is really good, I have one (my first amp) and its great. Although the buzzing is a bit of a problem although when I took it to my teacher to check out he tried it and it was fine, that might have been the fact that his pickups are double coil. And yes the noise thing is true, for such a little amp it definately does the job volume wise.
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