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rap+good charlotte=crap
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Killzone for the PS2

Over the months previous to the games release i have heard that the game will be the equivilant to Halo series for the play staion 2 console. As of now I have not played or have the money to buy it because I just bought San Andreas. I simply want to know if the game truly kicks *** or sucks balls. Your response will be helpful because I get paid tomorrow and dont want to purchase 50 dollars woth of ****
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Let's Chop Cats!
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Sucks balls. Read the Over Hyped games thread, some people mentioned it in there.
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IT DOES NOT SUCK BALLS! While it is not on the same platue as Halo2 or Halflife2, it is a quality FPS. DO NOT underestemate it.
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i read the ign review, it it appeared to be a mediocre fps. Ill probally eventually pick up a used, under $20 copy at gamestop. but thats what i do with most games anyways.
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